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Book review "MILK The Deadly Poison" by Robert Cohen
You will find out about a host of diseases caused by milk (products) including well-researched studies from scientists the world over.
Book Review "Milk, better not!" by Maria Rollinger
Best book about milk and dairy products that includes scientific studies and draws convincing conclusions about growth hormones, calcium, and allergens.
Book Review "The food lie" by Hans-Ulrich Grimm
Industrial food is harmful because glutamate and sweeteners harm the enteric nervous system, or the second brain, and the brain. See also Ritalin, Alzheimer’s.
Book Review Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime by Gøtzsche
The Danish medical researcher Dr. Peter C. Gøtzsche uses examples and scientific studies to show how the pharma industry has corrupted our health care system.
Book review of “Milk, Money, and Madness” by N. Baumslag
Book review of “Milk, Money, and Madness” by N. Baumslag
With overwhelming evidence, Dr. Baumslag explains how important breast-feeding is and why baby formula is problematic—something an expecting mother should know!
Book Review: The Giessen Raw Food Study by Carola Strassner
Dissertation on raw food from the 1990s shows mistakes that can be made with this diet. The target audience is specialists. Has a rather negative tone.
Book Review: “Don’t Drink Your Milk!“ by Frank A. Oski
Another doctor recognized problems caused by milk and provided short descriptions for 32 of the many studies he had analyzed.
Book Review: “Lies lobbies food" by I.Reinecke +P.Thorbrietz
Lies Lobbies Food is a fact-filled book with a critical approach to the state of the food industry in the EU. Examples show the extent of the situation.
Book Review: “NO MILK” by Daniel A. Twogood
Milk and other allergens and additives in our food can cause neck pain, back pain, and headaches. As shown by a case study with 3,000 patients.
Book Review: “Salt Sugar Fat” by Michael Moss
The only way out of the fast-food dilemma is to do it yourself. Only a relative few with the necessary financial resources manage to do this.
Book Review: “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell
The China Study clearly lays out how the current Western diet can be improved to prevent lifestyle diseases. We say: Most important book on nutrition and health
Diet and Lifestyle Can Prevent Breast Cancer
Breast cancer doesn't occur overnight. Many years can pass before a palpable lump forms. But lifestyle changes can prevent it from developing further.
Epigenetics: We Influence Our Genes and the Genes of Others
The mechanisms of life are more complex than previously thought, writes molecular biologist Gottfried Schatz, codiscoverer of mitochondrial DNA.
Erb Muesli — Exceptionally Healthy Breakfast, a Swiss Muesli
Erb Muesli, an exceptionally healthy breakfast, is a stark contrast to Swiss Bircher Muesli. It is vegan and contains more healthy ingredients.
How to Prevent Colorectal Cancer
Between 66% and 75% of colorectal cancer cases can be prevented by having a healthy diet and lifestyle.
The Meaning of Life, Natural Science, and Belief in Religion
A researcher (biochemist and university professor emeritus) explains our true being and the world since the big bang.
The Mysteries of Sleep: How This Small Death Helps Us Live
We learn why the intermediate stage between life and death is such an important, essential, and very productive part of our life. Our internal clock.
Tragedies, Fatal Disease, Health, and Life!
As a critical thinker, I would have ridiculed the beginning of this story, but it is a story about me — Tragedies, Fatal Disease, Health, and Life!


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The Four Fundamental Forces of Evolution
Personal thoughts that helped me gain some insight into the principles of organic farming. Four fundamental forces of evolution that form an analog to physics.


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1 Nutrition
Basic information about our diet, list of significant change options based on levels of nutrition.
2 Raw Food? No, Thanks!
3 main reasons for saying “No, thanks!”: 1. Culture, society, mental imagery, desire, and substitutes for love; 2. your environment; 3. the larger environment.
3 Why Raw Food?
Reasons for and against raw food: disease or obesity often causes people to turn to raw food. But you can end up on an unhealthy path, as with any type of diet.
4 Types of Raw Food Diets
You can see from this article that there are many variations of a raw food diet. Don’t select a very rigid plan, at least initially. Learn as you go.
5 Exclusively Raw Food? Really?
When exceptions play a role. Intolerances and allergies, which can occur with any type of diet. A raw food diet can work wonders for high blood pressure.
6 Preparations Before Switching to Raw Food (Transition)
After age 50 or if you have health problems, get a physical examination every X years. As a comparison, get one before switching to raw food—it's YOUR life!
7 The Transition to Raw Food
Various methods to cleanse the colon, our primary defense organ against diseases. Importance of intestinal flora. Colonoscopy.
First organic bananas from Tenerife, the 20 banana letters
First organic bananas from Tenerife, the 20 banana letters: difference between regular cultivation and organic bananas, firsthand. Health value, ripeness, etc.