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The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
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7 The Transition to Raw Food


Various methods to cleanse the colon, our primary defense organ against diseases. Importance of intestinal flora. Colonoscopy.

Wicker basket with freshly picked vegetables and salad.© CC0, congerdesign, Pixabay The 10 articles relating to raw food were revised in 2014. All of the other articles are new.


Before you start on a raw food diet, you should prepare your entire digestive system (digestive tract) so that you can more safely benefit from your efforts.

The gut is the system of organs that takes in food, digests it to extract energy and nutrients.© Public Domain, BMK / LadyofHats, Wikipedia

There are several ways to do this, one of which I will recommend here.

I find the others to be mostly unpleasant.

Raw food can, of course, be introduced gently, but colon cleansing is a proven method. See also detoxification.

If you started with the first article in this series about raw food, you have already read why the intestine is probably the most important “health organ” for your immunity against diseases.

Given its important immune functions, it is well worth the effort to cleanse the colon. Afterwards, it will be better able to promote a healthy environment of microorganisms.

You probably are also familiar with the fact that enzymes in the mouth, stomach, and intestine (duodenum and small intestine) break down food, and the body absorbs suitable elements in all of these organs. I assume you understand the benefits, functions, and importance of the gut flora (or gut flora of the colon), which is also called the gut microbiota.