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Erb-Muesli for two persons - lactose-free and gluten-free (vegan, raw). Much of omega-3-fatty acid

Erb Muesli - lactose-free, gluten-free (vegan, raw, clean)
12min easy
Erb-Muesli is a vegan (lactose-free), raw muesli. With seeds instead of grains, it is gluten-free and a good “bread replacement". 81/10/09  LA1:1ALA

Cucumber Rolls with “Goat’s Cheese” and Mint Sauce on a white plate.

Cucumber Rolls with “Goat’s Cheese” and Mint Sauce
15min    25min medium
These Cucumber Rolls with “Goat’s Cheese” and Mint Sauce hold together surprisingly well. They are ideal as an appetizer or finger food. 56/09/34  LA!:0ALA

Savory Pea Pancakes (Erbsenpfannkuchen) from the cookbook “Das vegane Kochbuch meiner Oma”

Savory Pea Pancakes with Chili Pepper and Parsley
12min    20min medium
Sun-dried chili peppers and parsley give the savory pea pancakes a special flair. We recommend trying the pancakes with curry. 68/21/11  LA6:1ALA

Chocolate cream with raw cocoa beans, avocado, dates, carob powder - finished in bowl.

Healthy Raw Chocolate Cream with Carob and Avocado
12min easy
This raw chocolate cream is an extremely easy and quick dessert to make (prep: 9 minutes). It contains avocado, dates, cocoa beans, carob powder, and water. 74/07/19  LA:ALA

Almond Milk (Mandelmilch) from the cookbook “Rohvegan” (Raw vegan), p. 148

Raw Almond Milk
8min    4h easy
Classic, unsweetened version of raw almond milk — with tips on using the leftover pulp and suggestions for other types of nut milk. Cashews are not usually raw. 23/23/54  LA!:0ALA

Black Quinoa with Radicchio, Fennel, and Cremini Mushrooms from “Everyday Raw Detox,” p. 142

Black Fall Quinoa with Radicchio, Fennel, and Mushrooms
30min    50min easy
With its sharp, bitter, and intense flavor, radicchio doesn’t only complement fennel and mushrooms, it also provides many valuable nutrients — as does quinoa. 60/17/24  LA20:1ALA

Sweet Summer Corn Soup with Cayenne Pepper and Paprika from “Straight from the Earth,” p. 78

Sweet Summer Corn Soup with Cayenne Pepper and Paprika
70min medium
The sweet corn is the secret to this creamy soup. And warming spices such as Cayenne pepper and ground paprika round off this delicious dish. 81/11/08  LA15:1ALA

Beet. Grapefruit. Turmeric. Romaine. (Rote Bete. Grapefruit. Kurkuma. Römersalat.) from the cookbook “Plant Food,” page 149

Beet. Grapefruit. Turmeric. Romaine.
15min easy
This drink is made from red beets, grapefruit, turmeric, and Romaine salad and is a nice combination of ingredients. It is excellent after a strenuous workout. 85/12/02  LA1:1ALA

Quinoa Bowl with Chickpeas and Corn (Quinoa-Bowl mit Kichererbsen und Mais) from the cookbook “Be Faster, Go Vegan” by Ben Urbanke, p. 127

Quinoa Bowl with Chickpeas and Corn
20min easy
This quinoa bowl is packed with the energy and nutrients you need to refuel your body after a tough workout. 72/17/11  LA5:1ALA

“Apple Chia Pudding” (Apfel-Chiapudding) from the cookbook “Plant-Powered Families” (Familien mit Pflanzenpower) by Dreena Burton, p. 171

Apple Chia Pudding with Cinnamon and Cardamom
30min    110min easy
This fruity apple chia pudding with cinnamon and cardamom is not only exquisitely delicious, it is also quite healthy. It makes for a nice breakfast or dessert. 82/07/11  LA2:1ALA

Apple Lentil Dal (Apfel-Linsen-Dal) from the cookbook “Familien mit Pflanzenpower” (Families with plant power), p. 163

Apple Lentil Dal with Turmeric and Cumin
25min    35min easy
This spicy Indian lentil dal, which contains apples, turmeric, and cumin, is inexpensive and easy to make and also has a surprisingly savory, complex flavor. 74/24/02  LA:ALA

“Sniffle Soup” (Schnupfen Adieu!-Suppe) from the cookbook “Plant-Powered Families” (Familien mit Pflanzenpower) by Dreena Burton, p. 123

Sniffle Soup — with Lentils, Celery, and Rosemary
15min    35min easy
This popular soup with red lentils, celery, and rosemary, a favorite among Dreena Burton’s fans, tastes healthy and delicious even if you don’t have a cold. 73/24/02  LA4:1ALA

Red Sorrel Soup from the cookbook “Meine liebsten Wildpflanzen rohköstlich”.

Red Sorrel Soup
10min easy
The sorrel gives this artisan soup a fresh, slightly tart flavor. And the colorful edible flowers make this dish an eye-catcher. 35/08/57  LA15:1ALA

Golden Carrot Cake (Goldene-Rübli-Torte) from the cookbook “Meine liebsten Wildpflanzen rohköstlich” (My favorite wild plants — raw and delicious), p. 110

Golden Carrot Cake with Walnut Crust
60min    14h medium
This carrot cake with a walnut crust and a coconut and citrus flavor is the ideal winter treat for both young and old. 50/09/41  LA2:1ALA

“Chili” from the cookbook “Raw Soul Food,” p. 71 by Julia Lechner and Anton Teichmann

Raw Chili with Mushrooms and Wild Garlic
20min easy
This chili with mushrooms and a sauce seasoned with wild garlic is a raw recipe that is in no way inferior to the original recipe when it comes to taste. 76/13/10  LA8:1ALA

Apricot Cream Cake (Marillen-Creme-Torte) from “Sweet & Raw” by Maja Elena Scheid, p. 92

Apricot Cream Cake with Cashews or Macadamia Nuts
20min    140min easy
You can use either cashews or macadamia nuts for this delicious apricot cream cake. Coconut oil and cooling give the cake the necessary firmness. 51/13/36  LA!:0ALA

Moringa Smoothie with Passion Fruit and Kiwi, ready to serve in a glass on a plate

Moringa Smoothie with Passion Fruit and Kiwi
10min easy
With its combination of nutrient-dense ingredients, this delicious and fruity moringa smoothie with passion fruit and kiwi is a nutritious and refreshing treat. 83/13/04  LA:ALA

Sweet Potato Sage Raviolis from “Minimalist Baker’s Everday Baking” by Dana Schultz, p. 196

Sweet Potato Sage Raviolis with Sautéed Walnuts and Sage
110min    160min medium
Homemade sweet potato sage raviolis with sautéed walnuts and sage take a bit of time and effort to prepare, but the taste factor is definitely worth it. 72/13/15  LA5:1ALA

Coconut Milk Tapioca Pudding from the cookbook “Vegan Bible,” by Marie Laforêt, p. 241

Coconut Milk Tapioca Pudding with Brown Sugar
15min easy
This coconut milk tapioca pudding with brown sugar can be prepared quickly, and for variety you might try adding your favorite fresh fruits or berries. 60/08/32  LA:ALA

Pumpkin and Oat Bites from “Gesund Backen mit Veganpassion” by Stina Spiegelberg, p. 138

Pumpkin and Oat Bites with Cranberries and Dates
30min    40min easy
These delicious pumpkin and oat bites with cranberries and dates are an easy-to-prepare dessert that are also nice as a snack. 79/10/11  LA5:1ALA