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Real Star Anise - Illicium verum: Scatters whole stars and single seeds from them.

Star anise
Star anise is a spice obtained from the ripe fruit of Illicium verum. The fruit is also used to treat digestive problems and coughs. Water 27.1%  54/09/37  LA !:0 ALA

Hemp seed, unpeeled, raw - cannabis sativa - on wooden spoon and around it.

Hemp seed, unshelled
Raw hemp seeds have a slightly nutty flavor and contain all of the essential amino acids. The unshelled variety is preferred for salads. Water 5.0%  10/35/55  LA 3:1 ALA

Vegetables, treated and vegetable products*: peas, green, frozen, untreated

Green pea, frozen
Frozen and fresh peas are rich in protein and even more so when they are ripe (no longer green). A number of essential amino acids are also present in peas. Water 80.0%  71/27/02  LA : ALA

Blocks of uncooked frozen spinach leaves

Frozen chopped or leaf spinach
Although the iron content of spinach was originally exaggerated, it is indeed rich in iron. Spinach is low in calories and contains many vitamins and minerals. Water 90.2%  50/43/07  LA : ALA

Sodium bicarbonate: natron (baking soda)

Baking soda
Baking soda is a raising agent used to make baking powder and sherbet. It is also found in medications that help prevent heartburn. Water 0.2%  00/00/00  LA : ALA


Zwieback is also available in vegan form, but because of large differences we have used “normal” zwieback to calculate the nutritional information. Water 4.5%  79/11/10  LA !:0 ALA

Avocado oil (Persea americana): an avocado cut in half with a bottle of  avocado oil next to it.

Avocado oil
Avocado oil is obtained from the fruit of the avocado tree. The virgin, cold-pressed oil is aromatic and a bit fruity. It goes nice with salads and appetizers Water 0.0%  00/00/100  LA 13:1 ALA

Vegetables raw, untreated: Baby zucchini, raw - Cucurbita spp.

Baby zucchini, raw
Baby zucchini are the mini version of standard zucchini. As they are not yet mature, they are very tender and flavorful. Don’t eat zucchini that tastes bitter. Water 92.7%  50/44/06  LA : ALA

Summer squash - here as zucchini on the plant with yellow blossom. There are several types.

Summer squash, all varieties, raw
Summer squash includes several varieties of squashes. They are harvested when immature and tend to have a short storage life. Water 94.6%  71/26/04  LA : ALA

Dark chocolate (left to right): high percentage of cacao (about 75 %). One bar with added chili.

Dark chocolate (70–85 % cacao)
Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cacao than other types of chocolate and is a better choice for people who are lactose intolerant. Water 1.4%  48/08/44  LA : ALA

Okara (soybean custard) prepared as a salad with tomatoes and other vegetables ready to eat.

Okara, soy pulp, tofu dregs
Okara, also called soy pulp or tofu dregs is a by-product of soy milk production. It is a good binder which contains a lot of starch, protein, fiber, and iron. Water 81.6%  70/20/10  LA : ALA

Mung beans, ripe seeds, raw (Vigna radiata): close-up of fresh mung beans. These are an important staple food in India.

Mung beans
Green mung beans, which are related to soybeans, can be cooked and eaten in the same way as rice or sprouted, for example, for salads or stir-fry dishes. Water 9.0%  71/27/01  LA : ALA

Goji berries, dried (Lycium barbarum), next to a ruler to show the actual size

Dried goji berries
Dried goji berries are rich in vitamins and minerals and can be sprinkled on top of muesli or granola to add variety and extra nutrients. Water 7.5%  84/16/00  LA : ALA

Sauerkraut juice or sauerkraut drink in drinking glass, right next to it fresh sauerkraut in bowl.

Sauerkraut juice
Sauerkraut juice has very few calories, is well tolerated and stimulates digestion. Fermented foods are a proven home remedy used to counteract constipation. Water 97.2%  65/31/04  LA : ALA

Three white bowls: rice (left), rice flakes (middle), rice noodles (right), and rice plants (back)

Rice flakes
Rice flakes are a gluten-free alternative to other cereal flakes. They are also often in baby food. Make sure the arsenic levels in rice products are low. Water 3.9%  89/08/03  LA : ALA

Port wine - Vitis vinifera - Port barrels on the left, with a bottle and glass of port to the right.

Port wine
Port wine, or port, is a fortified sweet dessert wine. It is usually red with a different flavor than regular wine because of the method used to make it. Water 72.3%  98/02/00  LA : ALA

Rosemary dried on a wooden spoon, fresh rosemary next to it - Rosmarinus officinalis.

Dried rosemary
Dried rosemary is a healthy and fragrant herb that tastes slightly peppery and bitter. It serves mainly as a spice, but has decorative and medicinal uses. Water 9.3%  76/06/18  LA 1:1 ALA

White cabbage and all of the ingredients and tools for making  sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut, with liquid
Sauerkraut, fermented in liquid, is rich in lactic acid, vitamins, and minerals. You can also buy raw sauerkraut that is ready to eat. Water 92.5%  80/17/03  LA : ALA

Pecan: some piled with shell, next to a cracked nut and cuts.

Pecans have a very thin shell and can therefore be cracked open by hand. They have a mild nutty and slightly sweet flavor. Water 3.5%  15/10/76  LA 21:1 ALA

Wild growing lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.)

Lingonberries have a tart and slightly bitter flavor. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and are used in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Water 88.5%  92/03/05  LA 1:1 ALA