Foundation Diet and Health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health


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Imparting basic knowledge about health and nutrition in teamwork.
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To understand health and ecology, extensive basic knowledge is required. Here you will find fact-based texts and book reviews.
Nutrients (vitamins and elements) are important for our health. Never as a harmful maximum.
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In "Nutrients comprehensively explained" we state the health benefits AND disadvantages for a conscious choice of food, because we're not selling anything.
Mother and daughter choosing and buying fruits and vegetables.
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Objective information about vegan food with market prices, ingredients, recipes, shopping options, season, etc.
Portrait of a nutritionist showing fresh vegetables for raw use.
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Raw food would be very healthy - see recipes, but many raw foodists eat unhealthy because of missing or incorrect information.
A coach explains further procedures for healthy and permanent weight loss.
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You can lose weight healthily and permanently in a natural way - if you know the basics and learn how to avoid yo-yo effects.
Friends having fun preparing a vegan meal.
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We show you vegan recipes with ingredients as well as selection options (e.g. according to certain nutrients) with explanations.
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The ecological footprint is an indicator of sustainability. Depending on the definition, it includes greenhouse gases, pollution, water and land use, etc.
What makes a good night's sleep
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Sleep impacts every aspect of our lives. Here are some of the main points you might want to take into consideration in order to get a good night’s sleep.
Smoker sitting in front of a beer
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Unhealthy diet and lifestyle account for 69 % of the cancers.
Mission, vision and values are important for a positive life goal.
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Objective facts for your health and the environment is our mission and vision. We want to convey values that lead to sustainability.
Having a secure future: We can only achieve this from below AND above. But how?
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For Planet Earth to allow us humans to remain viable, we need a much more comprehensive ecology: grassroots movement AND political action required.
The Four Fundamental Forces of Evolution
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Personal thoughts that helped me gain some insight into the principles of organic farming. Four fundamental forces of evolution that form an analog to physics.