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Green Soup with Coconut Water

Green Soup with Coconut Water has a touch of exotic. It works wonderfully as a basic recipe. The raw fruits and vegetables give the soup a fresh taste.
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15min easy
53/11/35  LA:ALA

Ingredients (for servings, )

For the green soup
16 ozCucumbers
1 Avocado (7.1 oz)
½ bunchParsley, fresh (0.53 oz)
2 stalksCelery (2.1 oz)
250 mlCoconut water (8.9 oz)
1 ½ tbspLemon juice (0.38 oz)
½ tspSea salt (0.09 oz)
ozFresh spinach


  • blender or hand-held blender / immersion blender
  • citrus juicer (lemon squeezer)

Type of preparation

  • chop or grind
  • food preparation without heating
  • squeeze
  • purée


  1. For the green soup
    Cut the cucumber (with peel) into pieces. Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and scoop out the pulp. Chop the parsley and cut the celery stalks into quarters.

  2. The author uses small Hass avocados as these have an especially rich and nutty flavor. However, you can also use other varieties.

  3. Purée all of the ingredients in a blender until the mixture is creamy and smooth.
    If you like, you can also add a handful of spinach (ca. 3 grams) before blending.

  4. If necessary, add a little water to achieve the desired consistency. Garnish the “Green Soup with Coconut Water” as desired and then serve.

  5. Garnishes: diced tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, mangos, avocados, fresh herbs, or any of your other favorite fruits or vegetables. To add a finishing touch, drizzle a few teaspoons of Cashew Cream on the soup.

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Notes about recipe

This is a basic recipe that you can add other types of fruits and vegetables as well as spices to as desired.

Hass avocados: These are the queen of avocados. They are round and have a thick, bumpy skin that turns a purplish black color as the fruit ripens. Hass avocados are smaller than Fuerte avocados, which are actually the most common type of avocado. Hass avocados have a rich, nutty taste. You can tell whether or not they are ripe from their color and firmness. They are pear-shaped and are dark green when ripe. Unripe avocados are usually light green, and if they have a very dark color, it usually means that they are overripe. If you place an avocado in your hand and it yields to gentle pressure, this is a sign that it is ripe.


Remove strings: We recommend that you remove the strings from the celery stalks as this makes for a smoother soup. To do this, it works best to use a knife or peeler. Position it at the base of the stalk, where the strings begin and then carefully peel off the strings along the length of the celery rib.

Alternate preparation

Alternatives for cucumber and parsley: You can use zucchini instead of cucumber. And cilantro or dill taste very good in place of the parsley