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Ground cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) in a spoon, right next to dried cloves and clove oil.
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Ground cloves
Ground cloves have an intense flavor because of the essential oils (esp. eugenol) they contain. Water 9.9%  78/07/15  LA (2.6g) 4:1 (0.6g) ALA

Herbs, spices, salt, and sugar: red wine vinegar
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Red wine vinegar
Red wine vinegar is a great way to flavor foods without adding fat or calories. In medicine, it is used to treat digestive disorders and respiratory diseases. Water 94.5%  87/13/00  LA : ALA

Herbs, spices, salt, and sugar: spices, dried basil (Ocimum basilicum)
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Dried basil
Dried basil is used primarily as a spice in the kitchen. It is also used in traditional medicine, for example, as an essential oil. Water 10.4%  64/31/05  LA (0.2g) 1:1 (0.3g) ALA

Nori sheets, which are often used to make sushi, are produced primarily in Japan and Korea at large-scale cultivation sites.
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Nori sheet
Nori sheets used for sushi are lightly toasted and are therefore not raw as are untreated red algae sheets, which can be made from a wide variety of plants. Water 85.0%  46/52/03  LA : ALA

Mushrooms, raw: oyster mushrooms, raw (Pleurotus ostreatus)
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Oyster mushroom
Oyster mushrooms are one of the most popular varieties of edible mushrooms. The fresh mushroom caps smell a bit sweet and have a soft consistency. Water 89.2%  62/34/04  LA : ALA

Roasted pumpkin seeds in an oval-shaped wooden bowl.
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Roasted pumpkin seeds
Roasted pumpkin seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is healthier to eat raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds. Water 2.0%  16/32/52  LA (19.6g) 176:1 (0.1g) ALA

White rice flour piled up on a light base
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Rice flour
Rice flour is made from ground rice and is a gluten-free flour. In spite of having limited baking properties, it works well as a thickener and a binder. Water 11.9%  92/07/02  LA : ALA

Fenugreek Seed - Trigonella foenum graecum on wooden spoon with leaves and seeds around it.
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Fenugreek seed
Fenugreek seeds are used as a spice and taste aromatic and slightly bitter. Since ancient times, they have also been used in traditional medicine. Water 8.8%  66/26/07  LA : ALA

Blackcurrants - Ribes nigrum - hanging on a branch of a bush, green background.
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Black currants
Blackcurrants have a uniquely intense, tart flavor. They have extremely high values of vitamin C, anthocyanins, and fiber (including pectin). Water 82.0%  89/08/02  LA : ALA

Papaya still hanging on tree - Carica papaya: There are male and female trees.
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Papayas contain many essential nutrients and vitamins. They are not only a nice fruit to eat, but are also used to treat digestive problems. Water 88.1%  94/04/02  LA : ALA

Some raw maple of the sort "Nicola" in a heap - Solanum tuberosum.
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White potato
The most common type of potatoes grown around the world are white. Like other varieties, they contain solanine and should only be eaten raw in small amounts. Water 81.6%  90/10/01  LA : ALA

Black mustard (seed) - Brassica nigra - in a wooden spoon, surrounded by other spices.
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Black mustard seed
Black mustard leaves work well as an ingredient for salads. The seeds can be used as a spice and have a beneficial effect on blood circulation. Water 5.5%  33/30/38  LA (4.3g) 1:1 (3.8g) ALA

Wild plant small sorrel - Rumex acetosella: flowering plants in stony soil.
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Red sorrel, Rumex acetosella, sheep's sorrel, sour weed
Red sorrel, Rumex acetosella, sheep's sorrel or sour weed has a sour taste and contains many natural chemicals, including oxalic acid. Water 92.1%  47/48/05  LA : ALA

Fresh Mexican tarragon - Tagetes lucida: A bundle of freshly cut tarragon on an old tree trunk.
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Fresh tarragon
Tarragon adds a distinctive flavor to sauces and salads. The leaves are used medicinally for digestive disorders. Water 82.9%  91/00/09  LA : ALA

Goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria), freshly picked.
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Goutweed (ground elder)
Common goutweed (ground elder, bishop’s weed) is a readily available wild plant that grows in many regions. Be careful to avoid poisonous look-alikes! Water 82.2%  65/30/04  LA : ALA

Cutting king oyster mushrooms and other mushrooms in the forest.
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King oyster mushroom
King oyster mushrooms have little flavor when raw but become savory when cooked. The flesh of these mushrooms has a texture similar to that of button mushrooms. Water 89.2%  62/34/04  LA : ALA

Cooked rice noodles in bowl, behind of that a pair of eating sticks.
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Rice noodles, cooked
Rice noodles are a gluten-free alternative that can be cooked in one to two minutes. White, whole wheat, and instant varieties are available. Water 73.8%  92/07/01  LA : ALA

Ripe Fava beans (broad beans), raw - Vicia faba: open, unripe pods show us the typical kidney-bean shape of broad beans
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Shelled fava beans (broad beans)
(Shelled) Broad beans have a high starch and protein content. They are used as an ingredient for salads, soups, and stews, and also as a vegetable side dish. Water 11.0%  68/30/02  LA : ALA

Dried (white) mulberries on a wooden ladle and around it on a white background.
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Carefully dried raw mulberries. The blackberry-like berries lose their color when they are dried and end up tasting almost like raisins without aftertaste. Water 9.8%  86/11/03  LA : ALA

Dried tart cherries, Montmorency variety (left) and dried sweet cherries, Bing variety (right).
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Geoff, Wikimedia Commons

Dried tart cherries, unsweetened
Dried, unsweetened tart cherries have a fruity, tart flavor and are a nice addition to muesli and granola as well as sweet dishes and desserts. Water 35.2%  93/04/02  LA (0.2g) 1:1 (0.2g) ALA