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Foundation for Diet and Health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
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Are you making healthy choices for your life?

A vista can stand for more than beautiful scenery, and instead like the above image represent what lies ahead. An ideal or a goal to which you can aspire. And this should be based on reality, not a pipe dream.

In the midst of this jungle of nutritional information, offers you objective and well-researched evidence. We want to provide you with information about the links between lifestyle and diseases of affluence — grounded in scientific research that isn’t tainted by industry interests.

Our texts don’t reflect the latest trends in diet and nutrition that will soon be outdated. Instead, our focus is on healthy habits that have been established to be the foundation for a long and healthy life.

We do not sell anything (nonprofit fondation).
We only provide you with information that will enable you to form your own educated opinion. (The motivation for this)

What do we really need and what doesn’t work? How and to what extent is our health under our own control and how much is determined by our genes? What genetic dispositions can we change as a result of our diet and lifestyle?

These are the types of questions we answer. However, if you want to gain a deep understanding you will need to be inquisitive, interested, and persistent.

But right now I would like to wish you good health and all the best as you find the path that will lead you there.

Ernst Erb  (Foundation Pres.)

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I have been a type 2 diabetic for many years, but in recent years my diabetes started getting worse. I was taking three medications, two oral and one injection. Could never understand how following a strict carb diet and getting adequate excersize couldn't stop the progression.

I spent a week in Freemont, California where I was eating various Asian foods for breakfast lunch and dinner. Noticed over the course of that week that my blood sugar would drop very fast and low levels. My carb intake had not changed but the type of carbs that I was taking in did change. The foods I was eating while in Freemont contained many authentic fresh vegitable dishes, fresh fruit and a lot of types of green tea.

When I got back to my home, the first thing I did was change all allowed carbs to natural carbs. I would eat a serving of rice instead of bread, vegitable juice over concentrated fruit juices and so on. It wasn't more than a few weeks before I could start taking three medications down to one. With a little more work, maybe I can take no medications. 

Long story short, I have found that good nutrition starts with going back to the foods that we were meant to eat. We should be getting back to the basics by eating the foods that are more natural and closer to being picked off the vine.

Eric Bentley, Indiana, USA, 20/08/2014 03:44

Democritus (approx. 460–370 BC): (from

“People ask the gods for health in their prayers, but do not realize that the control of their health lies with them; through lack of self-control they act in opposition to it and so themselves betray their health to their desires.”
What type of dishes?

What interests you?