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Cookbooks vegan or raw diet

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Book cover: “Bosh! Simple recipes amazing food all plants” by Henry Firth & Ian Theasby
© Courtesy of Lizzie Mayson, Harper Collins Publishers
Henry Firth, HarperCollins Publishers
Bosh! – Simple Recipes – Amazing Food – contains vegan versions of international classics. The recipes are designed so that they can be made quickly and easily.
Raw recipes 9, Cooked recipes 137
Book cover: “Fresh Vegan Kitchen - Delicious Recipes for the Vegan & Raw Kitchen”
© Courtesy of Pavilion Books Company Ltd, Pavilion Books Company Ltd
Fresh Vegan Kitchen
David Bailey, Pavilion Books Company Ltd
"Fresh Vegan Kitchen — Delicious Recipes for the Vegan and Raw Kitchen" offers a large selection of Asian-inspired vegan and raw vegan recipes.
Raw recipes 43, Cooked recipes 76
Book: “Plants Taste Better - Delicious plant-based recipes, from root to fruit” by Richard Buckley
© Courtesy of Kim Lightbody, Jacqui Small
Plants Taste Better
Richard Buckley, Jaqui Small an imprint of The Quarto Publishing Group plc
Plants Taste Better – Delicious Plant-Based Recipes, from Root to Fruit will help you prepare all-natural, Mediterranean recipes for special occasions.
Raw recipes 12, Cooked recipes 116
Book cover: “Vegan Bible”, showing three recipes by Marie Laforêt (Author)
© Courtesy of Grub Street, Grub Street
Vegan Bible
Marie Laforêt, Grub Street
Vegan Bible offers an abundance of creative, international dishes. No matter if you are new to veganism or a veteran, this is the perfect cookbook for you.
Raw recipes 54, Cooked recipes 440
Book cover: “Vegan Recipes from the Middle East” by Parvin Razavi
© Courtesy of Arnold Pöschl, Grub Street
Vegan Middle East
Parvin Razavi, Grub Street
The vegan recipe book "Vegan Middle East" offers recipes from the Middle East. Culinary delights from different culinary cultures for more enjoyment.
Raw recipes 5, Cooked recipes 76
Book cover: “Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl: Natural, Nutritious and Delicious Wholefood Recipes ...”
© Courtesy of Haarala Hamilton, Pavilion Books Company Ltd
Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl
David and Charlotte Bailey, Pavilion Books Company Ltd
“Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl – Natural, Nutritious and Delicious ...,” a Middle Eastern vegetarian cookbook with a strong focus on wholefoods.
Raw recipes 11, Cooked recipes 58