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Sara Bahmou

Sara Bahmou, picture from the year 2022
MSc Social and Human Ecology; Author, Ecology


My path into the field of nutrition began on my family’s farm, where I gained valuable insights into agri-foods production during my childhood and youth. After graduation, two exciting volunteer stays in Morocco and Nicaragua led me to complete my bachelor’s degree in international development. Already during my bachelor’s degree, I set a particular focus on sustainable development and environmental issues.

I continued my academic journey with a master’s degree in social and human ecology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, where I specialised in agriculture and sustainable resource management. In 2021, I completed my studies with a master’s thesis on “Sustainable energy use in Morocco,” in which I examined the energy generation from agricultural bio-resources and fossil fuels and its interactions with the food system.

After gaining work experience at an environmental protection organisation and as a Project Assistant at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, I have now been working for the Foundation of Diet and Health in Switzerland, where I am an author, writing articles on food and research topics pertaining to phytochemicals and ecology.


My enthusiasm for sustainable diets is grounded in the belief that our food system forms the basis for a healthy and ecologically sustainable society. As a socioecologist, I am particularly interested in the interactions between human societies and nature, especially in the context of globalisation, climate change, and biodiversity losses. Agriculture and nutrition are at the center of these complex topics.

My practical experiences and academic career have honed my awareness of the connections between agricultural production and healthy nutrition and inspired me to actively contribute to sustainable solutions. My goal is to make complex topics accessible and raise awareness about sustainable nutrition and health. To pursue this objective even more effectively, I am currently training as a herbalist, which will help me gain a sound understanding of the effects of plants on the human body and to convey this knowledge in an engaging and understandable manner.

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Asparagus, raw (organic?)
Black pepper (organic?, raw?)
Cantaloupe melon, raw (organic?)
Cocoa beans, fermented (raw?, organic?)
Cocoa butter (raw?, organic?)
Cocoa powder, unsweetened (raw?, organic?)
Dill (herb, dried, raw?, organic?)
Dill, fresh (herb, seeds), raw (organic?)
Galia melons, raw (organic?)
Green papaya, raw (unripe, organic?)
Green pepper (organic?, raw?)
Honey (bee honey, raw?, organic?)
Kañiwa (Cañihua), raw?, organic?
Papaya, raw (organic?)
Passion fruit, purple, raw (organic?)
Quinoa, cooked (organic?)
Watermelon, raw (organic?)
White pepper (organic?, raw?)