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Spirulina spp. as powders and tablets. Cultivated and usually heat-dried.
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Spirulina powder (never raw!)
Spirulina, part of the family of cyanobacteria, is rich in nutrients. It used to be categorized as blue-green algae because of its bluish phycocyanin pigment. Water 4.7%  27/65/09  LA (1.3g) 2:1 (0.8g) ALA

Branch bearing ripe Asian pears (Pyrus pyrifolia). The pears are very juicy and have a sweet and sour flavor that is reminiscent of apple, pear, and melon.
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Sage Ross, Wikimedia

Asian pear
Asian pears have ocher-colored skin with brown mottling. The white fruit inside is crisp, sweet and sour and has a taste reminiscent of apple, pear, and melon. Water 88.2%  94/04/02  LA : ALA

Untreated raw Bosc pears, a heirloom variety of pear (Pyrus communis)
© CC-by-sa 3.0, MarkusHagenlocher, Wikimedia

Bosc pear
The medium-sized Bosc pear has a rough yellow-brown skin and its pulp is juicy with a sweet-sour taste. In English, it is called the “aristocrat of pears.” Water 83.2%  97/02/01  LA : ALA

White cabbage and all of the ingredients and tools for making  sauerkraut.
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Sauerkraut, with liquid
Sauerkraut, fermented in liquid, is rich in lactic acid, vitamins, and minerals. You can also buy raw sauerkraut that is ready to eat. Water 92.5%  80/17/03  LA : ALA

Dried shiitake mushrooms (Lentinus edodes) on a purple ceramic plate
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Shiitake mushrooms, dried
For best results, soak dried shiitake mushrooms before cooking. They make for a great addition to risotto, soups, sauces, and stir-fry dishes. Water 9.5%  88/11/01  LA : ALA

Kamut or Khorasan wheat (Triticum turgidum subsp. turanicum) dry kamut berries in a wooden bowl.
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Kamut (Khorasan wheat, khorassan), cooked
Kamut (Khorasan wheat, khorassan) is a nice side dish to serve alongside a wide range of dishes — similar to rice. It is more nutritional than wheat. Water 65.2%  81/17/02  LA : ALA

The photo shows homemade soy whipped cream that is made with soy milk and canola oil.
© CC-by-sa 2.0, Nora Maria Nagel, Stiftung Gesundheit und Ernährung Schweiz

Soy whipped cream
Our recipe for whipped soy cream that is made with soy milk and canola oil is a good alternative to traditional cooking cream. And it’s free of animal products. Water 60.7%  12/06/82  LA (5.7g) 2:1 (2.8g) ALA

Sauerkraut, raw, unpasteurized (Brassica oleracea) produced in a noncommerical kitchen.
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Sauerkraut, raw, unpasteurized (lit. “sour cabbage”)
Unlike conventional sauerkraut, raw unpasteurized sauerkraut contains live active bacteria that promote health. Water 91.3%  61/32/07  LA : ALA

Aquafaba: the soaking or cooking water of chickpeas (or legumes) – in a  glass bowl.
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Aquafaba (vegan egg white substitute)
Aquafaba, the cooking liquid of legumes (e.g., chickpeas) serves as a vegan egg white substitute (beaten egg whites) for baked goods and sweet dishes. Water 95.4%  71/24/05  LA : ALA

Herbs, spices, and wild plants, raw, untreated: garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolate)
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Bücking, Wikimedia

Garlic mustard
Garlic mustard has a peppery and garlic flavor. Alongside its culinary merits, it is also has antiseptic, diuretic, and expectorant properties. Water 75.1%  60/38/02  LA : ALA

Lemon balm freshly picked - Melissa officinal. Bouquet on white painted wooden planks.
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Fresh lemon balm
Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.), the most commonly grown species of the genus Melissa, is a flavorful culinary herb and medicinal plant. Water 86.4%  65/28/07  LA (0.3g) 1:1 (0.2g) ALA

Dark chocolate (left to right): high percentage of cacao (about 75 %). One bar with added chili.
© CC-by 3.0, Simon A. Eugster, Wikipedia Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate (70–85 % cacao)
Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cacao than other types of chocolate and is a better choice for people who are lactose intolerant. Water 1.4%  48/08/44  LA : ALA

Portobello mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus): portobello mushrooms with large cap growing in the wild.
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Jason Stajich (stajich), Wikimedia Commons

Portobello mushroom
Portobello mushrooms can be eaten raw and are used in the same manner as button mushrooms. Depending on location, they can contain elevated levels of cadmium. Water 92.4%  49/46/05  LA : ALA

Grape-seed oil in a glass bottle with plastic grapes in a basket.
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Grape-seed oil
Grape-seed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes. Given its high percentage of linoleic acid, its nutritional value is questionable. Water 0.0%  00/00/100  LA (69.6g) 696:1 (0.1g) ALA

Fruit, raw, untreated: white and red grapefruit, raw (Citrus paradisi)
© CC-by-sa 2.5, Raeky, Wikipedia

Depending on the variety, grapefruit may range from white-yellowish to deep red in color. Grapefruit may cause serious interactions with certain medicines. Water 90.9%  92/07/01  LA : ALA

Rosemary dried on a wooden spoon, fresh rosemary next to it - Rosmarinus officinalis.
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Dried rosemary
Dried rosemary is a healthy and fragrant herb that tastes slightly peppery and bitter. It serves mainly as a spice, but has decorative and medicinal uses. Water 9.3%  76/06/18  LA (1.2g) 1:1 (1.1g) ALA

Fruit, treated: pears, dried, sulfured, and uncooked
© Public Domain, Staycoolandbegood, Wikipedia

Dried pear
Dried pears produced commercially are often treated with sulfur dioxide to improve appearance and increase shelf life. It is best to eat untreated varieties. Water 26.7%  97/03/01  LA : ALA

Rhubarb fresh from the market, cut into plates on the right.
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Rhubarb (organic?)
Rhubarb is popular thanks to its tart and refreshing flavor, as well as the fact that it is low in calories. Prefer organic! Water 93.6%  80/16/04  LA : ALA

Vegetables, raw, untreated: lamb’s lettuce, raw (Valerianella locusta)
© CC-by-sa 2.0, Zyance, Wikipedia

Lambʼs lettuce
Lamb’s lettuce has a mild, nutty flavor and is used in many different salads. It is a favorite green as it is a good source of many vitamins and minerals. Water 92.8%  60/33/07  LA : ALA

Okara (soybean custard) prepared as a salad with tomatoes and other vegetables ready to eat.
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Okara, soy pulp, tofu dregs
Okara, also called soy pulp or tofu dregs is a by-product of soy milk production. It is a good binder which contains a lot of starch, protein, fiber, and iron. Water 81.6%  70/20/10  LA : ALA