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Amanda Gabriel

Amanda Gabriel, Imagen de año 2017
MA Archaeology; Author, Official in charge


During and after completing my studies in “Prehistoric Archaeology” at the University of Zurich, I worked as an Archaeologist and Research Assistant in several cantonal offices for monument preservation and archaeology. Currently, I am doing a doctorate at the University of Basel and the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg.

Since 2022, I have been working part-time at the Foundation of Diet and Health in Switzerland. I mainly write food descriptions and coordinate the Russian and English translations of our website.


Nutrition is an important and complex topic. I would like to help provide our readership with well-researched information because, unfortunately, there are far too many half-truths circulating on the subject of “healthy eating.” It is always worrying how so-called “superfoods” perform worse than regional foods in terms of ingredients and ecological balance. I hope that our information can enable you to make conscious purchasing decisions more easily.

Personally, I am interested in healthy eating to feel fit and energetic in the long run. As a hobby-gardener, I am particularly enthusiastic about the topics of horticulture, processing and preserving of vegetables, and fruits. I like to prepare my home-grown vegetables into delicious dishes. I am a big fan of stews, vegetable stir-fries, and curries that are quick and easy to prepare.

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Agracejos comunes, bayas crudas
Agua de coco, cruda
Aguacate crudo
Alubia blanca, cocida, sin sal
Alubia blanca, madura, cruda
Alubia riñón, cocida, sin sal
Alubia riñón, semillas maduras, cruda
Alubia, negra, cocida, sin sal
Alubia, negra, cruda, sin sal
Azúcar de palma
Baya de Goji, fresca
Baya de Goji, seca
Bayas de aronia, frescas
Bisalto, crudo
Caldo de verduras sin sal añadida
Caldo de verduras vegano concentrado
Caldo de verduras, con poca sal
Canónigos, crudos
Cáscaras de psyllium
Cebolla dulce, cruda
Cebolleta / cebolla de verdeo
Chalota, cruda
Ciruela pasa, sin cocer
Ciruela, cruda
Coco laminado
Coco rallado, sin azúcar
Comino molido
Comino negro (ajenuz)
Comino, semillas
Curry en polvo
Dátil, variedad Deglet Noor, sin hueso
Dátil, variedad Medjool, sin hueso
Espino amarillo, crudo
Fideo de arroz, cocido
Fideos de arroz, «spaguettini»
Guayaba, cruda (guyava)
Guisante, verde, crudo
Guisantes verdes, congelados, sin procesar
Haba, madura, cruda (alubias)
Harina de coco
Hoja de curry
Judías, verdes, crudas
Jugo de uva (crudo?, eco?)
Leche de coco, en lata
Lechuga batavia
Lechuga francesa
Lechuga iceberg, cruda
Lechuga romana, cruda
Lecitina de soja en polvo
Manteca de coco
Melocotón, crudo
Melón amarillo canario
Melón cantalupo, crudo
Melón Galia, crudo (eco?)
Miso (Pasta de soja)
Mora, seca
Mostaza, amarilla
Nata de coco
Nata de soja con aceite de cánola
Orégano griego
Orégano, seco
Pasa, sin semilla
Pera bosc, cruda
Pera, deshidratada
Piñones crudos secos
Pipa de girasol, seca
Rúcula, cruda
Salsa verde (receta separada)
Sandía, cruda
Semilla de Brasil, seca, sin escaldar
Sirope de dátiles (receta separada)
Soja, semilla madura, cruda
Tallarines de arroz, crudos (eco?)
Tomillo fresco
Tomillo, seco
Trigo kamut, cocido
Trigo kamut, crudo (trigo khorasan)
Vino de mesa, blanco, sin variedad específica
Vino de mesa, tinto, sin variedad específica
Zanahoria, cruda
Zumo de uva con ácido ascórbico y calcio añadidos
Zumo de zanahorias, fresco