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Glued pearl tapioca with cranberries in the middle

Pearl tapioca
Pearl tapioca is used as a binder and an ingredient in Asian dishes. It is made from gluten-free tapioca starch that is extracted from the cassava root. Water 11.0%  100/00/00  LA : ALA

Wheat grains with germination of about 48 hours on a sieve.

Sprouted wheat
Wheat sprouts have a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. The valuable nutritional benefits of wheat berries are optimized in raw sprouted wheat. Water 47.8%  83/15/02  LA : ALA

Portobello mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus): portobello mushrooms with large cap growing in the wild.

Portobello mushroom
Portobello mushrooms can be eaten raw and are used in the same manner as button mushrooms. Depending on location, they can contain elevated levels of cadmium. Water 92.4%  49/46/05  LA : ALA

Corn flour, whole grain - Zea mays - piled up. Behind it corn kernels and two corn on the cob.

Stone-ground cornmeal
Stond-ground cornmeal is gluten-free. It is made from dried corn kernels which are then ground. Depending on the variety, it is used for cooking and/or baking. Water 10.3%  87/09/04  LA : ALA

Lupine flour: white lupine, lupine seeds, lupine flour, and lupine meal (Lupinus albus)

Lupine grits (coarsely ground lupine seeds)
Lupine seeds are a popular source of protein. Lupine grits, which are coarsely ground lupine seeds, can be used to make veggie burgers and other hearty dishes. Water 10.4%  47/42/11  LA 4:1 ALA

Lentils, red, cooked in white bowl on folded tablecloth.

Red lentils
Red lentils are used mostly for stews, curries, and dal dishes because even without soaking they get soft like a purée after just a short cooking time. Water 69.6%  68/31/01  LA : ALA

Goji berries, dried (Lycium barbarum), next to a ruler to show the actual size

Dried goji berries
Dried goji berries are rich in vitamins and minerals and can be sprinkled on top of muesli or granola to add variety and extra nutrients. Water 7.5%  84/16/00  LA : ALA

A glass of carrot juice, freshly squeezed, with carrots on a wooden cutting board

Fresh carrot juice
Fresh carrot juice is rich in beta-carotene, a provitamin A carotenoid. Using a juicer and adding a source of fat increase the bioavailability of the nutrients. Water 88.9%  89/09/01  LA : ALA

Unenriched farina (soft wheat semolina, Triticum aestivum L.), in a wooden scoop and bowl

Unenriched farina (soft wheat semolina)
Unenriched farina is obtained by finely milling the germ and endosperm of wheat. Individuals who have celiac disease should avoid farina as it contains gluten. Water 12.7%  87/12/01  LA : ALA


Zwieback is also available in vegan form, but because of large differences we have used “normal” zwieback to calculate the nutritional information. Water 4.5%  79/11/10  LA !:0 ALA

Capers, pickled (Capparis spinosa): pickled capers in a bowl

Capers cannot be eaten raw. Pickled capers have a savory, spicy flavor. Water 83.8%  60/29/11  LA 1:2 ALA

Vegetables, raw, untreated, asparagus, raw (Asparagus officinalis)

Asparagus is low in calories and has a savory taste. It acts as a diuretic, and asparagusic acid is responsible for the strong smell of urine. Water 93.2%  63/35/02  LA : ALA

White cabbage and all of the ingredients and tools for making  sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut, with liquid
Sauerkraut, fermented in liquid, is rich in lactic acid, vitamins, and minerals. You can also buy raw sauerkraut that is ready to eat. Water 92.5%  80/17/03  LA : ALA

Potatoes and tubers, treated and potato products: potatoes boiled in well-salted water

Potato, unpeeled, boiled in well-salted water
Potatoes boiled in their jackets are waxy potatoes that are unpeeled and boiled in well-salted water. You can also eat them with the skins on. Water 77.0%  91/08/00  LA : ALA

Summer squash - here as zucchini on the plant with yellow blossom. There are several types.

Summer squash, all varieties, raw
Summer squash includes several varieties of squashes. They are harvested when immature and tend to have a short storage life. Water 94.6%  71/26/04  LA : ALA

Cutting king oyster mushrooms and other mushrooms in the forest.

King oyster mushroom
King oyster mushrooms have little flavor when raw but become savory when cooked. The flesh of these mushrooms has a texture similar to that of button mushrooms. Water 89.2%  62/34/04  LA : ALA

Dark chocolate (left to right): high percentage of cacao (about 75 %). One bar with added chili.

Dark chocolate (70–85 % cacao)
Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cacao than other types of chocolate and is a better choice for people who are lactose intolerant. Water 1.4%  48/08/44  LA : ALA

Herbs, spices, and wild plants, raw, untreated: garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolate)

Garlic mustard
Garlic mustard has a peppery and garlic flavor. Alongside its culinary merits, it is also has antiseptic, diuretic, and expectorant properties. Water 75.1%  60/38/02  LA : ALA

Mushrooms, treated and mushroom products: mushroom powder

Mushroom powder
Mushroom powder is a combination of selected edible mushrooms that are first dehydrated and then ground and mixed together.   00/00/00  LA : ALA

Aquafaba: the soaking or cooking water of chickpeas (or legumes) – in a  glass bowl.

Aquafaba (vegan egg white substitute)
Aquafaba, the cooking liquid of legumes (e.g., chickpeas) serves as a vegan egg white substitute (beaten egg whites) for baked goods and sweet dishes. Water 95.4%  71/24/05  LA : ALA