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Pomegranate and Apple Tabouleh

Pomegranate and apple tabouleh (tabouli) is a hearty fruit salad that contains herbs and pine nuts and can be prepared raw.
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15min    45min    easy  
  Water 75.4%  64/07/29  LA : ALA

Ingredients (for servings, )

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For the vegetable and fruit base
1 ½ Apples, raw, with skin (7.9 oz)
2 Scallions (1.1 oz)
1 Pomegranate (9.9 oz)
For the herb and spice mix
1 bunchPeppermint (0.7 oz)
1 bunchParsley, fresh (1.1 oz)
1 Lemon, raw, without peel (2 oz)
1 ½ tspSalt (0.32 oz)
1 ½ tsp, groundBlack pepper (0.12 oz)
ozPine nuts
1 tspSumac (0.12 oz)
2 tbspOlive oil (0.95 oz)


  • citrus juicer (lemon squeezer) or juicer

Type of preparation

  • food preparation without heating
  • squeeze
  • season to taste


  1. For the vegetable and fruit base
    Cut the tart apples (e.g., Topaz apples) into small cubes, removing the seeds, core, and any bad spots. Place in a bowl.

  2. If necessary, wash the scallions in running water and then vigorously shake dry. On a cutting board, remove the roots at the base and cut the entire length of the stems into rings. Transfer the rings to the bowl with the apples.

  3. Deseed the pomegranates and then add the seeds to the bowl with the scallions and apples.

    Here is an easy way to deseed pomegranates, especially ripe pomegranate. Cut the pomegranate in half horizontally and then use your knife to make cuts in the white part (membranes) in each pomegranate half. Place the pomegranate halves upside down in a bowl and hit the back of each several times with a wooden spoon. The seeds will release from the white membranes and fall out into the bowl.

  4. For the herb and spice mix
    Mince the mint using a knife or a mezzaluza and then add to the other ingredients in the bowl.

  5. Chop the parsley in the same manner and add to the bowl.

  6. Juice the lemon or lime and pour the juice in the bowl.

  7. Season to taste with sumac, pine nuts (or cedar nuts), salt, and pepper.

  8. Let the flavors meld for 30 minutes and then serve.

    If you use dried pine nuts that haven’t been roasted, this tabouleh is a raw dish (unlike the original). 

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Notes about recipe

Pomegranate and apple tabouleh (tabouli) is a hearty fruit salad that contains herbs and pine nuts and can be prepared raw.

Sumac: Sumac is a typical Arabic or oriental spice and is actually called Sicilian sumac, tanner’s sumach, or elm-leaved sumach. The spice is dried and usually sold in ground form.

The tart dark red spice is often mixed with salt and is particularly popular in Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, and Persian cuisine.

However, high-quality sumac does not contain any salt and the fruit is sold in whole form so that the bitter substances haven’t been released. The clusters of berries are dried, and then the berries are separated from the seeds.


Purchasing sumac: You can find tanner’s sumac in Turkish and Middle Eastern grocery stores.

Amount of oil: The original recipe calls for three tablespoons oil, but we have only used two. According to many researchers, the Western diet contains too much oil.

Reducing salt: It is worthwhile to reduce the amount of salt you consume. A total of 2.5 g table salt per day (1 g sodium) would be the ideal intake, especially if high blood pressure is an issue.

Pure table salt is considered to be lethal to adults at a dose of 10 tablespoons. See the link to salt in the ingredients list. In this recipe, you should start with a lot less salt than is called for and then season to taste, adding only as much as is needed.

Alternate preparation

Tabouleh as a raw dish: In order to be able to make this tabouleh dish raw, we use dried pine nuts that haven’t been roasted. The original dish has a parsley and bulgur (or couscous) base and usually contains tomatoes, scallions or shallots, olive oil, water, and lemon juice. It is seasoned with fresh peppermint and salt and pepper. However, the original recipe isn’t raw as the tomatoes are scalded and bulgur is a processed, parboiled wheat.

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