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Is raw food healthy? + Recipes

Raw food would be very healthy - see recipes, but many raw foodists eat unhealthy because of missing or incorrect information.

Portrait of a nutritionist showing fresh vegetables for raw use.© Bought from Josep Suria, shutterstock
Portrait of a nutritionist showing fresh vegetables for raw use

Actually, humans are also built to eat raw foods, and it wasn't until their brains became intelligent, and they learned to control fire that they began to heat food. However, it takes millions of years for the organism to fully adapt to fundamentally different foods.

Therefore, raw food would be very healthy for us. Nevertheless, switching to raw food is dangerous if we do not have a lot of knowledge about it beforehand. Too often, "raw foodists" often eat one-sided and therefore unhealthy - usually without any knowledge of the necessary composition of a healthy diet. Therefore, you will find a number of important articles on the most important questions in the following link:

Basics and in-depth information


In the video section there are also posts dealing with the topic of vegan raw food in nutrition. You can watch them via the following link:

Videos about vegan raw food


Here you can also find out how to adapt in many different ways - and you can read a critical review of a book by a former raw food guru. We also wrote a critical review of the "Giessen raw food study".

But you can also try individual raw food meals at any time, as you can find around 60 vegan raw food recipes in the next link - again with tables about the essential nutrients contained.

Raw vegan recipes


You can click on the individual ingredients for each recipe, and you will then see ingredient tables and prices for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (which are also known as D-A-CH countries) for each ingredient.

This is usually followed by a comprehensive description of the food - with additional recipes. Of course, the "framework" (structure of our information) also contains a description for each essential nutrient and some other important nutrients. The other links on the HP (homepage) inform you about these various points.

You can go directly to the description of essential nutrients via this link: Description of essential nutrients. You can find more information about this in our explanatory text on nutrients: Nutrients comprehensively explained.


Special raw food cookbooks that we've reviewed can be found using the following link:

Vegan raw food recipe books

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