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Sina Delia Sohneg

Sina Delia Sohneg, picture from the year 2022
MSc Sustainable Development, BSc Biology, Author


2015-2018: Bachelor of Science, University of Basel, Biology

2019-2021: Master of Science, University of Basel, Sustainable Development

Since February 2021: Author for Food Descriptions


Like every other living being in this world, I am bound to this planet and, therefore, obliged to keep our Earth, its wonderful creatures, and valuable resources alive. As a biologist with a focus on sustainable development, I am motivated to live my life in an environmentally friendly way. This includes, of course, an environmentally friendly, i.e. vegan, seasonal, and regional diet, which not only has a positive impact on the health of the plant, but in the best case also on our own.

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Agave syrup (agave syrup, raw?, organic?)
American persimmon, raw (organic?)
Arame seaweed, raw (organic?)
Beech leaf shoots (red beech leaves)
Beef tomatoes, raw (organic?)
Birch blossoms, raw, silver birch, flowers and leaves
Bladderwrack, raw (organic?)
Brussels sprouts, raw (organic?)
Candied lemon peel (candied lemon peel, candied lemon sauce, raw?, organic?)
Canned tomatoes (chopped, raw?, organic?)
Cassava, raw (organic?)
Cauliflower, raw (organic?)
Celeriac, raw (organic?)
Celery (bleached celery), raw (organic?)
Cherry tomatoes, raw (cherry tomatoes, organic?)
Chickpea flour (raw?, organic?)
Chickpeas, raw (organic?)
Chickpeas, unripe (raw, organic?)
Chicory (raw, organic?)
Chinese cabbage (raw, organic?)
Chinese water chestnuts (raw?, organic?)
Chinese yam, raw (light root, nagaimo, organic?)
Cinnamon (ground, raw, organic?)
Cinnamon stick (cinnamon stick, cinnamon, raw?, organic?)
Cocoa butter (raw?, organic?)
Cocoa powder, unsweetened (raw?, organic?)
Cooked chickpeas (organic?)
Cranberries (cranberries, lingonberries), raw (organic?)
Cranberries (lingonberries), raw (organic?)
Cranberries, dried, sweetened (raw?, organic?)
Cultivated mushrooms, raw (organic?)
Dried mango (raw?, organic?)
Endive, raw (organic?)
Epazote, raw (organic?)
Fennel (bulb, raw, organic?)
Garam Masala (spice mix, raw?, organic?)
Garden radish, raw (organic?)
Gerber Sumac, raw (Sumak, organic?)
Grapefruit, raw (organic?)
Green spelt, raw grains? (organic?)
Hazelnut milk (hazelnut drink, raw?, organic?)
Hazelnuts, raw (organic?)
Herbal vinegar (herbal wine vinegar, raw?, organic?)
Honey (bee honey, raw?, organic?)
Icing sugar (raw?, organic?)
Japanese loquat, raw (medlar, loquat, nispero, organic?)
Kale, raw (spring cabbage, organic?)
Kimchi made from cabbage or radish (raw?, organic?)
King oyster mushroom, raw (king oyster mushroom, organic?)
Kohlrabi, raw (organic?)
Kombu seaweed, dried (raw?, organic?)
Laminaria seaweed, raw (kelp, organic?)
Lemon juice (raw?, organic?)
Lemon peel, raw (organic?)
Lime juice (raw?, organic?)
Limes, raw (organic?)
Limu Kohu (raw?, organic?)
Long grain rice, white, raw (organic?)
Macadamia nuts, raw (organic?)
Mango, raw (organic?)
Maple syrup (organic?, raw?)
Marjoram (sausage herb), raw (organic?)
Marjoram, dried (raw?, organic?)
Monk's beard (Barba di frate, Agretti, Salsola soda)
Nashi pear, raw (organic?)
Orange juice (raw?, organic?)
Orange peel, raw (organic?)
Oyster mushroom, raw (oyster mushroom, organic?)
Pak-Choi, raw (Bok-Choy, organic?)
Parsley, dried (raw?, organic?)
Parsnip, raw (organic?)
Peanut butter (peanut puree, raw?, organic?)
Persimmon, raw (organic?)
Pistachios, raw (organic?)
Pomegranate (grenadine, raw, organic?)
Pomegranate syrup (organic?)
Porcini mushroom, dried (raw?, organic?)
Porcini mushroom, raw (organic?)
Radicchio, raw (organic?)
Radishes, raw (organic?)
Red algae, raw (seaweed, organic?)
Red cabbage, raw (organic?)
Red seaweed sheet for sushi (nori, organic?, raw?)
Red Thai curry paste (organic?, raw?)
Red wine vinegar (raw?, organic?)
Reduced salt soy sauce (Genen Shoyu, organic?, raw?)
Rum, organic? (min. 37.5% vol)
Salt, table salt
Sauerkraut juice (raw?, organic?)
Savoy cabbage, raw (Savoy cabbage, organic?)
Sea salt (raw?, organic?)
Seaweed, raw (organic?)
Sorghum millet (raw, organic?)
Sticky rice, white (raw, organic?)
Swede, raw (organic?)
Sweet brown rice (mochi rice, raw, organic?)
Sweet soy sauce (Ketjap Manis, organic?, raw?)
Swiss chard / chard (raw, organic?)
Tapioca balls (organic?, raw?)
Tarragon, dried (raw?, organic?)
Tarragon, fresh (raw, organic?)
Tempeh (raw?, organic?)
Tomatoes, dried (raw?, organic?)
Tomatoes, dried, with salt (organic?, raw?)
Tomatoes, raw (organic?)
Turnip, raw (organic?)
Velvet foot bolete, common, raw (Enoki, organic?)
Wakame, raw (organic?)
Walnuts (tree nuts), raw (organic?)
Watercress (organic?), raw
Wheat flour, wholemeal (organic?)
Wheat, germinated (wheat sprouts, raw, organic?)
White cabbage (white cabbage, raw cabbage, organic?)
White wine vinegar (raw?, organic?)
Whole grain rice, brown rice (raw, organic?)
Whole grain rice, long grain, cooked (organic?)
Whole grain rice, medium grain, raw (brown rice, organic?)
Wild rice (water rice, raw?, organic?)
Winter savory, raw (organic?)
Yam, raw (organic?)