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The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health

Info about a Raw Diet

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1 Nutrition
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Basic information about our diet, list of significant change options based on levels of nutrition.
2 Raw Food? No, Thanks!
3 main reasons for saying “No, thanks!”: 1. Culture, society, mental imagery, desire, and substitutes for love; 2. your environment; 3. the larger environment.
Raw Natural Markets, April 2013, USA with Kathrin Seiler Erb.
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Reasons for and against raw food: disease or obesity often causes people to turn to raw food. But you can end up on an unhealthy path, as with any type of diet.
4 Types of Raw Food Diets
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You can see from this article that there are many variations of a raw food diet. Don’t select a very rigid plan, at least initially. Learn as you go.
5 Exclusively Raw Food? Really?
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When exceptions play a role. Intolerances and allergies, which can occur with any type of diet. A raw food diet can work wonders for high blood pressure.
Ultrasound examinations on the health status of a person.
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After age 50 or if you have health problems, get a physical examination every X years. As a comparison, get one before switching to raw food—it's YOUR life!
Wicker basket with freshly picked vegetables and salad.
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Various methods to cleanse the colon, our primary defense organ against diseases. Importance of intestinal flora. Colonoscopy.
First organic bananas from Tenerife, the 20 banana letters
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First organic bananas from Tenerife, the 20 banana letters: difference between regular cultivation and organic bananas, firsthand. Health value, ripeness, etc.
What Is a Raw Food Diet?
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Anything that is heated beyond 104°F to 108°F (40°C - 42°C) is no longer considered raw. “Raw” simply means no baking, no steaming, no frying, and no cooking.