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Nettle and Potato Soup with Vegan Stock and Carrots

This nettle and potato soup calls for vegan stock. You can either make homemade stock in advance or purchase a store-bought variety.


91% 51/08/41 
Ω-6 (LA, 4.1g) : Ω-3 (ALA, 0.9g) = 4:1

Ingredients (for servings, )


  • hand-held blender / immersion blender or blender
  • stove
  • saucepan

Type of preparation

  • cook
  • chop or grind
  • blend
  • sweat
  • season to taste


  1. For the soup
    Rinse the nettles with water and then pat dry.

  2. Heat the vegan margarine in a saucepan on medium heat. Peel the onion and cut the onion and carrots into small cubes. Sweat both in the saucepan until the onions are translucent.

    A link to an alternative healthier version of this recipe and our motivation for creating this version can be found directly above the recipe photo.

  3. In the meantime, peel and cube the potatoes and then add to the saucepan. After 1 minute, pour the vegan stock in and let everything simmer for 30 minutes.

  4. Coarsely chop the nettles and add to the saucepan 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time.

  5. Seasoning
    Finely purée the soup with an immersion mixer and season to taste with salt and pepper.

  6. Add the soy cream to the soup and serve hot.

Nutritional Information per person Convert per 100g
2000 kcal
Energy262 kcal13.1%
Fat/Lipids18 g26.1%
Saturated Fats2.8 g13.9%
Carbohydrates (inc.dietary fiber)23 g8.5%
Sugars6.2 g6.9%
Fiber4.7 g18.8%
Protein/Albumin3.4 g6.8%
Cooking Salt (Na:250.9 mg)637 mg26.6%
A serving is 499g.Recommended daily allowance according to the GDA.
Cooking Salt

Essential micronutrients with the highest proportions per person 2000 kcal
VitVitamin K 86 µg115.0%
VitVitamin A, as RAE 443 µg55.0%
FatAlpha-Linolenic acid; ALA; 18:3 omega-3 0.92 g46.0%
FatLinoleic acid; LA; 18:2 omega-6 4.1 g41.0%
VitVitamin C (ascorbic acid) 25 mg32.0%
ElemPotassium, K 628 mg31.0%
Sodium, Na 251 mg31.0%
VitFolate, as the active form of folic acid (née vitamin B9 and 55 µg28.0%
VitVitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 0.35 mg25.0%
MinManganese, Mn 0.46 mg23.0%

Detailed Nutritional Information per Person for this Recipe

The majority of the nutritional information comes from the USDA (US Department of Agriculture). This means that the information for natural products is often incomplete or only given within broader categories, whereas in most cases products made from these have more complete information displayed.

If we take flaxseed, for example, the important essential amino acid ALA (omega-3) is only included in an overarching category whereas for flaxseed oil ALA is listed specifically. In time, we will be able to change this, but it will require a lot of work. An “i” appears behind ingredients that have been adjusted and an explanation appears when you hover over this symbol.

For Erb Muesli, the original calculations resulted in 48 % of the daily requirement of ALA — but with the correction, we see that the muesli actually covers >100 % of the necessary recommendation for the omega-3 fatty acid ALA. Our goal is to eventually be able to compare the nutritional value of our recipes with those that are used in conventional western lifestyles.

Essential fatty acids per person 2000 kcal
Alpha-Linolenic acid; ALA; 18:3 omega-3 0.92 g46.0%
Linoleic acid; LA; 18:2 omega-6 4.1 g41.0%

Essential amino acids per person 2000 kcal
Threonine (Thr, T) 0.15 g16.0%
Tryptophan (Trp, W) 0.03 g13.0%
Isoleucine (Ile, I) 0.10 g8.0%
Lysine (Lys, K) 0.15 g8.0%
Valine (Val, V) 0.13 g8.0%
Leucine (Leu, L) 0.16 g7.0%
Phenylalanine (Phe, F) 0.11 g7.0%
Methionine (Met, M) 0.04 g4.0%

Essential macroelements (macronutrients) per person 2000 kcal
Potassium, K 628 mg31.0%
Sodium, Na 251 mg31.0%
Phosphorus, P 107 mg15.0%
Calcium, Ca 107 mg13.0%
Magnesium, Mg 44 mg12.0%

Essential trace elements (micronutrients) per person 2000 kcal
Manganese, Mn 0.46 mg23.0%
Copper, Cu 0.19 mg19.0%
Iron, Fe 1.7 mg12.0%
Zinc, Zn 0.54 mg5.0%
Fluorine, F 189 µg5.0%
Selenium, Se 1.6 µg3.0%
Iod, I (Jod, J) 3.4 µg2.0%
Notes about recipe

This nettle and potato soup calls for vegan stock. You can either make homemade stock in advance or purchase a store-bought variety.

Nettles as an ingredient: In this recipe, the author uses nettles as an ingredient. Nettles are a plant that many people usually just think of as being an invasive weed. However, others know that it contains many valuable substances and use it as a medicinal plant. But this ambivalence toward nettles doesn’t change the fact that they are a culinary enrichment for everyone’s diet. The recipe presented here is just one of many delicious examples of dishes that you can use nettles in.

Potato varieties: Since all of the ingredients are puréed before serving, you should decide whether you prefer to use all-purpose or starchy potatoes. The original recipe calls for waxy potatoes.


Picking nettles: If you are picking the nettles yourself, we recommend that you pick primarily young leaves as they taste the best. Protect your hands when picking nettles by using a thick hand towel or wearing gloves.

Adjusting the flavor and consistency: If you want to intensify the typical nettle flavor, you can increase the amount of nettles. And if you want to make the soup thicker, you can reduce the amount of vegetable broth.

Alternate preparation

Vegetable stock: Vegetable stock is sold in most well-stocked supermarkets, usually in jars or Tetra Pak cartons. However, it is relatively uncomplicated to make your own stock. And with homemade stock, you can adjust the ingredients based on your taste preferences. In addition, we recommend that you make your own since many commercial stocks contain artificial additives and preservatives and are of lower nutritional value. Here is a link to our own recipe: Vegan Stock.

Making homemade soy cream: You can either purchase store-bough soy cream (not readily available in the US) or make your own using our recipe Soy Cream with Canola Oil.