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6 Preparations Before Switching to Raw Food (Transition)


After age 50 or if you have health problems, get a physical examination every X years. As a comparison, get one before switching to raw food—it's YOUR life!

Pairs of wooden sleepers in a big green garden as a symbol of our life journey.© CC-0 1.0, terimakasih0, PixabayI revised these ten related articles on raw food in 2014. All of the other articles have been written recently.


Most often, the people who decide to switch to a raw food diet either have a serious illness or lead a very healthy lifestyle. Those who are seriously ill are confronted with death. This commands their entire attention (consciousness).

You should know your personal numbers for the values described below and discuss these with a physician not only to have a comparison, but also to uncover any unknown physical or psychological problems. If you are anorexic, your doctor should work with you during the transition.

Ideas about consciousness in the 17th century. Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris ...© Public Domain, Robert Fludd, Wikipedia In the case of lifestyle diseases, a raw food diet can help very quickly and heal the cause. But not every sickness that has the same symptoms also has the same causes. This is why no one can predict a priori if a person will be cured or will improve, as is often claimed. Several typical lifestyle diseases have specific indications that you should watch for.

If in the course of the tests, your doctor discovers that you have a serious illness, you have won time, and the problem can be solved sooner.

Determine if the cause has to do with your diet before you start taking any medications.

For example, essential hypertension (also called primary hypertension or idiopathic hypertension) disappears in many cases after only a few days of eating right as long as you stick to your diet. But usually physicians deny this because they don't know enough about nutrition—but they still have a strong opinion on the subject.

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