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5 Exclusively Raw Food? Really?


When exceptions play a role. Intolerances and allergies, which can occur with any type of diet. A raw food diet can work wonders for high blood pressure.

Colorful raw food plate with vegetable salad, which invites you to enjoy a delicious meal.© CC-0 1.0, RitaE, PixabayI revised these ten related articles on raw food in 2014. All of the other articles have been written recently.


Now you understand the basic reasons why you should move toward a raw food diet. But there are still other important reasons to make this change. And perhaps, you aren't sure how to eat right on a raw food diet. Both of these subjects will be discussed in the subsequent articles.

In addition, other texts are being written. After you have the relevant knowledge, then it is up to you to take responsibility for your health. But there are still two things that you must do if you want to successfully switch to a raw food diet.

1. An exclusively raw food diet?

In one article, I mentioned that I only call people raw foodists if at least 90% of the foods they consume are raw. But the proportion of raw food should actually be closer to 99%. But why? A few exceptions here and there don't hurt—or do they?

Raw food dessert of the highest enjoyment class on a white plate (AYA OTO PIXIES).© Courtesy of Erica Graff, Nicky Quinn, Pure food and wine
Image provided by Nicky Quinn from the restaurant Pure Food and Wine in New York City.

An especially tempting dessert? Is that really raw? Yes! Because it is made with raw chocolate. This is an example of what is available in a top vegan restaurant. Things like this should, however, only be enjoyed by raw foodists on occasion. Otherwise, the expression “pudding vegetarian” would apply. But as an exception, desserts like this are a fantastic treat.

  • There are at least two reasons that speak against making exceptions. First, exceptions tend to be repeated and become the norm, and as a result, you will end up getting frustrated and quit.
  • And second, after a few months of a strict raw food diet, you will feel your body react to cooked food immediately and possibly also to dairy products—at least if you develop more body awareness or if you already have this. Older people are also more sensitive and often experience problems with digestion, especially after dinner. See also this book review that deals with dairy products.

CLICK FOR: If you see raw foods as “medicine,” then you should adhere very strictly to the diet

Your motivation for eating a raw food diet is the most important factor. If serious health issues aren't the reason why you switched to raw foods, then occasional exceptions will certainly not have an adverse effect. Perhaps you want to order a “normal” dish in a restaurant and decide on cooked vegetables or also fish.

But if you see raw foods as “medicine,” then you should adhere very strictly to the diet.

In the first seven years, 1978 to 1985, I ate a very strict raw food diet. When I was invited to people's houses, I even brought my own plate of raw foods with me. But now, I usually eat cooked foods once or twice a week so that in a month with 90 meals, I deviate from raw food about 4–7% of the time. I owe this to my wife.

In a Japanese restaurant, we might have sashimi, a dish with raw fish and raw vegetables, which we like to have together with some cooked rice as sushi and a vegan soup. It is usually more difficult when it comes to your favorite dishes, sweets, or meat. When you make exceptions, you remember again what these taste like and you constantly crave them.

"Pure food and wine" raw food vegan restaurant, New York City: The garden in the evening.© Courtesy of Erica Graff, Nicky Quinn, Pure food and wine

Eating with friends in a fancy raw food restaurant can be a pleasant surprise. Our guest Simon Mulligan, a well-known pianist, was delighted and pleasantly surprised.

Exceptions like these, along with a lack of motivation, are usually the reason why people stop eating raw food. But if you are going to make exceptions, then you should avoid doing so in the evening (unfortunately).

After a few months, it will become clear—if you have reached a certain age—that you don't tolerate cooked foods as well in the evening. They can disturb your sleep. This is an important piece of evidence showing how raw food affects your body in an entirely different way as compared to cooked food. Your initial transition to raw food will also have noticeable effects. Most raw foodists say, so long that they are vegan, that they now sleep better and deeper.

2. Food allergies and intolerances

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