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Brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in flakes in wooden bowl, next to wooden spoon on board.
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Brewer's yeast (organic?)
Brewer's yeast has a spicy, slightly cheese-like taste. They are therefore used for seasoning or as a cheese substitute in dishes. Arguments for organic. Water 3.0%  44/52/05  LA (2.1g) !:0 (0g) ALA
376 kCal

Rye grain—Secale cereale L.: A scoop of grain with grains and ears next to it.
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Rye grain
Roggen ist ein Getreide mit hohem Nährstoffgehalt, das sich gut zum Backen von Vollkorn-Mischbroten eignet. Water 10.6%  86/12/02  LA (0.7g) 6:1 (0.1g) ALA
338 kCal

Sorghum raw, (sorghum grains, sugar millet) - sorghum spp. in shell, behind the panicles.
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Sorghum grain
Sorghum grains (sorghum grains, sugar millet) have slightly larger grains than real millet. These seeds from the sweet grass family are gluten-free. Water 12.4%  84/12/04  LA : ALA
329 kCal

Wheat germ, raw: wooden bowl and wooden spoon with wheat germ, therefore wheat.
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Wheat germ, raw (or heated? organic?)
Wheat germ, raw (or heated?): Wheat germ is the part of a wheat berry that is richest in vitamins and minerals. Organic? Enriched? Water 11.1%  61/27/11  LA (5.3g) 7:1 (0.7g) ALA
360 kCal

Chinese yams (light roots) - Dioscorea polystachya - lying on a light sandy bottom.
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Chinesische Yamswurzel, Lichtwurzel, Nagaimo
Die Chinesische Yamswurzel (Lichtwurzel, Nagaimo) gehört zu den wenigen roh essbaren Yams-Arten und man verwendet sie in der trad. chinesischen Medizin. Water 69.6%  94/05/01  LA : ALA
118 kCal

Moringa powder: Bottom left, dried moringa leaves. Above and to the right, fresh moringa leaves.
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Moringa powder, Moringa leaf powder
Moringa powder is made from the dried leaves of the moringa tree. The effectiveness of the leaves in powder form has not yet been proven. Water 4.6%  57/40/03  LA : ALA
258 kCal

Black Salsify - Scorzonera hispanica, two cut open - with existing "Milk Juice".
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black salsify (spanish salsify)
The garden black salsify (winter asparagus, black salsify) can be a particularly healthy delicacy if you know how to peel and prepare it. Water 73.8%  92/06/02  LA (0.1g) 1:1 (0.1g) ALA
54 kCal

Two grapefruits hanging from a tree - Citrus maxima.
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Pummelo, raw
The raw grapefruit has a sweet, sour and bitter taste. It is considered the largest of all citrus fruits. It's the pumelo, not a pomelo. Water 89.1%  92/07/00  LA : ALA
38 kCal

Real Guava - Psidium guajava - layered and one cut open with red pulp.
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Guava, common, raw
The real guava (guava, guayaba, goiaba) has an extraordinary taste - like a mixture of pear, gooseberry and peach. Water 80.8%  80/14/05  LA (0.3g) 3:1 (0.1g) ALA
68 kCal

Kumquats hanging on the tree. A small citrus fruit that you eat with peel and seeds.
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Kumquats (Fortunella), raw
The raw kumquat (mini orange, dwarf orange) is eaten with the shell and seeds. It has a certain sweetness and at the same time a bitter, orange-like aroma. Water 80.8%  85/10/05  LA : ALA
71 kCal

Winter savory or mountain savory - Satureja montana - on white plate.
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Savory, winter savory
In contrast to summer savory, winter savory (Satureja montana) is spicy and hot with digestive and appetizing properties. Water 85.0%  81/10/09  LA (0.2g) 1:1 (0.2g) ALA
54 kCal