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Natalie Sidler-Vrticka

Natalie Sidler-Vrticka, picture from the year 2015
Dr. phil. I; Author and Chief Editor


As a trained romance philologist (linguistics and literature), I was at home in the academic world for a long time. During an assistantship in the Romance Studies Department at the University of Zurich, I was able to train students, conduct scientific research, and work towards a doctorate in French Literature of the Middle Ages.

At the same time, I enjoyed teaching French and Latin at various high schools and in between translating and/or reviewing various texts.

After the birth of my son, my focus lay primarily in the field of marketing, content creation, and web publishing. I, subsequently, worked as a German teacher for young refugees. Since 2017, I have been writing texts sporadically for the Swiss youth hostels and, since 2019, I have been working as an Author and editor for the Foundation Diet and Health Switzerland.


Nowadays it is not so easy to find objective and well-researched information about healthy eating. The flood of information on the internet is often overwhelming, and numerous sites uncritically spread what is currently circulating as popular nutrition trends. At diet health, I can actively contribute to transparent education that is committed to human health and the environment – and not idealise a temporary trend.

I like to refine my dishes with fresh herbs and with aromatic spices, but with little salt. The corrections to the ingredient texts regularly inspire me to try out new flavours.

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Alfalfa seeds, germinated, raw (alfalfa, ~snail clover), organic?
Almond milk (raw?, organic?)
Amaranth, raw (amaranth seeds, kiwicha)
Apple, raw, with peel
Asparagus, raw (organic?)
Avocados, raw (organic?)
Baby spinach
Bananas, raw (organic?)
Barley, hulled (barley grains, raw?, organic?)
Beef tomatoes, raw (organic?)
Black pepper (organic?, raw?)
Blueberries (blueberries), raw (organic?)
Borlotti beans, raw (organic?)
Brazilian guava, raw, organic? (Feijoa, pineapple guava)
Buckwheat, raw (organic?)
Canned tomatoes (chopped, raw?, organic?)
Celery (bleached celery), raw (organic?)
Cherry tomatoes, raw (cherry tomatoes, organic?)
Cinnamon apple, raw (cream apple, sweet sack)
Cocoa beans, fermented (raw?, organic?)
Cocoa butter (raw?, organic?)
Cocoa powder, unsweetened (raw?, organic?)
Coconut meat, raw (coconut meat, organic?)
Corn semolina, whole grain (raw?, organic?)
Cow parsley, raw (organic?)
Dark chocolate, 70-85% (organic?, raw?)
Dill (herb, dried, raw?, organic?)
Dill, fresh (herb, seeds), raw (organic?)
Drinking water, raw (organic?)
Dulse (dried, raw?, organic?)
Edamame, frozen, blanched (organic?)
Eggplant, raw (organic?)
Elderberries, black, raw (organic?)
Endive, raw (organic?)
Fennel seeds, raw (organic?)
Fenugreek seeds, raw?, organic? (Methi = fenugreek)
Ginger, candied (raw?, organic?)
Ginger, ground (powder, raw?, organic?)
Ginger, raw (organic?)
Grape seed oil (grapeseed oil)
Grapes (raw, organic?)
Green mint, raw (organic?)
Green papaya, raw (unripe, organic?)
Hazelnut milk (hazelnut drink, raw?, organic?)
Hemp seeds, shelled, raw, organic?
Hemp seeds, unpeeled, raw (organic?)
Japanese loquat, raw (medlar, loquat, nispero, organic?)
Jerusalem artichoke, raw (organic?)
Kañiwa (Cañihua), raw?, organic?
Kiwi, green (raw, organic?)
Kombu seaweed, dried (raw?, organic?)
Leek, raw (organic?)
Lemon verbena (Verveine), raw (organic?)
Lemongrass, West Indian or Guatemalan lemongrass
Lemons, raw (limes, organic?)
Lentils, red, cooked (organic?)
Linseed oil (linseed oil, flax oil), cold pressed (organic?)
Lovage, raw (Maggi herb, nutmeg, organic?)
Lychee tomatoes, raw (lychee, organic?)
Millet, raw (golden millet, millet, organic?)
Monk's beard (Barba di frate, Agretti, Salsola soda)
Mung bean sprouts, raw (mung bean sprouts, organic?)
Mung beans, raw (organic?)
Mustard seeds, yellow-white (raw, organic?)
Narrow-leaved willowherb (fireweed, organic?)
Nectarine, raw (smooth peach, naked peach)
Oat flakes (raw?, organic?)
Oat milk (oat drink, raw?, organic?)
Okara (soy pulp, raw?, organic?)
Olive oil (cold pressed, raw?, organic?)
Onion granules or onion powder (organic?, raw?)
Onions, dried (dehydrated, dried, organic?, raw?)
Oranges, raw (organic?)
Palm oil (palm fat, organic?)
Papaya, raw (organic?)
Passion fruit, purple, raw (organic?)
Peanuts, roasted without salt
Pears, raw (organic?)
Pimentón de la Vera (smoked paprika powder, organic?)
Pineapple, raw (organic?)
Plum, raw (real plum, plum plum)
Plum, raw, organic? (real plum)
Pointed peppers (Hungarian, raw, organic?)
Potato, raw (organic?)
Quince, raw (honey apple)
Quinoa, cooked (organic?)
Quinoa, raw, peeled (organic?)
Radicchio, raw (organic?)
Rapeseed oil (canola, HOLL oil, kernel oil), cold pressed?, organic?
Rapeseed oil, refined (organic?)
Raspberries (wild raspberries), raw (organic?)
Real guava, raw (Guayaba, Goiaba, organic?)
Rice milk, rice drink (raw?, organic?)
Sage, common (medicinal sage, kitchen sage)
Salt, table salt
sesame oil
Sesame oil, roasted (organic?)
Sesame, raw, unpeeled (sesame seeds, organic?)
Sorrel, small (raw, organic?)
Spring / leek / winter onions, raw, organic?
Star fruit (carambola), raw (organic?)
Strawberry guava, raw (red or cherry guava, organic?)
Sweet pepper, yellow, raw (organic?)
Tamarinds, raw (organic?)
Tempeh (raw?, organic?)
Thai ginger (Greater galangal, Galanga, Siam)
Tomatoes, dried (raw?, organic?)
Tomatoes, dried, with salt (organic?, raw?)
Tomatoes, raw (organic?)
Vegetable onions, raw (sweet onions, organic?)
Walnut oil (cold pressed?, raw?, organic?)
Watercress (organic?), raw
Watermelon, raw (organic?)
Wheat, germinated (wheat sprouts, raw, organic?)
Whole grain rice, brown rice (raw, organic?)
Wild garlic, raw (organic?)
Willowherb (Epilobium), raw (organic?)