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Gottfried Schatz

Gottfried Schatz, picture from the year 2015
Prof. Dr. em., molecular biologist; Guest author


Gottfried Schatz, born in 1936, conducted research as a biochemist in the USA and at the University of Basel, where he headed the Biozentrum. He later served as President of the Swiss Science and Technology Council. He is a member of scientific academies around the world and has received a host of awards, which we mention in more detail in the article Sinn des Lebens (in German).

The Wiley-VCH Verlag has published the following books by Gottfried Schatz:

  • Jenseits der Gene (Essays über unser Wesen, unsere Welt und unsere Träume),
  • Zaubergarten Biologie (Wie biologische Entdeckungen unser Menschenbild prägen)
  • und Feuersucher (Die Jagd nach dem Geheimnis der Lebensenergie).

Dr. Gottfried Schatz (1936 in Austria - 2015 Basel) was a professor at the University of Basel as a biochemist.
Wikipedia: Gottfried Schatz was a leader in the elucidation of the formation of mitochondria and is co-discoverer of mitochondrial DNA.[4] His discovery that this DNA only codes for a few proteins was crucial for his further research, which focused on the import of proteins into the mitochondria and the degradation of proteins within the mitochondria.

Schatz discovered a complex transport system that uses specific signals to recognize mitochondrial proteins that are formed in the cytoplasm and introduce them into the mitochondria. This system includes two protein complexes, TOM and TIM, located in the outer and inner membranes of the mitochondria, respectively.[5] Mutations in these complexes can affect protein import and cause diseases such as neurodegenerative Mohr-Tranebjaerg syndrome, which leads to deafness.

Schatz also showed that the protease Lon controls protein turnover in the mitochondria and thus maintains the function of mitochondrial DNA. The biochemist is the author of more than 200 scientific publications, three volumes of essays, an autobiography and a novel.

Wikipedia also lists around 30 high awards including two honorary doctorates for Gottfried Schatz.


Healthy and conscious nutrition with the welfare of animals in mind is a personal concern of mine. As a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a background in cancer research, I have a solid understanding of nutritional physiology. My many years of experience in Asia have given me an in-depth insight into the different cultural background of food culture.

I love trying out new, unusual dishes and creating them myself. I also like to use home-grown vegetables and herbs. Furthermore, I particularly, like Asian dishes, such as the spicy Asian soup with lemongrass.

Through my work, I hope to contribute to healthy living and responsible interaction between people and animals.

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