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Diana Sanchioni

Diana Sanchioni, picture from the year 2020
Federal diploma Confectioner + Business Clerk, Food Price Clerk for D-A-CH countries


After the compulsory school years, I have continued my education through language stays in England and Italy. This was later followed by training to become a federally certified confectioner. In connection to this, I further trained in nutrition at Inselspital Bern. After time with my family, I managed to re-enter the job market by completing the VHS commercial diploma.

Since 2020, I have been working at the Foundation of Diet and Health Switzerland. Primarily in the area of the Pricing Tool.


Nutrition is a big passion for me. I am particularly inspired by the diversity of the preparation of plant-based products such as, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and salads. I am now interested in Asian cuisine, with its diverse preparation variations. Furthermore, I also like to use seasonal vegetables and herbs from my own cultivation. In the warm seasons, I often prepare fresh salad or Vietnamese summer rolls for my family and friends. In cooler times, on the other hand, rather soups or dumplings. I place particular importance on colour, consistency, and balanced taste.

Honors, awards, patents, etc

1994 - Honorary entry for the final examination of pastry chef and confectioner
1990 - First Certificate in English
1989 - Diploma for Italian, Lingua Italiana di Perugia






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