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Katharina Hofer

Katharina Hofer, picture from the year 2021
MSc Organic Agriculture, State Diploma Commercial Clerk; Author, Editor


After receiving my business high school diploma at the business academy (in AT), I completed a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna. I did a master’s degree in organic agriculture.

Since 2017, I'm employed part-time at the Foundation of Diet and Health in Switzerland, where I have been able to get to know many areas of activity. In addition to writing and reviewing articles, my main tasks are the co-development of new ideas and concepts and the coordination of employee work areas (social media, the Pricing Tool, ingredient descriptions, employee introductions).


In nature, healthy soil is the key to a well-growing plant. Consequently, untreated and natural foods contribute to the maintenance of human health. What motivates me is to provide readers with valuable information and to be able to make a small contribution to raising their awareness of the need to maintain a good relationship between people and nature.

As a mother of three children, a healthy diet is essential to me, even within the family. I, therefore, teach my children from an early age how to use natural foods consciously, both in the garden and in the kitchen.

Avtivity on our site


Agar-agar (organic?, raw?)
Agave syrup (agave syrup, raw?, organic?)
Allspice, seeds (raw?, organic?)
Almonds (sweet almonds), raw
Apple Gala, raw (organic?)
Apple, raw, with peel
Aronia berries, raw (frozen), organic?
Asparagus beans, raw (yard bean, cowpea, organic?)
Asparagus, raw (organic?)
Avocado oil (raw?, organic?)
Baking powder (baking agent, organic?, vegan?)
Baking soda (organic?)
Banana, dried or dehydrated
Barberries (barberry, raw, organic?)
Basmati rice, raw (fragrant rice)
Black pepper (organic?, raw?)
Blackberries, raw (blackberries, rubus, organic?)
Blackcurrants, raw (Black currants)
Blueberries (blueberries), raw (organic?)
Borlotti beans, raw (organic?)
Boscs bottle pears, raw, organic?
Breadcrumbs (bread crumbs, bread flour, organic?)
Brewer's yeast (organic?)
Broccoli, flower bunch (head), raw
Broccoli, raw (brocoli, broccoli, brokoli, asparagus cabbage)
Buckwheat, raw (organic?)
Buckwheat, sprouted (raw? organic?)
Candied lemon peel (candied lemon peel, candied lemon sauce, raw?, organic?)
Canned tomatoes (chopped, raw?, organic?)
Cantaloupe melon, raw (organic?)
Cardamom (Cardamom, Kardamon, Kardamum)
Cashew nuts, raw? organic? (Cashew nuts)
Cayenne pepper (raw?, organic?)
Celery (bleached celery), raw (organic?)
Cherries or sweet cherries, raw
Cherry tomatoes, raw (cherry tomatoes, organic?)
Chestnuts, raw (marrons, marroni)
Chili peppers, green (raw, organic?)
Chili peppers, red, raw (organic?)
Chili powder (raw?, organic?)
Chinese cabbage (raw, organic?)
Cloves, ground (Nägeli, Würzcloken)
Cloves, whole (raw? organic?)
Cocoa beans, fermented (raw?, organic?)
Cocoa butter (raw?, organic?)
Coconut meat, raw (coconut meat, organic?)
Coconut meat, young coconut, raw (organic?)
Coconut oil (coconut oil, coconut fat, organic?, raw?)
Coconut yoghurt, vegan (raw?, organic?)
Coriander leaves, dried
Coriander leaves, raw
Coriander, seeds (raw?, organic?)
Corn starch (corn starch, organic?)
Couscous (raw? organic?)
Cranberries (cranberries, lingonberries), raw (organic?)
Cranberries (lingonberries), raw (organic?)
Cream of tartar as baking powder or raising agent
Cucumbers, peeled, raw (organic?)
Cucumbers, raw (organic?)
Dark chocolate coating (couverture) with coconut oil (organic? raw?)
Dark chocolate, 70-85% (organic?, raw?)
Dill (herb, dried, raw?, organic?)
Dried apples, unsulphured (dried, apple rings)
Edamame, frozen, blanched (organic?)
Eggplant, raw (organic?)
Elderberries, black, raw (organic?)
Fenugreek leaves, raw (methi, organic?)
Fresh baking yeast (pressed yeast, baker’s yeast)
Galia melons, raw (organic?)
Garlic granules (garlic powder, organic?)
Giant mushroom, raw (organic?)
Ginger, candied (raw?, organic?)
Ginger, ground (powder, raw?, organic?)
Ginger, raw (organic?)
Goa beans, raw (organic?)
Granny Smith apple, raw (organic?)
Grapes (raw, organic?)
Green mint, raw (organic?)
Green papaya, raw (unripe, organic?)
Green pepper (organic?, raw?)
Guava nectar, preserved (guava juice, raw?, organic?)
Hazelnut milk (hazelnut drink, raw?, organic?)
Helmet beans, ripe seeds, raw (Indian)
Hemp oil
Hemp seeds, shelled, raw, organic?
Hemp seeds, unpeeled, raw (organic?)
Honey (bee honey, raw?, organic?)
Honeydew melon, raw (organic?)
Icing sugar (raw?, organic?)
Jasmine rice, raw (Thai or Siam rice, perfume rice, fragrant rice)
Kañiwa (Cañihua), raw?, organic?
Kasuri Methi (Kasoori Fenugreek, dried, organic?)
Kiwi, green (raw, organic?)
Leek, raw (organic?)
Lemon peel, raw (organic?)
Lemons, raw (limes, organic?)
Lentils, red, raw (Erve, kitchen lentils)
Lentils, sprouted, raw (organic?)
Limes, raw (organic?)
Lupine meal, raw (sweet lupine meal, organic?)
Lychee tomatoes, raw (lychee, organic?)
Malt syrup (malt extract, organic?)
Maple syrup (organic?, raw?)
Marjoram, dried (raw?, organic?)
Millet, raw (golden millet, millet, organic?)
Morels, raw (edible morels, round morels)
Mung bean sprouts, raw (mung bean sprouts, organic?)
Mung beans, raw (organic?)
Mustard seeds, yellow-white (raw, organic?)
Nasturtium, raw (organic?)
Nettle, small, raw (stinging nettle, organic?)
Nutmeg, ground or grated (raw, organic?)
Oat cream, oat cuisine, cream (organic?)
Oat flakes (raw?, organic?)
Oat milk (oat drink, raw?, organic?)
Olive oil (cold pressed, raw?, organic?)
Onion granules or onion powder (organic?, raw?)
Onions, dried (dehydrated, dried, organic?, raw?)
Onions, raw (organic?)
Onions, red (raw, organic?)
Oranges, raw (organic?)
Palm oil (palm fat, organic?)
Papaya, raw (organic?)
Paprika powder, sweet (raw?, organic?)
Peach, raw (organic?)
Peanut oil (organic?, raw?)
Pigeon peas, ripe (raw?, organic?)
Pigeon peas, unripe (raw?, organic?)
Pistachios, roasted, without salt (organic?)
Poppy seeds (poppy seed, opium poppy)
Porcini mushroom powder, raw? (organic?)
Porcini mushroom, dried (raw?, organic?)
Potato, Russet variety, flesh and skin, raw
Prickly pear, raw (prickly fruit, organic?)
Pumpkin seed oil, Styrian (pumpkin oil, kernel oil, Cucurbita pepo)
Pumpkin, raw (vegan pumpkin recipes)
Quinoa, cooked (organic?)
Quinoa, raw, peeled (organic?)
Radicchio, raw (organic?)
Rapeseed oil (canola, HOLL oil, kernel oil), cold pressed?, organic?
Rapeseed oil, refined (organic?)
Raspberries (wild raspberries), raw (organic?)
Red and white currants, raw (currants)
Rice milk, rice drink (raw?, organic?)
Safflower oil (raw?, organic?)
Schabzigerklee (bread clover, hay clover, cheese clover, organic?
Semolina, raw (organic?)
sesame oil
Sesame oil, roasted (organic?)
Sesame, black (raw, organic?)
Sesame, raw, unpeeled (sesame seeds, organic?)
Shiitake mushroom, raw (Pasania mushroom, organic?)
Shiitake, dried (Pasania mushroom, Shii-Take)
Shimeji (beech mushroom, wood fungus)
Sour cherries, red, raw (sour cherry, organic?)
Soy sauce (tamari, organic? raw?)
Spring / leek / winter onions, raw, organic?
Spring onions, stems and leaves only (raw, organic?)
Strawberry guava, raw (red or cherry guava, organic?)
Summer squash, all varieties, raw (organic?)
Sunflower oil (cold pressed?, organic?)
Sweet chestnuts, European, raw, unpeeled
Teff (dwarf millet), raw
Thai ginger (Greater galangal, Galanga, Siam)
Tomatillo (mountain eggplant), raw
Tomatoes, dried (raw?, organic?)
Tomatoes, dried, with salt (organic?, raw?)
Tomatoes, raw (organic?)
Turmeric (saffron root), ground, raw (organic?)
Umeboshi paste (Neriume, Bainiku)
Vanilla extract, natural (organic?)
Vanilla pod (also Bourbon vanilla, organic?)
Vanilla powder (ground vanilla, organic?)
Vegetable fat, (hydrogenated?, raw?, organic?)
Vegetable margarine, without trans fats (organic?)
Vegetable onions, raw (sweet onions, organic?)
Walnut oil (cold pressed?, raw?, organic?)
Watermelon, raw (organic?)
Wax gourd (winter melon), raw (organic?)
Wheat germ (raw?, organic?)
Wheat, germinated (wheat sprouts, raw, organic?)
White pepper (organic?, raw?)
Whole grain rice, brown rice (raw, organic?)
Yeast extract (spice paste, yeast paste)
Yeast flakes: premium yeast, nutritional yeast, yeast powder (organic?)