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Natalie Sidler-Vrticka

Natalie Sidler-Vrticka, Imagen de año 2015
Dr. phil. I; Author and Chief Editor


As a trained romance philologist (linguistics and literature), I was at home in the academic world for a long time. During an assistantship in the Romance Studies Department at the University of Zurich, I was able to train students, conduct scientific research, and work towards a doctorate in French Literature of the Middle Ages.

At the same time, I enjoyed teaching French and Latin at various high schools and in between translating and/or reviewing various texts.

After the birth of my son, my focus lay primarily in the field of marketing, content creation, and web publishing. I, subsequently, worked as a German teacher for young refugees. Since 2017, I have been writing texts sporadically for the Swiss youth hostels and, since 2019, I have been working as an Author and editor for the Foundation Diet and Health Switzerland.


Nowadays it is not so easy to find objective and well-researched information about healthy eating. The flood of information on the internet is often overwhelming, and numerous sites uncritically spread what is currently circulating as popular nutrition trends. At diet health, I can actively contribute to transparent education that is committed to human health and the environment – and not idealise a temporary trend.

I like to refine my dishes with fresh herbs and with aromatic spices, but with little salt. The corrections to the ingredient texts regularly inspire me to try out new flavours.

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Aceite de canola, prensado en frío?, ecológico?
Aceite de canola, refinado (ecológico?)
Aceite de linaza, prensado en frío
Aceite de nuez
Aceite de oliva
Aceite de semilla de uva (pepitas)
Aceite de sésamo, sin tostar
Aceite de sésamo, tostado
Aceite, palma
Achicoria roja, cruda
Agua potable
Aguacate crudo
Ajo de oso, crudo
Alga kombu
Alubia borlotti, cruda
Apio crudo
Apio de monte
Arándano, crudo
Arroz integral (orgánico? crudo?)
Berenjena, cruda
Brotes de alfalfa, germinados, crudos
Brotes de judías mungo, crudos
Cacao en polvo, sin edulcorar
Cañahua (Chenopodium pallidicaule, kañiwa)
Carambola, cruda
Cebada, pelada, (eco?)
Cebolla dulce, cruda
Cebolla granulada
Cebolleta / cebolla de verdeo
Chocolate negro, 70-85 % (eco?, crudo?)
Copos de avena (crudos?, eco?)
Copos de cebolla (deshidratados, secos)
Dulse, deshidratada (Palmaria palmata, söl)
Edamame, congelada, escaldada
Espárragos, crudos
Especias, pimienta negra
Espinaca baby
Frambuesa, cruda
Galanga mayor (Jengibre tailandés)
Granos de cacao, fermentados (crudos? eco?)
Guayaba, cruda (guyava)
Hierba limón
Hierba luisa
Hierbabuena, fresca
Jengibre confitado
Jengibre crudo
Jengibre, molido
Kiwi, verde, crudo
Leche de almendra
Leche de arroz, bebida de arroz (eco?)
Leche de avellana
Leche de avena
Lenteja roja, cocida
Limón, crudo, sin cáscara
Manteca de cacao
Manzana, cruda, con piel
Membrillo, crudo
Mijo (de oro), crudo
Naranja cruda, sin cáscara
Nectarina, cruda
Okara (Pulpa de soya)
Papaya verde (papaya sin madurar)
Papaya, cruda
Patata, con piel, cruda
Pera, cruda
Perifollo verde
Pimentón de la Vera
Pimiento de punta (húngaro, crudo, eco?)
Pimiento morrón amarillo, crudo (eco?)
Piña, cruda
Plátano, crudo
Pulpa de coco, cruda
Quinoa, cocida
Quinua, sin cocinar
Sal de mesa
Sandía, cruda
Saúco negro o común (Sambucus nigra, ¿Orgánico?)
Semilla de alholva
Semilla de cáñamo, pelada, cruda
Semilla de mostaza, amarilla
Semillas de cáñamo con cáscara, crudas
Semillas de hinojo
Semillas, sésamo, enteras, secas
Sémola de maíz, integral (cruda?, eco?)
Tamarindo dulce (crudo, eco?)
Tempe (crudo?, eco?)
Tomate cherry
Tomate de ensalada
Tomate troceado, en conserva
Tomate, rojo, maduro, crudo
Tomates deshidratados o secados al sol
Trigo germinado
Trigo sarraceno (alforfón), crudo, ecológico?
Tupinambo, crudo
Uvas, crudas