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Alina Dressel

Alina Dressel, Год снимка 2023
Student of Nutritional Sciences, Junior Author


Due to various intolerances, I dealt with the topic of nutrition from very early on, which developed into a great interest and passion. Thus, since autumn of 2020, I study Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Vienna with a focus on ecology and nutrition.

At present (as of end of 2023), I am writing my bachelor’s thesis on “Alzheimer’s prevention through food polyphenols,” the completion of which will mark the end of my bachelor’s degree.

Since November 2023, I have been working as a junior author for the Foundation of Diet and Health in Switzerland.


The influence of nutrition on health motivated me to start my studies. Here, I also learned more about the influence of nutrition on our environment. Considering the growing health and climate crisis, I am happy to work at diet health and educating people about more sustainable ways of eating. I am convinced that this not only has a positive effect on our health, but also plays an important role in the preservation of our planet.

I have been vegan for about 4 years and also try to otherwise pursue a sustainable lifestyle.


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