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Ernst Erb

Ernst Erb, Immagine del 2018
Founder, President, CEO; Author


My special resume motivated me to found, finance, and develop the “Swiss Diet and Health Foundation.” In the article, “Tragedies, Fatal Disease, Health, and Life!”, I describe some of this, including my time as an organic farmer in Santa Ursula, Tenerife exporting organic bananas and organic avocados to Germany. An equally important point is the experience gained from setting up too many people develop serious illnesses from the age of 65 on.

To live as long as possible is not the goal, but rather being as active, positive, and happy as possible. The path of the least resistance does not lead to this. Only in suffering can greater personal change be achieved. At 41 years of age, the fear of death as a result of my cancer diagnosis caused me to reflect on my life and take responsibility for my own illness.

It was never my goal to become rich, but to build-up something individually and intelligently so that it might be successful. Nevertheless, I can now afford to use my experience and opportunities to build something that can benefit interested people. Fortunately, the young people who work on “,” also give me the feeling of real teamwork. With Skype and TeamViewer, it is possible to work with geographically dispersed employees.

Even professors or doctors participate in this special project by contributing to their own texts. Our subject areas actually capture everything what makes us humans: health – principles/general – medicine – nutrition – production/trade – drugs – activity – lifestyle – politics – wellness – nature – environment – personality – ethics – social affairs/religion.

I do not know yet whether “” will be able to attract the necessary attention with this attempt to “just” communicate solid facts to people. But I think that there are reflective people who want to understand the correlations instead of pursuing each fashion trend like a lemming or allowing themselves to be seduced into an easy path.

Do they also have the necessary will to read? I was missing such a comprehensive source that provides unbiased answers to the most important questions. For this reason, I am trying to build this “port that was previously sought in vain.” Hopefully, I have the time and power to do so.

Receiving the Sigillum Magnum award, from the University of Bologna of all places, the title "Marconista del XXI secolo,” and the recognition of diet-health by Italy’s largest animal welfare organisation, the LAV, give me further courage.


Today, I am happy that I had to go through tough phases in my life. This enabled me to change my lifestyle so that, even in my 80th year of life (2015), I can work more than 60 hours per week on the PC and remain productive at the same time. It is wrong to spend so many hours sitting (it used to be more). Still, I try to compensate for it with endurance sports (fast walking, mountain hiking) and, unfortunately, not daily executed exercises (7-minute iPhone workout).

I can assume that after seven years of “pure” raw food vegan without products, the long-term vegan diet consisting of approx. 80-90% raw food content (unfortunately interrupted by the Pesci-vegan diet) gave me back my health. Unfortunately, it is not my genes that keep me healthy. As the oldest of 7 siblings, I experienced the early death of four of them. Fortunately, I was able to defeat my Mantel Cell Lymphoma in 1978 on my own, which, with medical treatment, only has a life expectancy of around three years. Today, this can be cured (too rarely) with a successful bone marrow transplant. 

Even as an employee, I never saw my work as a job, but as a hobby that interests me. After about five years at IBM, I set up my own service company. The well-being of my employees was particularly important to me. Success or failure depended to a large extent on them.

Mezzi sociali


Onorificenze, premi, brevetti, ecc

1963: 100 % Club 1962, durch IBM (Erhalten Frühling 1963 in Cannes).
1995: Innovationspreis "Technologiestandort Schweiz".
1999: Anerkennungspreis für die Verdienste um die Dokumentation historischer Funktechnik, durch GFGF Deutschland.
2010: Honorary Fellowship, durch WECWRA (Erhalten in Guangzhou, China).
2010: Ernennung zum Ehrenmitglied, durch GFGF (Ges. der Freunde der Geschichte des Funkwesens e.V. Deutschland).
2018: Sigillum Magnum, durch Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna (Universität Bologna).
2018: Marconista del XXI secolo, durch Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi, Bologna.
2018: Recognition for the creation and build-up of, durch LAV Italy, Rome (50'000 Mitglieder).

Nur angemeldet, damit niemand Royalties verlangen kann, damit das Prinzip frei ist, dann fallen gelassen.
Priorität 1993-10-05: Zapf-Parkplatz für Elektromobile (Battery recharging and parking bay for electromobile) CH 688 598-A5
Priorität 1993-11-01: Zapf-Platz für Elektromobile CH 688 599-A5 (...) CH 688 599-A5


Sachbuch pubblicato
Radios von gestern

Erb E. Radios von gestern: Wie entstehen Funk, Rundfunk; Entwicklung des Radios, Radiofirmen pro Land; Verwandte des Radios; Röhrenentwicklung; Sammeln - aber wie!; Radios restaurieren, Technik, Radios reparieren; Geschichte der Funkamateure; Sachverzeichnis mit ca. 5000 St.W. 456 Seiten A4. Erstauflage 1989. (1., 2. und 3. Aufl. Luzern: M und K Computer-Verlag. 4. und 5. Auflage Verl. für Technik und Handwerk. 6. Auflage BoD 2022.

Sachbuch pubblicato
Radiokatalog Band I

Erb E. Radiokatalog: bd. 1. Luzern: M+K Computer-Verl; 1998. 400 p.

2. Auflage als vth-Fachbuch, ISBN: 978-3-88180-686-2 (2.6.2010). 3. Auflage BoD.

Sachbuch pubblicato
Radiokatalog Band II

Erb E. Radiokatalog. 2: Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, 1. Aufl. Baden-Baden: Verlag für Technik und Handwerk; 2006. 400 p. (vth-Fachbuch). ISBN: 3881806520.
2. Auflage BoD, ISBN: 9783755736981.

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Fragole (biologiche?)
Granuli di cipolla o cipolla in polvere (biologica?, cruda?)
Lamponi (lamponi selvatici), crudi (biologici?)
Mela, cruda, con buccia
Miele (miele d'api, crudo?, biologico?)
Mirtilli (mirtilli), crudi (organici?)
Nespolo giapponese, crudo (nespolo, nespolo, Nispero, biologico?)
Olio di cocco (olio di cocco, grasso di cocco, biologico?, crudo?)
Olio di palma (grasso di palma, biologico?)
Prezzemolo, fresco, crudo (prezzemolo in foglia, prezzemolo)
Quinoa cruda, sbucciata (biologica?)
Semi di canapa, non sbucciati, crudi (organici?)
Wakame, crudo (biologico?)
Zucca Hokkaido (zucca Hokkaido)


Acido docosaesanoico; DHA; 22: 6 omega-3
Acido eicosapentaenoico; APE; 20: 5 omega-3
Acido linoleico; LA; 18: 2 omega-6
Isoleucina (Ile, I)
Selenio, Se
Sodio, Na
Valina (Val, V)