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Coconut blossom sugar from the Cocos nucifera: wooden spoon full heaped, behind open coconut.
© Bought from Ideenkoch, fotolia
  • 388 kCal
  • Water 2.1%
  • 98/01/01
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0 g
Coconut palm sugar is derived from the sap of coconut palm flowers. As it is boiled during the manufacturing process, this sweetener is vegan but is not raw.
Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.): tumeric root (left), coursely ground powder (right).
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Simon A. Eugster, Wikipedia
  • 39 kCal
  • Water 82.0%
  • 84/12/04
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0 g
Turmeric not only stimulates digestion, but also has other health-promoting properties. It can be eaten raw and is a key ingredient in curry powder.
Cocoa powder, raw, unsweetened in a mortar of white ceramic with pestle.
© CC-by 2.0, Olaf Pokorny,
  • 228 kCal
  • Water 3.0%
  • 63/21/15
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.44 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0 g
Unsweetened cocoa is available either raw (cacao or cocoa powder, not cocao) or roasted. Raw powder is lighter in color than processed (alkalized) powder.
Pasta and baked goods, vegetarian: flour
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Mudd1, Wikipedia
  • 361 kCal
  • Water 13.4%
  • 84/14/02
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.68 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.04 g
Wheat flour used for baking bread contains more gluten as this gives bread its structure and makes it chewier. The shelf life depends on the type of flour.
A bunch of Moroccan mint (Mentha spicata)
© Bought from emer, fotolia
  • 44 kCal
  • Water 85.6%
  • 68/26/06
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.05 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.34 g
Moroccan mint is a cultivar of spearmint. It has a milder flavor than peppermint and is especially well suited for use in a wide variety of recipes.
Left: Green cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), right: Black cardomome (Amomum subulatum).
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Autopilot, Wikimedia
  • 311 kCal
  • Water 8.3%
  • 80/13/08
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.31 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.12 g
Cardamom is a particularly aromatic spice and suitable for all kinds of dishes. It is also used as a medicine.
Dried, real thyme (Thymus vulgaris) piled on a light surface.
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Daniel78, Wikimedia
  • 276 kCal
  • Water 7.8%
  • 79/11/09
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.50 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.69 g
Thyme is a particularly healthy spice because of its essential thyme oil. Thanks to its long shelf life, the dried variety is especially popular.
Young woman smells fresh broccoli with stalk. Brassica oleracea var. Italica.
© Bought from anetlanda, fotolia
  • 34 kCal
  • Water 89.3%
  • 68/29/04
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.02 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.02 g
Broccoli has a mild, slightly bitter flavor that goes well with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. The florets, stalk, and leaves can be eaten raw or cooked.
Citrus sautee and grated lemon with lemon rasps in square ceramic bowl.
© Bought from DramaSan, fotolia
  • 47 kCal
  • Water 81.6%
  • 90/08/02
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.06 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.03 g
Raw lemon peel brings in a delicious flavor. It is used in dishes either whole or grated. Make sure to only use the peel of organic citrus fruits.
Coconut meat, raw - Cocos nucifera: Two halves show the coconut meat. Behind it ornament.
© Bought from carballo, fotolia
  • 354 kCal
  • Water 47.0%
  • 29/06/64
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.37 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0 g
Fresh coconut eaten raw tastes especially good as a small snack. You can also grate it and use it to top fruit salads, desserts, or hearty dishes.
Diced tomatoes, canned: fresh tomatoes on the left, a can of diced tomatoes on the right.
© Bought from Moving Moment, fotolia
  • 32 kCal
  • Water 89.4%
  • 79/18/03
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.11 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.00 g
Diced tomatoes in a can are usually preserved by heating, and the consistency depends on the respective product. Look for higher quality brands.
Above: open coconut on the left side next to red flower, below shredded coconut in different grades of fineness.
© Bought from ExQuisine, fotolia
  • 660 kCal
  • Water 3.0%
  • 25/07/68
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.71 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0 g
Shredded coconut has a sweet and nutty flavor. It is used in a wide range of dishes and desserts and is especially common in Asian cuisine.
Pineapple in large plantation in the growing area - Ananas comosus.
© Bought from xiaoliangge, fotolia
  • 50 kCal
  • Water 86.0%
  • 95/04/01
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.02 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.02 g
Raw, ripe pineapple is juicy and has a sweet and tart flavor. Pineapple is great as a fruit, dessert, in cake, or as an ingredient in savory dishes.
Squash, summer, crookneck and straightneck, raw - Cucurbita moschata, one cut in half.
© Public Domain, George Chernilevsky, Wikipedia
  • 19 kCal
  • Water 94.3%
  • 75/20/05
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.04 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.04 g
Butternut squash has an orange fleshy pulp with a buttery, nutty flavor that melts in your mouth.
Granulated sugar (sugar), coarse-grained, on tablespoon, including writing "diabetes".
© Bought from adrian_ilie825, fotolia
  • 387 kCal
  • Water 0.0%
  • 100/00/00
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0 g
Granulated sugar is the common form of white (refined) sugar made from sugar cane or sugar beet. See text for more information about forms and uses.
Pine nuts, raw, unpeeled, peeled in bowl behind, next to pine nut oil, pine cones.
© Bought from Andrey Cherkasov, fotolia
  • 673 kCal
  • Water 2.3%
  • 14/14/72
  • Ω-6 (LA) 23 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.11 g
Dried pine nuts should be stored for only a short time in a cool and dark place so that they will not turn rancid. They contain 34% polyunsaturated fatty acids
A young couple is tasting red table wine during a wine tasting.
© Bought from karelnoppe, fotolia
  • 85 kCal
  • Water 86.5%
  • 97/03/00
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0 g
Red table wine is enjoyed as an alcoholic beverage and is used in the kitchen, where it is especially popular for use as a cooking liquid and in marinades.
Flakes, coarse and finely ground, vegan (can be heated): whole wheat flour
© CC-by 3.0, Margaret Hoogstrate, Wikipedia
  • 340 kCal
  • Water 10.7%
  • 82/15/03
  • Ω-6 (LA) 1.1 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.07 g
Baked goods made from whole wheat flour have a nuttier taste and heavier texture as compared to white flour products; however, the dough doesn’t rise as much.
Some raw maple of the sort "Nicola" in a heap - Solanum tuberosum.
© CC-by-sa 4.0, Freud, Wikimedia Commons
  • 69 kCal
  • Water 81.6%
  • 90/10/01
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.03 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.01 g
The most common type of potatoes grown around the world are white. Like other varieties, they contain solanine and should only be eaten raw in small amounts.
Pears in a braided container, around it another and a half. Pyrus communis L.
© Bought from pilipphoto, fotolia
  • 57 kCal
  • Water 84.0%
  • 97/02/01
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.09 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.00 g
Raw pears contain valuable vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Pears are also used in cooked, preserved, or dried form.