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Spelt stalks in a field.
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Spelt, uncooked
Spelt is closely related to wheat but contains different types of gluten. It does not contain omega-5 gliadin, the most potent wheat allergen. Water 11.0%  81/17/03  LA : ALA

Long-grain rice, white, uncooked: close-up of untreated long-grain rice, which includes, for example, jasmine and basmati rice.
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Long-grain white rice
White long-grain rice is mainly used in salty and hearty dishes. It is served as a side dish or combined with other ingredients. Water 11.6%  91/08/01  LA : ALA

Table wine, white: white wine, unspecified type, in a glass with grapes in the background.
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White wine
White wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. It is often used in cooking to enhance the flavor of sauces. Water 86.9%  97/03/00  LA : ALA

Swiss chard on a dish towel. People who tend to get kidney stones (calcium oxalate stones) should avoid eating Swiss chard as it has a high oxalic acid content.
© CC-by-sa 2.0, Melanie Scherer, Stiftung Gesundheit und Ernährung Schweiz

Swiss chard
When it comes to Swiss chard, both the stalks and leaves are edible. The taste is reminiscent of spinach, but is comparatively more intense and savory. Water 92.7%  65/31/03  LA : ALA

Olives, green, pitted (Olea europaea): pitted olives spread out on a white background. The olives on the left side are halved.
© CC-by 4.0, Marco Almbauer, Wikipedia

Green olive
Green olives are picked unripe and are the precursor to fully ripened black olives. Olives are cured in liquids and in this way bitterness is eliminated. Water 77.5%  34/07/59  LA (1.1g) 11:1 (0.1g) ALA

Sesame oil made from roasted sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum) in a bowl, white sesame seeds on left.
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Toasted sesame oil
Dark sesame oil is made from toasted seeds. Unrefined and refined sesame oil is used to enhance Asian dishes. It has saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Water 0.0%  00/00/100  LA (41.3g) 138:1 (0.3g) ALA

Pomegranate on napkin, glass carafe with classic pomegranate syrup next to it.
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Pomegranate syrup
Classic pomegranate syrup contains only the juice of pomegranates and sugar, without the addition of any ingredients that would change the taste. Water 67.9%  92/05/03  LA : ALA

Rice milk, not enriched: drinking glass with rice milk, rice grains scattered on wood next to it.
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Rice milk (rice drink)
Rice milk (EU: rice drink) is a plant-based milk made from rice and water. It is lactose-free and you can easily make it yourself. Water 88.6%  85/02/13  LA : ALA

Horseradish (Moringa olifera, miracle tree) left: fresh leaves, dried and powder on the right.
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Moringa tree (moringa), leaves, raw
Moringa leaves (moringa tree, drumstick tree) are very nutritious. The pods and leaves are used as vegetables while the root is used as a spicy seasoning. Water 78.7%  43/49/07  LA : ALA

Chickpeas - Cicer arietinum - in wooden jar with open wooden lid.
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Chickpeas, dry
Chickpeas are used as an ingredient in stews, soups and purees. They have a very mild, slightly nutty aroma. You should not eat them raw. Water 7.7%  70/23/07  LA (2.6g) 26:1 (0.1g) ALA

Raw vegetables: sweet onion (Allium cepa)
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Sweet onion
Sweet onions don’t have the sharp, astringent taste of other varieties, can be white or yellow in color, and often have a flat saucer shape. Water 91.2%  90/09/01  LA : ALA

Green beans on a plate. Green beans are often used as an ingredient in soups, casseroles, and other dishes. The seeds contain a high amount of protein.
© CC-by-sa 2.0, Géraldine Korner, Stiftung Gesundheit und Ernährung Schweiz

Green beans
Thanks to their high protein content, green beans are an important basic food staple. However, they contain trisaccharides and can cause people to have gas. Water 90.3%  77/20/02  LA : ALA

Ripe passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) on a plate — a half of a passion fruit is shown in front
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Passion fruit, skin removed
The most common types of passion fruit are the smaller dark purple variety and the larger yellowish green variety. Both are somewhat wrinkled when ripe. Water 72.9%  89/08/03  LA : ALA

Jasmine rice from Thailand (Siam), also known as fragrant rice, in wooden bowl, above the ears.
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Aromatic rice
Fluffy Indian basmati and the slightly sticky jasmine are varieties of aromatic rice. Both varieties are known for their characteristic aroma. Water 11.6%  91/08/01  LA : ALA

“A spoonful of dairy yogurt (left) and soy yogurt (right), side by side against a red background”
© CC-by 3.0, Feuerrabe, Wikimedia Commons

Soy yogurt
Soy yogurt is made from soymilk using live bacteria cultures. It is gluten- and cholesterol-free and doesn’t contain any milk protein or lactose. Water 92.5%  39/51/10  LA : ALA

Clove, ground - Syzygium aromaticum - on spoon, right next to dried and oil.
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Ground cloves
Ground cloves have an intense flavor because of the essential oils (esp. eugenol) they contain. Water 9.9%  78/07/15  LA (2.6g) 4:1 (0.6g) ALA

Fresh raw shiitake mushrooms in angular wooden vessel on blue table, five mushrooms lying in front.
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Shiitake mushroom
Shiitake mushrooms have a pleasant, savory taste called “umami” and taste great eaten raw. They are the second most common edible mushroom in the world. Water 89.7%  71/24/05  LA : ALA

Sugar snap pea pods (Pisum sativum) can be eaten raw.
© Public Domain, Victor M. Vicente Selvas, Wikipedia

Sugar snap peas
The snap pea, or sugar snap pea, is a sweet and flavorful type of edible-podded pea. Sugar snap peas do not contain phasin and may be eaten raw. Water 88.9%  72/27/02  LA : ALA

Mushrooms, raw: oyster mushrooms, raw (Pleurotus ostreatus)
© CC-by 2.0, Charl de Mile-Isles, Wikipedia

Oyster mushroom
Oyster mushrooms are one of the most popular varieties of edible mushrooms. The fresh mushroom caps smell a bit sweet and have a soft consistency. Water 89.2%  62/34/04  LA : ALA

Raw white beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in a clay bowl on wooden table.
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White beans, dry
White beans are rich in nutrients and can be used in a wide variety of dishes, from vegetable sides and purées to soups, salads, and stews. Water 11.3%  71/28/01  LA (0.2g) 1:1 (0.2g) ALA