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Raw, untreated brown rice (Oryza sativa L.), on a cutting board, rice plants in the background
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Brown rice (whole, unpolished)
Brown rice (whole, unpolished) has a bit of a nutty flavor, contains all of its vitamins and minerals, and keeps you satisfied for a long time. Water 12.0%  88/08/03  LA : ALA

Lentils, red, cooked in white bowl on folded tablecloth.
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Red lentils
Red lentils are used mostly for stews, curries, and dal dishes because even without soaking they get soft like a purée after just a short cooking time. Water 69.6%  68/31/01  LA : ALA

Legumes, raw, untreated: kidney beans, all varieties, ripe seeds, raw (Phaseolus vulgaris)
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Sanjay Acharya, Wikimedia

Kidney beans
Ripe kidney beans contain toxic lectins and should only be eaten in small quantities. The name of the bean comes from its shape that resembles a kidney. Water 11.8%  71/28/01  LA (0.2g) 1:2 (0.3g) ALA

Wild chervil—Anthriscus sylvestris: Wild chervil blossom. Beware: easily confused with toxic plants!
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Wild chervil
Wild chervil has a spicy, bitter taste. Be careful when gathering wild chervil as it can easily be mistaken for similar-looking poisonous plants! Water 81.6%  67/29/04  LA : ALA

Oat flakes (rolled oats) - Avena sativa L. - in wooden bowl with whole oat grains.
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Rolled oats
Rolled oats are a staple food obtained from oat groats. They contain valuable ingredients such as beta-glucan, which helps to reduce cholesterol.   78/15/08  LA (2.4g) !:0 (0.1g) ALA

Fresh peaches in a braided basket and lying next to it, some of them cut open.
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People like peaches for their refreshing flavor and high water content. The stone fruit comes in a number of varieties, such as Saturn peaches and nectarines. Water 88.9%  89/09/02  LA : ALA

Chinese yams (light roots) - Dioscorea polystachya - lying on a light sandy bottom.
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Chinesische Yamswurzel, Lichtwurzel, Nagaimo
Die Chinesische Yamswurzel (Lichtwurzel, Nagaimo) gehört zu den wenigen roh essbaren Yams-Arten und man verwendet sie in der trad. chinesischen Medizin. Water 69.6%  94/05/01  LA : ALA