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Beet. Grapefruit. Turmeric. Romaine.

This drink is made from red beets, grapefruit, turmeric, and Romaine salad and is a nice combination of ingredients. It is excellent after a strenuous workout.
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15min easy
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Ingredients (for servings, )

For the fruity drink
1 Red beet (5.5 oz)
1 Grapefruit (9 oz)
ozTurmeric root
½ Romaine lettuce (5.3 oz)
1 Lemon, raw, without peel (2 oz)
1 dashSea salt (0.01 oz)


  • juicer
  • vegetable peeler

Type of preparation

  • food preparation without heating
  • juice
  • peel


  1. For the fruity drink 
    Peel the vegetables and, depending on the type of juicer, the fruit as well. Then juice all of the ingredients in the juicer.

  2. You can use either white or pink grapefruit depending on your taste preferences and the availability.

  3. Seasoning 
    Add the sea salt and mix well. Drink the Red Beet and Grapefruit Juice with Turmeric and Romaine immediately or refrigerate until serving.

  4. The authors list sea salt as an ingredient for this recipe. You can try the drink first without seasoning and perhaps add the salt afterwards to see what difference in taste the sea salt makes.

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Book cover: “Plant Food - Innovative Rohkostgerichte von einem der besten Küchenchefs der Welt”
Plant Food
Narayana Verlag GmbH /Unimedica Verlag , Matthew Kenney
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Notes about recipe

Red beets: Red beets are detoxifying and fortifying. They are also rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. During cooking, however, red beets lose some of their nutritional value.

Turmeric: Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory effects and is believed to contain ingredients that fight cancer and promote healthy bones. However, it doesn’t help when consumed in the small quantities typical for seasoning purposes. To experience these beneficial effects, you need to include larger quantities in your daily diet.


Peeling the lemon(s): Depending on the taste you want to achieve, make sure you peel well before juicing as the white under the peel contains bitter substances and will add a bitter taste.

Alternate preparation

Alternate Ingredients: You can, of course, also add other ingredients to the juice. However, the authors have created an excellent combination of flavors that you won’t want to miss.

Ground turmeric: If you donʼt have any fresh turmeric, you can use ground turmeric instead. About 20 grams of fresh turmeric is equivalent to about 1 tsp ground turmeric.