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Erb-Muesli for two persons - lactose-free and gluten-free (vegan, raw). Much of omega-3-fatty acid

Erb Muesli - lactose-free, gluten-free (vegan, raw, clean)
12min easy
Erb-Muesli is a vegan (lactose-free), raw muesli. With seeds instead of grains, it is gluten-free and a good “bread replacement". 81/10/09  LA1:1ALA

Cucumber Rolls with “Goat’s Cheese” and Mint Sauce on a white plate.

Cucumber Rolls with “Goat’s Cheese” and Mint Sauce
15min    25min medium
These Cucumber Rolls with “Goat’s Cheese” and Mint Sauce hold together surprisingly well. They are ideal as an appetizer or finger food. 56/09/34  LA!:0ALA

Savory Pea Pancakes (Erbsenpfannkuchen) from the cookbook “Das vegane Kochbuch meiner Oma”

Savory Pea Pancakes with Chili Pepper and Parsley
12min    20min medium
Sun-dried chili peppers and parsley give the savory pea pancakes a special flair. We recommend trying the pancakes with curry. 68/21/11  LA6:1ALA

Nettle and Potato Soup from the cookbook “Hier & jetzt vegan” (Vegan here & now)

Nettle and Potato Soup with Vegan Stock and Carrots
35min    75min medium
This nettle and potato soup calls for vegan stock. You can either make homemade stock in advance or purchase a store-bought variety. 51/08/41  LA4:1ALA

Beet. Grapefruit. Turmeric. Romaine. (Rote Bete. Grapefruit. Kurkuma. Römersalat.) from the cookbook “Plant Food,” page 149

Beet. Grapefruit. Turmeric. Romaine.
15min easy
This drink is made from red beets, grapefruit, turmeric, and Romaine salad and is a nice combination of ingredients. It is excellent after a strenuous workout. 85/12/02  LA1:1ALA

“Chili” from the cookbook “Raw Soul Food,” p. 71 by Julia Lechner and Anton Teichmann

Raw Chili with Mushrooms and Wild Garlic
20min easy
This chili with mushrooms and a sauce seasoned with wild garlic is a raw recipe that is in no way inferior to the original recipe when it comes to taste. 76/13/10  LA8:1ALA

“Thai Salad with Kohlrabi, Cilantro, and Mint” (Thai-Salat, Kohlrabi, Koriander und Minze) from the cookbook “Everyday Raw Express,” page 73

Thai Salad with Kohlrabi, Cilantro, and Mint
10min    30min easy
This Thai salad is an ideal hors d’oeuvre on warm, summer days. The spiciness of the chili and sour taste of the lemon juice mixes well with the sweet kohlrabi. 43/13/44  LA7:1ALA

Red Sorrel Soup from the cookbook “Meine liebsten Wildpflanzen rohköstlich”.

Red Sorrel Soup
10min easy
The sorrel gives this artisan soup a fresh, slightly tart flavor. And the colorful edible flowers make this dish an eye-catcher. 35/08/57  LA15:1ALA

Golden Carrot Cake (Goldene-Rübli-Torte) from the cookbook “Meine liebsten Wildpflanzen rohköstlich” (My favorite wild plants — raw and delicious), p. 110

Golden Carrot Cake with Walnut Crust
60min    14h medium
This carrot cake with a walnut crust and a coconut and citrus flavor is the ideal winter treat for both young and old. 50/09/41  LA2:1ALA

Empedrado Murciano — Rice Dish from Murcia (Empedrado murciano) from the cookbook “Vegan Spanien,” p. 151

Empedrado Murciano — Rice Dish from Murcia
30min    45min medium
“Empedrado murciano” is a typical Spanish rice dish that is common in the Murcia region. It has a unique flavor thanks to the spices smoked paprika and saffron. 85/11/04  LA3:1ALA

Raw Vegan Spinach Cream Soup with Pistachios (Rohvegane Spinatcremesuppe mit Pistazien) from the cookbook "Rohessenz" (Raw essence), p. 40

Raw Vegan Spinach Cream Soup with Pistachios
10min easy
This wonderfully creamy and nourishing spinach cream soup with pistachios is a raw vegan dish that can be slightly warmed. 35/19/46  LA:ALA

Zucchini Boats (Gefüllte Zucchini) from the cookbook “Grill Vegan” by Michaela Marmulla, p. 95

Zucchini Boats Stuffed with Quinoa and Tomato
20min easy
Zucchini boats stuffed with quinoa and tomato make for a delicious vegan recipe that is perfect for barbecue season. 47/12/41  LA:ALA

Mung Bean Rice Bowl (Mungbohnen-Reistopf) from the cookbook “Free Your Food” by Larissa Häsler, p. 140

Mung Bean Rice Bowl with Carrots, Peppers, and Turmeric Dip
45min    5h easy
Turmeric dip and cumin give this satisfying mung bean, carrot, and sweet pepper rice bowl an oriental flair. 80/17/03  LA:ALA

Stuffed Tomatoes from the cookbook “Free your Food” by Larissa Häsler, p. 159

Stuffed Tomatoes with Millet, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Olives
45min medium
This delicious Italian version of stuffed tomatoes contains millet, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and pine nuts and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. 75/14/10  LA19:1ALA

Portobello Sausage on a white plate from the cookbook “everydayraw” by Matthew Kenney, p. 60

Portobello Sausage with Eggplant and Umeboshi Paste
40min    17h medium
You can use portobellos as a delicious meat alternative. This portobello sausage with eggplant, umeboshi, almonds, and pumpkin seeds is packed with flavor. 23/26/52  LA106:1ALA

Sweet Potato Satay (Süßkartoffel-Saté) from the cookbook “Vegan Genial” by Josita Hartanto, p. 109

Sweet Potato Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce
60min difficult
The sweet and spicy peanut sauce pairs nicely with the sweet potato satay. Cilantro rice is the perfect accompaniment to this Asian delicacy. 76/08/16  LA29:1ALA

Hearty Beet Soup from “Straight from the Earth” by Myra and Marea Goodman, p. 86

Hearty Beet Soup with Fennel and Coriander Seed
30min    60min easy
This flavorful red beet soup with fennel and coriander is a treat for the eyes, and thanks to the iron and fiber it contains it is also extremely satisfying. 71/12/18  LA2:1ALA

Nori Rolls with Ginger Almond Paste and Raw Vegetables (Nori-Rollen mit Ingwer-Mandel-Pastete und rohem Gemüse) from the cookbook “Choosing Raw”, p. 229

Nori Rolls with Ginger Almond Paste and Raw Vegetables
40min    9h medium
These raw nori rolls are easy to make. The ginger and almond paste is a very flavorful alternative to the traditional rice filling. 41/19/40  LA!:0ALA

Spelt Bread from the cookbook “Lupine-Power” by Elisa Epping, p. 33

Spelt Bread with Spelt and Lupine Flour
45min    75min easy
This bread made with spelt and lupine flour is both easy to prepare and delicious. You can vary the flavor by using your favorite plant-based milk. 70/24/06  LA8:1ALA

Baked Green Falafel with Pea Protein from "Protein-Ninja" by Terry Hope Romero, p. 140

Baked Green Falafel with Pea Protein by Terry Hope Romero
30min    9h easy
Serve these baked green falafel balls by Terry Hope Romero as a main dish or with dip as a snack. The pea protein adds a nutritional punch. 64/18/18  LA17:1ALA