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Cashew nut, dry, not salted - Anacardium occidentale, unpeeled in shell, peeled next to it.
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Dry roasted cashews, unsalted
Roasted cashews are mildly sweet and have a nutty flavor. The roasting process deactivates the toxic oil cardol they contain. Water 1.7%  35/16/49  LA (7.7g) 48:1 (0.2g) ALA

Raw white beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in a clay bowl on wooden table.
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White beans, dry
White beans are rich in nutrients and can be used in a wide variety of dishes, from vegetable sides and purées to soups, salads, and stews. Water 11.3%  71/28/01  LA (0.2g) 1:1 (0.2g) ALA

White rice flour piled up on a light base
© CC-by 2.0, FotoosVanRobin, Wikipedia

Rice flour
Rice flour is made from ground rice and is a gluten-free flour. In spite of having limited baking properties, it works well as a thickener and a binder. Water 11.9%  92/07/02  LA : ALA

Vegetables, raw, untreated: beefsteak tomatoes, comparison between cherry tomatoes (left) and beefsteak tomatoes (right).
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Berrucomons, Wikimedia Commons

Beefsteak tomato
The large, flat beefsteak tomato is one of the most commonly cultivated varieties. Compared to smaller tomatoes, they are less juicy and have a thicker skin. Water 93.9%  77/19/04  LA : ALA

Some apricots lying on wood, cut open in the foreground, some leaves behind.
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Apricots are sweet and juicy. They can be eaten raw or made into jam or other specialties. The kernels are toxic to us as they contain amygdalin. Water 86.4%  86/11/03  LA : ALA

Soy milk, original or vanilla, in a glass mug, with soybeans open and in a pod.
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Soy milk, flavored (e.g., vanilla)
Soy milk, which is made from soy beans and water, can be used as a replacement for dairy milk. Flavored soy milk (e.g., vanilla) is good for dessert creations. Water 88.0%  56/29/15  LA : ALA

Mushrooms, raw: oyster mushrooms, raw (Pleurotus ostreatus)
© CC-by 2.0, Charl de Mile-Isles, Wikipedia

Oyster mushroom
Oyster mushrooms are one of the most popular varieties of edible mushrooms. The fresh mushroom caps smell a bit sweet and have a soft consistency. Water 89.2%  62/34/04  LA : ALA

Chickpeas - Cicer arietinum - in wooden jar with open wooden lid.
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Chickpeas, dry
Chickpeas are used as an ingredient in stews, soups and purees. They have a very mild, slightly nutty aroma. You should not eat them raw. Water 7.7%  70/23/07  LA (2.6g) 26:1 (0.1g) ALA

Greek oregano (Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum): photo from Greek oregano growing wild.
© CC-by 3.0, Forest & Kim Starr, Wikipedia

Greek oregano
Greek oregano has a very intense flavor that is retained when the spice heated. It is commonly used as a spice for salads, soups, marinades, and dips. Water 82.3%  74/13/12  LA (0.2g) 1:4 (0.8g) ALA

Quinoa in a bowl, cooked and ready to serve. Quinoa is actually not a grain. It is a pseudograin in the goosefoot genus and is therefore gluten-free.
© CC-by-sa 2.0, Inke Weissenborn, Stiftung Gesundheit und Ernährung Schweiz

Quinoa, cooked
Quinoa can be eaten both raw and cooked. The leaves can be used for salads, and the seeds are a very nice ingredient for muesli mixes. Water 71.6%  77/16/07  LA : ALA

Lupine flour (Lupinus albus) in wooden bowl. The sweet lupine L. angustifolius is also a supplier.
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Lupine flour
Lupine flour contains all of the important amino acids and is also low in purine. It is suitable for baking and making protein-rich drinks. Water 6.2%  47/44/09  LA (2.1g) 4:1 (0.5g) ALA

Horseradish (Moringa olifera, miracle tree) left: fresh leaves, dried and powder on the right.
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Moringa tree (moringa), leaves, raw
Moringa leaves (moringa tree, drumstick tree) are very nutritious. The pods and leaves are used as vegetables while the root is used as a spicy seasoning. Water 78.7%  43/49/07  LA : ALA

Ripe passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) on a plate — a half of a passion fruit is shown in front
© CC-by-sa 2.0, Michael Weber, Stiftung Gesundheit und Ernährung Schweiz

Passion fruit, skin removed
The most common types of passion fruit are the smaller dark purple variety and the larger yellowish green variety. Both are somewhat wrinkled when ripe. Water 72.9%  89/08/03  LA : ALA

Algae and marine plants, also dried: seaweed, agar-agar, dried
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Unkky, Wikipedia

Agar-agar is obtained from algae and often used as a vegetarian substitute for gelatin. It is also used in research and medicine. Water 8.7%  93/07/00  LA : ALA

Roasted peanuts, peeled on table board and wooden spoon, behind in wooden bowl.
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Dry-roasted peanuts, unsalted
Peanuts in their shells are usually available dry, unsalted, and roasted in Europe and Northern America. Raw peanuts carry too great a risk of mold. Water 1.8%  22/26/52  LA (9.7g) !:0 (0g) ALA

Raw vegetables: sweet onion (Allium cepa)
© Public Domain, Amanda Mills,

Sweet onion
Sweet onions don’t have the sharp, astringent taste of other varieties, can be white or yellow in color, and often have a flat saucer shape. Water 91.2%  90/09/01  LA : ALA

Dried Brazil nuts in a dish. Brazil nuts are the seeds of the fruit of the Brazil nut tree, which is common in the rain forests of South America.
© CC-by-sa 2.0, Melanie Scherer, Stiftung Gesundheit und Ernährung Schweiz

Brazil nut
Brazil nuts come from South America. Dried, they work well in salads or as an ingredient in sweet pastries. They are also the best vegetable source of selenium. Water 3.4%  13/15/72  LA (23.9g) !:0 (0g) ALA

Carob: Carob legume (carob, carube) and carob powder in a plate.
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Carob powder
Carob powder is very low in fat and free of the stimulating substances contained in caffeine. It has a fruity, caramel flavor and can be substituted for cocoa. Water 3.6%  94/05/01  LA : ALA

Herbs, spices, salt, and sugar: spices, dried basil (Ocimum basilicum)
© CC-0 1.0, Henna, Wikipedia

Dried basil
Dried basil is used primarily as a spice in the kitchen. It is also used in traditional medicine, for example, as an essential oil. Water 10.4%  64/31/05  LA (0.2g) 1:1 (0.3g) ALA

Herbs, spices, sugar, and salt: dried parsley (Petroselinum crispum)
© Public Domain, Miansari66, Wikimedia

Dried parsley
Dried parsley is a slightly peppery and bitter herb that is used as a cooking spice and garnish. Water 5.9%  61/32/07  LA (1.2g) 1:1 (1.9g) ALA