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4 Types of Raw Food Diets


You can see from this article that there are many variations of a raw food diet. Don’t select a very rigid plan, at least initially. Learn as you go.

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The 10 articles relating to raw food were revised in 2014. All of the other articles are new.


This article deals with the various types of raw food diets. Some may appeal to you while others may not. Each of the authors provide reasons why they and others have chosen to eat a particular type of raw food diet.

People do not all have the same critical mind, but many can be persuaded to adopt the first best idea, and they then cling doggedly to these views. This is what makes it possible for sects to develop.


Sects are either smaller church organizations that elevate a secondary issue to the main position or they have a philosophically or politically “narrow” group of followers. Each sect acts in its own way.

Similar situations arise in the case of many ambiguous types of nutrition. Intentional or belief-based “otherness” is created — usually by skillfully written and convincing books that only look at one side. Such authors also confuse secondary issues with the main issues.

A person who eats a “normal” diet and has never read much on the topic of nutrition may consider raw foodists to be in this category.

Honestly, what would you have thought if you had met a raw foodist before you knew anything about the measurable positive effects of this type of diet?

And we also have to remember that no matter what type of diet change you make, you will experience both positive and negative results.

But what all of the types of raw food diets do have in common is that they at least temporarily improve a person’s health.

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