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Riccardo Meier

Riccardo Meier, picture from the year 2023
MSc Environmental Psychology, Author


Since June 2023: Author of Food Descriptions. This was preceded by positions in IT-Project Management, as well as Personnel and Organisational Development.

2019-2023: Master of Science, ZHAW, Environmental Psychology

2017-2019: Specialist Consultant for Holistic Health, Academy of Naturopathy

2012-2016: Bachelor of Science, ZHAW, Work and Organisational Psychology


In my private life, I have been dealing with nutrition and health issues for a long time, vegan since 2019, and I enjoy trying out new recipes with fresh ingredients.

For me, offering scientifically grounded information that is understandable to the public in the nutrition and health jungle is one of the most important contributions to our society.

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Almond butter, unsalted (raw?, organic?)
Baked falafels (organic?)
Beechnuts, dried (raw?, organic?)
Carob powder, raw (organic?)
Cashew butter, without salt (organic?)
Cashew mozzarella (raw?, organic?)
Cayenne pepper (raw?, organic?)
Chili flakes (raw?, organic?)
Chili peppers, green (raw, organic?)
Chili powder (raw?, organic?)
Chinese jujube, raw (organic?)
Corn kernels, yellow, raw (organic)
Drinking water, raw (organic?)
Giant mushroom, raw (organic?)
Green mint, raw (organic?)
Jacket potatoes cooked in salt (organic?)
Jalapeño, raw (organic?)
Lemon verbena (Verveine), raw (organic?)
Miang Kham Sauce (organic?, raw?)
Mineral water (carbonated), raw (organic?)
Morels, raw (edible morels, round morels)
Moroccan mint, raw (organic?)
Paprika powder, hot (raw?, organic?)
Pigeon peas, ripe (raw?, organic?)
Pigeon peas, unripe (raw?, organic?)
Pineapple, raw (organic?)
Porcini mushroom powder, raw? (organic?)
Porcini mushroom, dried (raw?, organic?)
Porcini mushroom, raw (organic?)
Potato flour (raw?, organic?)
Potato, raw (organic?)
Potato, Russet variety, flesh and skin, raw
Potatoes, white, raw (organic?)
Rose water (organic?, raw?)
Sage, meadow sage, raw (organic?)
Shimeji (beech mushroom, wood fungus)
Sweet peppers, green (raw, organic?)
Tahini (sesame butter, raw?, organic?)
Tamarind paste (raw?, organic?)
Tamarinds, raw (organic?)
Tapioca balls (organic?, raw?)
Tapioca starch (organic?, raw?)
Vegan Makhani Sauce (organic?)
White almond butter, raw? (organic?)