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Apple peeler, apple and plate: apple being peeled, half-peeled raw apple

Peeled apple
Apples without the peel contain fewer nutrients. Recipes using apples as an ingredient often have you peel them. Water 86.7%  97/02/01  LA : ALA

Horseradish (Moringa olifera, miracle tree) left: fresh leaves, dried and powder on the right.

Moringa tree (moringa), leaves, raw
Moringa leaves (moringa tree, drumstick tree) are very nutritious. The pods and leaves are used as vegetables while the root is used as a spicy seasoning. Water 78.7%  43/49/07  LA : ALA

Cornstarch (maize starch) in small orange ceramic bowl surrounded by corn.

Cornstarch was was discovered in 1840 by Thomas Kingsford. It is normally used today, whereas potato starch or grain starches used to be more common. Water 8.3%  100/00/00  LA : ALA

Carob: Carob legume (carob, carube) and carob powder in a plate.

Carob powder
Carob powder is very low in fat and free of the stimulating substances contained in caffeine. It has a fruity, caramel flavor and can be substituted for cocoa. Water 3.6%  94/05/01  LA : ALA

Woman drinking oat milk out of a glass.

Oat milk
Oat milk (EU: oat drink) is made from oats and water. Oat milk works well as a milk substitute and is easy to prepare at home. Water 91.5%  76/07/17  LA : ALA

Coconut chips (Cocos nucifera) heaped in a wooden bowl.

Coconut chips
Coconut chips are made from coconut meat. They are a delicious snack and add an exotic flavor to muesli, desserts, as well as many savory dishes. Water 2.6%  22/07/70  LA : ALA

Mushrooms, treated, and mushroom products: porcini mushrooms, dried (Boletus edulis)

Dried porcini mushroom
Porcini mushrooms are among the most popular of all edible mushrooms. In dried form, they have a more intense flavor since mushrooms contain over 80% water. Water 1.4%  64/32/03  LA 1:4 ALA

Sweet pointed peppers (Capsicum annuum): Sweet pointed pepper of the variety "Tap de Cortí" on a white background. This pepper is cultivated only on Mallorca.

Sweet pointed pepper
Sweet pointed peppers are a type of red pepper that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Compared to other peppers, pointed peppers have a thinner skin. Water 87.0%  83/08/08  LA : ALA

Jasmine rice from Thailand (Siam), also known as fragrant rice, in wooden bowl, above the ears.

Aromatic rice
Fluffy Indian basmati and the slightly sticky jasmine are varieties of aromatic rice. Both varieties are known for their characteristic aroma. Water 11.6%  91/08/01  LA : ALA

Tamarind (sweet), raw, in shell, peeled, scattered some tamarind seeds and juice.

Tamarind varies in flavor from sour to sweet. Sweet tamarind works especially well in fruity drinks, as a seasoning for curry, and in desserts. Water 31.4%  95/04/01  LA : ALA

Some apricots lying on wood, cut open in the foreground, some leaves behind.

Apricots are sweet and juicy. They can be eaten raw or made into jam or other specialties. The kernels are toxic to us as they contain amygdalin. Water 86.4%  86/11/03  LA : ALA

Cranberries freshly picked in a basket and around it, Vaccinium macrocarpon.

Fresh cranberry
The raw cranberry, also known as fenberry, is very often used in Germany as an ingredient in baking. Unprocessed cranberries taste hard and bitter. Water 87.3%  95/04/01  LA : ALA

Herbs, spices, sugar, and salt: dried parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

Dried parsley
Dried parsley is a slightly peppery and bitter herb that is used as a cooking spice and garnish. Water 5.9%  61/32/07  LA 1:1 ALA

Table wine, white: white wine, unspecified type, in a glass with grapes in the background.

White wine
White wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. It is often used in cooking to enhance the flavor of sauces. Water 86.9%  97/03/00  LA : ALA

Greek oregano (Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum): photo from Greek oregano growing wild.

Greek oregano
Greek oregano has a very intense flavor that is retained when the spice heated. It is commonly used as a spice for salads, soups, marinades, and dips. Water 82.3%  74/13/12  LA 1:4 ALA

Tartar baking powder on a spoon: Tartar baking soda contains tartaric acid instead of phosphate.

Weinstein baking powder
Light and fluffy pastry is obtained by using baking powder. Weinstein baking powder contains the natural acid cream of tartar in place of phosphate.   98/01/00  LA : ALA

Nori sheets, which are often used to make sushi, are produced primarily in Japan and Korea at large-scale cultivation sites.

Nori sheet
Nori sheets used for sushi are lightly toasted and are therefore not raw as are untreated red algae sheets, which can be made from a wide variety of plants. Water 85.0%  46/52/03  LA : ALA

Papaya still hanging on tree - Carica papaya: There are male and female trees.

Papayas contain many essential nutrients and vitamins. They are not only a nice fruit to eat, but are also used to treat digestive problems. Water 88.1%  94/04/02  LA : ALA

Vegetables, treated and vegetable products*: peas, green, frozen, untreated

Green pea, frozen
Frozen and fresh peas are rich in protein and even more so when they are ripe (no longer green). A number of essential amino acids are also present in peas. Water 80.0%  71/27/02  LA : ALA

Some raw maple of the sort "Nicola" in a heap - Solanum tuberosum.

White potato
The most common type of potatoes grown around the world are white. Like other varieties, they contain solanine and should only be eaten raw in small amounts. Water 81.6%  90/10/01  LA : ALA