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Our team

Non-profit foundation "Stiftung Gesundheit und Ernährung Schweiz" ("Foundation Diet and Health Switzerland"), 6045 Meggen


The authors are our top priority because they develop or review our content for you - among other things. They look for the best possible verification, e.g., finding high-quality studies, which they note as a source.

Sara Bahmou, picture from the year 2022
Sara Bahmou, Austria
MSc Social and Human Ecology; Author, Ecology
Alina Dressel, picture from the year 2023
Alina Dressel, Germany
Student of Nutritional Sciences, Junior Author
Amanda Gabriel, picture from the year 2017
Amanda Gabriel, Switzerland
MA Archaeology; Author, Official in charge
Katharina Hofer, picture from the year 2021
Katharina Hofer, Switzerland
MSc Organic Agriculture, State Diploma Commercial Clerk; Author, Editor
Ranin Huemer, picture from the year 2024
Ranin Huemer, Austria
BSc Ernährungswissenschaft, Autorin
Anna Sophie Koller, picture from the year 2022
Anna Sophie Koller, Austria
Student of Food and Biotechnology, Junior Author
Riccardo Meier, picture from the year 2023
Riccardo Meier, Switzerland
MSc Environmental Psychology, Author
Heidemarie Alberta Pirker, picture from the year 2019
Heidemarie Alberta Pirker, Austria
Dr. nat. tech., Organic Farming & Nature Conservation; Author Ecology, Phytochemicals
Luisa Rolcke, picture from the year 2023
Luisa Rolcke, Austria
MSc Crop Science; Author
Natalie Sidler-Vrticka, picture from the year 2015
Natalie Sidler-Vrticka, Switzerland
Dr. phil. I; Author and Chief Editor
Sina Delia Sohneg, picture from the year 2022
Sina Delia Sohneg, Switzerland
MSc Sustainable Development, BSc Biology, Author
Johanna Sommerauer, picture from the year 2023
Johanna Sommerauer, Austria
BSc Environmental and Bioresource Management, Stud. Master Organic Agricultural System and Agroecology; Author
Lindsay Ruth Wong, picture from the year 2019
Lindsay Ruth Wong, Austria
MA Sustainable Energy Policy, MA Pol. Science; Author

Other employees

These employees independently manage work areas such as social media and food prices or carry out translation or other work.

Andrea Gruber, picture from the year 2023
Andrea Gruber, Austria
Graduate Ecologist, Social Media Supervisor
Diana Sanchioni, picture from the year 2020
Diana Sanchioni, Switzerland
Federal diploma Confectioner + Business Clerk, Food Price Clerk for D-A-CH countries

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees consists of five people. Here, we have listed the actively collaborating board members.

Ernst Erb, picture from the year 2018
Ernst Erb, Switzerland
Founder, President, CEO; Author
Michael Weber, picture from the year 2015
Michael Weber, Switzerland
Federal diploma Pharmacist, MSc Infection Biology; in charge of the Food Ingredient Tables, Author
Inke Weissenborn, picture from the year 2017
Inke Weissenborn, Germany
Dr. med. vet.; Recipe Author

Guest authors and former employees

Guest authors and former employees have added valuable content to the website.

Karin Rustmeier, picture from the year 2023
Karin Rustmeier, Switzerland
Dipl. Lebensmittelingenieur ETH; Autorin
Gottfried Schatz, picture from the year 2015
Gottfried Schatz, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. em., molecular biologist; Guest author
Luise Völlm, picture from the year 2017
Luise Völlm, Switzerland
BA Ökotrophologie, Handelsfachwirtin IHK, Kräuterkundlerin; Autorin