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Tropical Green Smoothie with Spinach

Perfect for those who like to drink their serving of spinach. This delicious green smoothie packed with healthy nutrients can be prepared in just five minutes.
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5min easy
90/08/02  LA:ALA
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Ingredients (for servings, )

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  • hand-held blender / immersion blender or blender

Type of preparation

  • food preparation without heating
  • blend


  1. Place the spinach in the blender and add 250 ml of lukewarm water.

  2. The warmer water helps the spinach to thaw out a bit, which makes it easier for the blender to process it.

  3. Peel the fruit, cut into small pieces, and add to the blender.

  4. If you don’t have a high-speed blender, you can blend after each step in order to make it easier for your blender.

  5. Peel the ginger, cut into small pieces, and add to the rest of the ingredients to the blender.

  6. It works best to peel ginger using the sharp outer edge of a spoon. With the outer edge of the spoon, you can scrape off only the brown skin and none of the inner yellow part is wasted.

  7. Blend all of the ingredients on the highest speed until a smooth consistency is achieved. Then either serve the green smoothie immediately or refrigerate briefly before serving.

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Nora Maria Nagel, picture from the year 2016
Nora Maria Nagel, Germany
Veröffentlicht neben dem Studium Rezepte auf Neben pflanzlicher Ernährung und Experimenten in der Küche interessiert sie sich unter anderem für Yoga, Aktivitäten an der frischen Luft sowie Literatur und Kunst.

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Notes about recipe

Smoothies are more than just a drink: We sometimes forget that smoothies are more like a meal or a snack than a drink and that we usually have to chew the ingredients longer — unless the smoothie has achieved a very fine consistency in the blender. It is only when we chew our food longer and it stays in our mouth longer that our glands can produce and supply the necessary digestive juice. Smoothies are only really healthy if you sip them slowly and don't just gulp them down.

Using fresh spinach: For many people, the choice is based on cost. Since the leaves are delicate, transport is quite expensive, which makes fresh spinach sold at the grocery store much more expensive than processed (frozen) spinach. “Fresh” spinach is also sold packaged in plastic bags and tubs. However, this type of spinach is often treated with nitrogen gas or exposed to radiation as bacteria grow more quickly under the plastic. Packaged spinach also contains fewer vitamins than truly fresh spinach. But people who regularly cook using fresh ingredients of high quality definitely appreciate the taste of fresh spinach over processed spinach.


Drinking smoothies correctly: It is best to drink smoothies with a wide straw. These are also available in glass or stainless steel. It is recommended that you drink your smoothie slowly so that the nutrients it contains can be better absorbed. And you shouldn’t forget that smoothies are more like a meal or a snack than a drink.

Alternate preparation

Fresh spinach: Instead of the frozen spinach, you can also use fresh spinach. In general, you should choose fresh products whenever possible. For this recipe (2 servings), replace the 70 g of frozen spinach with a medium-size handful of fresh spinach leaves.

Adding more ginger: If you like ginger and aren‘t afraid of its characteristic pungent taste, you can double the amount of ginger that this recipe calls for.