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Amanda Gabriel

Amanda Gabriel, picture from the year 2017
MA Archaeology; Author, Official in charge


During and after completing my studies in “Prehistoric Archaeology” at the University of Zurich, I worked as an Archaeologist and Research Assistant in several cantonal offices for monument preservation and archaeology. Currently, I am doing a doctorate at the University of Basel and the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg.

Since 2022, I have been working part-time at the Foundation of Diet and Health in Switzerland. I mainly write food descriptions and coordinate the Russian and English translations of our website.


Nutrition is an important and complex topic. I would like to help provide our readership with well-researched information because, unfortunately, there are far too many half-truths circulating on the subject of “healthy eating.” It is always worrying how so-called “superfoods” perform worse than regional foods in terms of ingredients and ecological balance. I hope that our information can enable you to make conscious purchasing decisions more easily.

Personally, I am interested in healthy eating to feel fit and energetic in the long run. As a hobby-gardener, I am particularly enthusiastic about the topics of horticulture, processing and preserving of vegetables, and fruits. I like to prepare my home-grown vegetables into delicious dishes. I am a big fan of stews, vegetable stir-fries, and curries that are quick and easy to prepare.

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Amaranth, puffed (amaranth, foxtail)
Amaranth, raw (amaranth seeds, kiwicha)
Aronia berries, raw (frozen), organic?
Avocados, raw (organic?)
Barberries (barberry, raw, organic?)
Barberries, dried (organic?, raw?)
Batavia lettuce (crisphead group), raw, organic?
Bay laurel (raw? organic?)
Beans, black, cooked, without salt (organic?)
Beans, black, ripe seeds, raw (organic?)
Beans, green, raw (organic?)
Beans, white, cooked, without salt (Alubia)
Beans, white, ripe seeds, raw (organic?)
Blackberries, raw (blackberries, rubus, organic?)
Blackberry leaf shoots
Boscs bottle pears, raw, organic?
Brazil nuts, raw? (organic?)
Brazilian guava, raw, organic? (Feijoa, pineapple guava)
Broad beans, ripe seeds, raw (organic?)
Cantaloupe melon, raw (organic?)
Carrot juice, fresh (pasteurized?, organic?)
Carrots (carrots), raw (organic?)
Coconut blossom sugar (palm sugar, coconut sugar, raw?, organic?)
Coconut butter (raw?, organic?)
Coconut chips (coconut chips, raw?, organic?)
Coconut cream, raw? organic?
Coconut flakes, unsweetened (raw? organic?)
Coconut flour, raw? organic?
Coconut milk, preserved (coconut milk, organic?)
Coconut water, raw? (Coconut water, coconut juice, organic?)
Cumin, ground (raw, organic?)
Cumin, seeds (raw, organic?)
Curry leaves (raw?, organic?)
Curry powder (organic?, raw?)
Date syrup, raw?, organic?
Dates, Medjool variety, pitted, raw? (organic?)
Dates, variety Deglet Nour, pitted, raw?, (organic?)
Durian (stinky fruit), raw (organic?)
Edamame (raw, organic?)
Galia melons, raw (organic?)
Goji berries, dried, (organic?)
Goji berries, fresh, raw, (organic?)
Grape juice (raw?, organic?)
Grape juice (with ascorbic acid and Ca) raw? organic?
Grapes, muscadine, raw, organic?
Greek oregano, raw (organic?)
Ground ivy (Ground ivy, Ground ivy)
Guava nectar, preserved (guava juice, raw?, organic?)
Herbs of Provence (raw?, organic?)
Honeydew melon, raw (organic?)
Iceberg lettuce (crisphead group), raw, organic?
Kamut or Khorasan wheat, cooked (organic?)
Kamut or Khorasan wheat, raw (organic?)
Kidney beans, cooked, without salt (organic?)
Kidney beans, ripe seeds, raw (organic?)
Lamb's lettuce, raw (organic?)
Lecithin from soybeans, powder
Lettuce, (Butterhead group), raw, organic?
Linseed (golden linseed, flax)
Miso (soybean paste)
Mulberries, black, raw, organic?
Mulberries, dried (raw?, organic?)
Mustard (Mostert, Mostrich, raw?, organic?)
Nettle, small, raw (stinging nettle, organic?)
Oregano, dried (raw?, organic?)
Peach, raw (organic?)
Peaches, dried (raw?, organic?)
Peanuts (raw?, organic?)
Pears, dried (raw?, organic?)
Peas, green, frozen, untreated (organic?)
Peas, green, raw (organic?)
Pine nuts, raw (seeds, organic?)
Plum, dried, uncooked, raw? (organic?)
Plum, raw, organic? (real plum)
Port wine (raw?, organic?)
Psyllium husks (raw, organic?)
Raisins, raw? (organic?)
Real black cumin (raw, organic?)
Real guava, raw (Guayaba, Goiaba, organic?)
Rice noodles (organic?)
Rice noodles, 'Spaghettini' (organic?)
Rice noodles, cooked (organic?)
Rocket, raw (organic?)
Romaine lettuce, raw, organic?
Rusks, vegan (organic?)
Salsa verde (Mexican, organic?, raw?)
Sea buckthorn berries, raw (organic?)
Shallots, raw (organic?)
Shirataki noodles (konjac), organic?
Soba noodles (soba, organic?, raw?)
Soy cream, soy cuisine, - cream (raw? organic?)
Soybeans, cooked, without salt (organic?)
Soybeans, ripe seeds, raw (organic?)
Spring / leek / winter onions, raw, organic?
Strawberry guava, raw (red or cherry guava, organic?)
Sugar pea (sugar pea), edible pod, raw (organic?)
Sunflower seeds, raw (organic?)
Table wine, red (raw?, organic?)
Table wine, white (raw?, organic?)
Thyme, dried, raw?, organic?
Thyme, raw (organic?)
Toast, dark wheat bread (organic?)
Tofu, tasteless (bean curd)
Vegan vegetable stock, organic?
Vegetable broth with little salt (organic?)
Vegetable broth without added salt (organic?)
Vegetable onions, raw (sweet onions, organic?)
Vine leaf, raw (organic?)
Watermelon, raw (organic?)
Wax beans, yellow, raw, (organic?)
Wax gourd (winter melon), raw (organic?)