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Pomegranate syrup

Classic pomegranate syrup contains only the juice of pomegranates and sugar, without the addition of any ingredients that would change the taste.
The nutritional information for this ingredient comes from one of our recipes and may deviate from that of commercial products
Macronutrient carbohydrates 92.18%
Macronutrient proteins 4.6%
Macronutrient fats 3.22%
Ω-6 (LA, 0.1g)
Omega-6 fatty acid such as linoleic acid (LA)
 : Ω-3 (ALA, <0.1g)
Omega-3 fatty acid such as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)
 = 0:0

Omega-6 ratio to omega-3 fatty acids should not exceed a total of 5:1. Link to explanation.

Values are too small to be relevant.
Nutrient tables

Pomegranate syrup should not be confused with grenadine or grenadine syrup. Grenadine is a mixture of different berries and often contains artificial flavors, vanilla, dyes, anthocyanins, and preservatives. Pomegranate syrup is an alcohol-free, sugar-sweetened fruit syrup that has a deep red color and is used in cocktails for flavor and to add color. A well-known example is Tequila Sunrise. Read more about the nutritional value of pomegranates, which is not the same as that of the syrup because many sugars are added and it is cooked.

How to make your own pomegranate syrup:

The following link will bring you to our recipe: Classic Pomegranate Syrup.

General information:

From Wikipedia: “Grenadine is a commonly used, non-alcoholic bar syrup, characterized by a flavour that is both tart and sweet, and by a deep red colour. It is popular as an ingredient in cocktails, both for its flavor and to give a reddish/pink tint to mixed drinks.”

Etymology and origin:

The name grenadine originated from the French word grenade which means pomegranate, with pomme meaning apple and granate derived from the Italian word for seeds. Grenadine was originally prepared from pomegranate juice, sugar, and water.

Where to buy pomegranate syrup:

You can buy ready-made pomegranate syrup in larger supermarkets, from beverage retailers, and in many Middle Eastern stores. When you purchase grenadine, you should look at the nutritional information, and, in particular, the percentage of pomegranate it contains.

Modern and commercial varieties:

As grenadine is subject to minimal regulation, its basic flavor profile can alternatively be obtained from a mixture of blackcurrant juice and other fruit juices with the blackcurrant flavour dominating.

To reduce production costs, manufacturers have widely replaced fruit bases with artificial ingredients. The Mott's brand "Rose's" is by far the most common brand of grenadine sold in the United States, and is formulated from (in order of concentration): high fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, FD&C Red #40, natural and artificial flavours and FD&C Blue #1. In Europe, Bols still manufactures grenadine with pomegranate. ...

Pomegranate syrup found in most Middle Eastern groceries is made with pomegranate concentrate and sugar, and serves as an authentic grenadine.”