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Zucchini Boats (Gefüllte Zucchini) from the cookbook “Grill Vegan” by Michaela Marmulla, p. 95

Zucchini Boats Stuffed with Quinoa and Tomato
20min easy
Zucchini boats stuffed with quinoa and tomato make for a delicious vegan recipe that is perfect for barbecue season. 47/12/41  LA:ALA

Vegetables in Luxurious Royal Sauce (Gemüse in luxuriöser königlicher Sauce) from the cookbook “Vegan Richa’s Indian Cuisine” by Richa Hingle, p. 193

Vegetables in Luxurious Royal Sauce
60min easy
Thanks to spices such as cardamom, cloves, turmeric, coriander seed, and garam masala, these vegetables in luxurious royal sauce are a true taste sensation. 65/16/19  LA:ALA

Cress Soup (Kressesüppchen) from the cookbook “Vegan regional saisonal” (Vegan regional seasonal) by Lisa Pfleger, p. 50

Cress Soup with Potatoes and Garden Cress
10min    25min easy
This cress soup with potatoes and garden cress can be made quickly and easily and has a very rich flavor. 82/11/06  LA:ALA

Bean Stew with Swiss Chard (Estofado de alubias con acelgas) from the cookbook “Vegan Spanien,” p. 129

Estofado de alubias con acelgas — Bean Stew with Swiss Chard
40min    9h medium
The ingredients in this Spanish Bean Stew with Swiss Chard (Estofado de alubias con acelgas) make it a fresh, healthy, and hearty dish. 64/23/13  LA5:1ALA

“Sniffle Soup” (Schnupfen Adieu!-Suppe) from the cookbook “Plant-Powered Families” (Familien mit Pflanzenpower) by Dreena Burton, p. 123

Sniffle Soup — with Lentils, Celery, and Rosemary
15min    35min easy
This popular soup with red lentils, celery, and rosemary, a favorite among Dreena Burton’s fans, tastes healthy and delicious even if you don’t have a cold. 73/24/02  LA4:1ALA

Asian Pear and Avocado Salad (Nashi-Avocado-Salat) from the cookbook “Everyday Raw Detox,” by Matthew Kenney, p. 118

Asian Pear and Avocado Salad
15min easy
Adding ginger, sesame oil, and lemon to this salad with crisp Asian pear and creamy avocado brings a fresh taste and a little bit of Asia to the table. 41/08/51  LA36:1ALA

Coconut and Rasperry Muffins from “Lupinen-Power- Vegan Kochen und …,” by Elisa Epping, p. 106

Coconut and Raspberry Muffins with Coconut and Lupine Flour
25min    45min easy
These amazingly moist and fruity coconut and raspberry muffins with coconut and lupine flour are just the right thing for your next summer party. 62/19/19  LA8:1ALA

Hearty Beet Soup from “Straight from the Earth” by Myra and Marea Goodman, p. 86

Hearty Beet Soup with Fennel and Coriander Seed
30min    60min easy
This flavorful red beet soup with fennel and coriander is a treat for the eyes, and thanks to the iron and fiber it contains it is also extremely satisfying. 71/12/18  LA2:1ALA

Mung Bean Rice Bowl (Mungbohnen-Reistopf) from the cookbook “Free Your Food” by Larissa Häsler, p. 140

Mung Bean Rice Bowl with Carrots, Peppers, and Turmeric Dip
45min    5h easy
Turmeric dip and cumin give this satisfying mung bean, carrot, and sweet pepper rice bowl an oriental flair. 80/17/03  LA:ALA

Fully Raw Pad Thai from “The Fully Raw Diet” by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, p. 209

Fully Raw Pad Thai with a Creamy, Fruity Sesame Dressing
25min easy
The traditional version of pad thai has nothing on this Fully Raw Pad Thai. The sesame dressing and bright garnish give this dish the perfect final touch. 57/18/25  LA27:1ALA

Pineapple Mojito Green Smoothie from the cookbook “Simple Green Smoothies” by Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner, p. 147

Pineapple Mojito Green Smoothie
10min easy
This pineapple mojito uses isotonic coconut water as a base. It also contains kale, fresh mint, and tangy lime juice. 89/09/02  LA1:1ALA

Recipe photo for "Button Up White Bean Gravy", shown with a burger, from “Protein Ninja”, p. 59

Button Up White Bean Gravy with Mushrooms and Onions
25min    35min easy
Button Up: This hearty and versatile mushroom and white bean gravy with onions and garlic can be used in combination with many dishes. 63/23/14  LA5:1ALA

Vegetable Strudel with Frankfurt Green Sauce from the cookbook “Vegan & Vollwertig,” p. 27

Vegetable Strudel with Frankfurt Green Sauce
80min    90min medium
This vegetable strudel with whole grain spelt flour and cashew cream on Frankfurt green sauce contains no animal products but still tastes incredibly delicious. 59/17/24  LA8:1ALA

Sweet Potato Sage Raviolis from “Minimalist Baker’s Everday Baking” by Dana Schultz, p. 196

Sweet Potato Sage Raviolis with Sautéed Walnuts and Sage
110min    160min medium
Homemade sweet potato sage raviolis with sautéed walnuts and sage take a bit of time and effort to prepare, but the taste factor is definitely worth it. 72/13/15  LA5:1ALA

Greek Kale Salad from the cookbook “Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking” by Dana Shultz, p. 96

Greek Kale Salad with Chickpeas and Olives
30min easy
This Greek kale salad with chickpeas and olives is served with a delicious herb dressing and works well either as a light main dish or a tasty side. 47/18/34  LA16:1ALA

Aromatic Thai Salad with Pomelo and Pomegranate from “Fresh Vegan Kitchen” by D. & C. Bailey, p. 75

Aromatic Thai Salad with Pomelo and Pomegranate
25min    45min easy
This aromatic Thai salad with pomelo, pomegranate, herbs, and miang kham sauce is served in individual lettuce cups. It makes for a great canapé. 76/08/16  LA:ALA

Photo of the recipe for Cash-Mi Soup from “Rohkost Power for You” by Irina Pawassar, p. 20

Cash-Mi Soup with Cashews, Algae, Ginger, and Turmeric
15min    135min easy
This Asian Cash-Mi Soup with Cashews, Miso, Algae, Ginger, and Turmeric is very filling and tastes like the sea. Note the iodine content of the algae. 34/18/47  LA83:1ALA

Raw Sprouted Salad from “Fresh Vegan Kitchen” by D. & C. Bailey, p. 78

Raw Sprouted Salad with Red Cabbage and Red Beets
15min easy
This raw sprouted salad with red cabbage and red beets is fresh, crisp, and nutritious. It tastes great served with raw crackers and spreads. 56/13/31  LA4:1ALA

Som Tam Salad- asian green papaya salad with long beens from “Fresh Vegan Kitchen”, p.65

Som Tam Salad — Green Papaya Salad with Yardlong Beans
20min easy
This Som Tam Salad is a green papaya salad with yardlong beans, mango, and cilantro. It combines the five basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, hot, and salty. 52/18/30  LA!:0ALA

Photo of the original recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms from the cookbook  “Rohvegan” (Raw vegan), p. 70

Healthy Stuffed Mushrooms with Almonds and Dried Tomatoes
15min medium
This raw vegan recipe for healthy stuffed mushrooms with pesto made from almonds and dried tomatoes is easy to make and requires just a few ingredients. 38/20/43  LA5:1ALA