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Beste Aussichten für Ihre Gesundheit
Beste Aussichten für Ihre Gesundheit
Beste Aussichten für Ihre Gesundheit

40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Omega-3, Vitamin B12

Dr. Michael Greger tells us methodically why vegans in general are not better off than meat eaters. He recommends vegan but focussing to take the right stuff.
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Dr. Michael Greger talks about why a 40-year vegan dies of a heart attack and all about omega 3's and B12 nutrition and why these two nutrients are so important

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3. März 2013
Dr. Michael Greger
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1'232'756 am 3. April 2017
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Michael Greger, MD, is a physician and lecturer who held this talk in the year 2003.
Dr. Greger talks about why a 40-year vegan dies of a heart attack and all about omega 3's and B12 nutrition and why these two nutrients are so important to all vegans and everyone else.

Can vegans die from a heart attack? Yes, it has happened to this 40-year-old vegan, vegetarian since birth. Can vegans die of the same diseases that plague people on the Western standard diet of meat, dairy, and eggs? Sure!

Dr. Michael Greger tells us why and how to prevent this. We can prevent many illnesses and diseases as a vegan. As a vegan, we are not full proof. In today's society because of washing our produce, chlorinating our water supply, and soil being deficient we may need to supplement certain nutrients.

Some amazing facts, documentation, stats, and a whole lot of scientific information presented in this lecture. Informative. I never knew this until I saw the video. Amazing video! A must-see for everyone, including vegans and vegetarians.

Remarks EE:
We have to differ between his way of speaking and the facts that he tells us. You can skip some of the long speech but should watch those times I give you the headline: Vegan dies of heart attack

Click here and you have a short version (11:50).

FINDINGS (from about 2000-2002):
05:30: He studied (about 2001) the latest bigger researches as comparison meat eaters versus vegetarian or vegan diet and was shocked: vegetarians and vegans were not better off!
06:50: Finding number one: Meat-eaters, in general, live just as long as vegetarians.
12:55: German Heidelberg-Study shows that vegetarians live longer than the vegan and those who ate meat on occasion outlived them all. A study shows that vegetarians have twice the hip fraction rate than meat-eaters and twice the risk of dying of neurological diseases (Table 14:37).

15:00: The reasons for this are the unnatural wrong eating also as vegetarian or vegan. Oil instead of seeds are one reason for haven an unnatural relation for Omega-6 to Omega-3fatty acids. The other major problem is neglecting Vitamin B12 deficiency. This can occur in all persons over age 50, not only for vegans or vegetarians.
21:30: Omega-6 - to Omega-3 ratio. The Mediterranean Group had a ratio of for, the control group 20! Why the ratio?
24:30: Explaining why this difference is creating heart attacks. See also the drawing 27:00 for EPA and DHA - and AA.
27:20: The good ratio (we had 100 years before) is 1:1 and up to 4:1 is still OK, but at about this time, the making of oil started and the ratio got up and up. Easier inflammation (by having much AA) can take place (full picture 29:15)
29:45: Meat eaters had about 7:1, but vegetarians had 10:1 and vegans even 15:1. Fish would give a better ratio, but the flaxseed is the best.
Advice: Check the Erb-Müesli and then you know why it has such a good ratio, correcting the whole day of wrong eating: 100 % of your daily need of Omega-3 and only little Omega-6 (open the third table). Don't use (vegetal) oil, eat natural!
31:00: Fish contains EPA and DHA already, but flaxseed is the world leader and helps also against Alzheimer's disease.
40:00: Homocysteine blocks our arteries when the level is high. We want less than 10 micromol/liter. In the study, meat-eaters had 12, vegetarians 16 (threefold risk for heart attack death), and vegans 19 in 2001 and 27 in 2002 (table 44:10). Homocysteine is also toxic to the brain. 14 micromol/l means 4 times more Alzheimer's disease.
44:40: There are three ways to get the level down. One is Vitamin B6, Cholin, Folate, or Vitamin B12 but B12 is always needed. No plants have it! What was claimed in the early days are analogs which even occupy the places B12 has to go.
48:30: To eat DHA should be taken too in some cases.
57:00: In Winter for Vitamin D you can take fortified food or liquid D3 (Shitake mushrooms have it in small quantity) because in northern zones during Winter you don't get any by the sun.
59:00: Calcium is not a problem for vegans if they eat natural but they need the same amount as meat-eaters, not less as a myth goes. 3 cups of kale do it for instance or any dark green leaves.
1:01:00: Those who drank the most milk in a study had the most bone fractures. Iodine may be missing in some areas.
Eat greens every day and drink enough water. 1:12:00: We used to get the B12 in our water we drank, but now we get clean water without those bacteria.

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