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Hemp seed, unpeeled, raw - cannabis sativa - on wooden spoon and around it.
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Hemp seed, unshelled
Raw hemp seeds have a slightly nutty flavor and contain all of the essential amino acids. The unshelled variety is preferred for salads. Water 5.0%  10/35/55  LA (27.4g) 3:1 (8.7g) ALA

Top left: bowl with hemp oil — for the spring salad in the large bowl on the right.
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Hemp oil
The color of the oil depends on the processing method. It has a nutty flavor and contains a high level of unsaturated fatty acid (e.g., gamma linolenic acid). Water 0.2%  00/00/100  LA (54.3g) 3:1 (19.6g) ALA

Unripe (young) coconut with plenty of fluid and little pulp, one open.
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Fresh young coconut meat
Young coconuts contain coconut water and meat. The meat of young coconuts is thinner, softer, and lower in fat than that of older, riper coconuts.   53/12/35  LA : ALA

Peanut butter, coarse-grained, without salt in a white plate, peanuts in shell and open.
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Chunky peanut butter, unsalted
Peanut butter is made from ground peanuts and is a favorite ingredient in Asian dishes. It is important to buy a variety that doesn’t contain any additives. Water 1.1%  23/25/52  LA (13.9g) !:0 (0.1g) ALA

Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs), on the left next to the white bread on the right hand side.
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Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)
Panko (Japn. パン粉) is a Japanese variety of breadcrumbs. Coating food with panko before frying or baking will result in a light and crispy crust. Water 6.8%  87/11/02  LA : ALA

Fruit juices: unsweetened apple juice, without any added ascorbic acid
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Unsweetened apple juice
Unsweetened apple juice is used not only as a drink, but also as an ingredient for sauces and baked goods. It is sweet even though no extra sugar is added. Water 88.2%  98/01/01  LA : ALA

Papaya still hanging on tree - Carica papaya: There are male and female trees.
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Papayas contain many essential nutrients and vitamins. They are not only a nice fruit to eat, but are also used to treat digestive problems. Water 88.1%  94/04/02  LA : ALA

A pile of raw Granny Smith apples, ready-to-sell (Malus domestica)
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Granny Smith apple
The green Granny Smith cultivar is one of the most sour apple varieties. It is rich in antioxidants and phenols and tastes crisp and refreshing eaten raw. Water 85.5%  96/03/01  LA : ALA

Close-up of chestnuts and their prickly fruit cup (cupula). Castanea sativa.
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Chestnut, untreated
Chestnuts have a sweet, and nutty flavor. They are high in starch but low in protein and fat. Gluten-free chestnut flour is a good option for celiac patients. Water 48.6%  91/05/05  LA : ALA

Vegetables, treated and vegetable products*: peas, green, frozen, untreated
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Green pea, frozen
Frozen and fresh peas are rich in protein and even more so when they are ripe (no longer green). A number of essential amino acids are also present in peas. Water 80.0%  71/27/02  LA : ALA

Round grain rice, white, raw - Oryza sativa L. - in wooden ladle.
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Short-grain white rice
Short-grain rice has an increased starch content and is suitable for both hearty dishes like risotto and sweet dishes such as milk rice. Water 13.3%  92/08/01  LA : ALA

Goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria), freshly picked.
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Goutweed (ground elder)
Common goutweed (ground elder, bishop’s weed) is a readily available wild plant that grows in many regions. Be careful to avoid poisonous look-alikes! Water 82.2%  65/30/04  LA : ALA

Ripe Fava beans (broad beans), raw - Vicia faba: open, unripe pods show us the typical kidney-bean shape of broad beans
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Shelled fava beans (broad beans)
(Shelled) Broad beans have a high starch and protein content. They are used as an ingredient for salads, soups, and stews, and also as a vegetable side dish. Water 11.0%  68/30/02  LA : ALA

Real Star Anise - Illicium verum: Scatters whole stars and single seeds from them.
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Star anise
Star anise is a spice obtained from the ripe fruit of Illicium verum. The fruit is also used to treat digestive problems and coughs. Water 27.1%  54/09/37  LA (2.6g) !:0 (0g) ALA

Herbs, spices, and wild plants, raw, untreated:  curry leaves  (Bergera koenigii)
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Curry leaf
Curry leaves, the leaves of the curry tree, are used mainly in India and Sri Lanka as a spice to season a wide variety of dishes, often vegetarian dishes. Water 66.3%  78/19/03  LA : ALA

Dried tart cherries, Montmorency variety (left) and dried sweet cherries, Bing variety (right).
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Geoff, Wikimedia Commons

Dried tart cherries, unsweetened
Dried, unsweetened tart cherries have a fruity, tart flavor and are a nice addition to muesli and granola as well as sweet dishes and desserts. Water 35.2%  93/04/02  LA (0.2g) 1:1 (0.2g) ALA

Marjoram, fresh (Origanum majorana), freshly cut, on an old wooden table.
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Marjoram, fresh
Marjoram is a popular, highly aromatic culinary herb. Pair it with legumes and Mediterranean dishes for a delicious meal. Water 85.0%  75/16/08  LA (0.4g) 1:1 (0.3g) ALA

Raw, untreated and halved pink grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)
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Red or pink grapefruit
Grapefruit may cause serious interactions with certain medicines. Plase read the text below. The pectin and antioxidants in grapefruit benefit overall health Water 88.1%  92/07/01  LA : ALA

Vegetables raw, untreated: brussels sprouts, raw (Brassica oleracea, Gemmifera group)
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Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts have a slightly bitter taste. They can be eaten raw but are generally cooked. Their distinctive aroma comes from the glucosinolate sinigrin. Water 86.0%  71/27/02  LA : ALA

Horseradish—Armoracia lapathifolia: Both the root and grated, on the left is freshly grated root.
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Horseradish root
Horseradish is known for its hot and spicy flavor. The root is grated and added to sauces, and as a medicinal remedy it is used to strengthen the immune system. Water 85.1%  86/09/05  LA : ALA