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Luisa Rolcke

Luisa Rolcke, Год снимка 2023
MSc Crop Science; Author


When I was young, I was already passionate about helping on a small farm and, after graduating from high school, I decided to study agricultural sciences at the University of Hohenheim in Germany. My interest was primarily in organic farming.

This was followed by my master’s degree in crop sciences at BOKU in Vienna. Here, I developed an interest in herbs and medicinal plants, fruit and vegetable cultivation, and their influence on our health. Thus, I decided to write my master’s thesis entitled “Utilization Potential and Nutritional Value of Artichoke Leaves (Cynara scolymus) depending on Variety and Harvest.”

Access to sustainable, regional, and fairly manufactured products is essential to me. For this reason, in addition to my studies, I work in two self-managed health food stores.

Since November 2022, I have been an author for ingredient descriptions and I am dealing with the topic of phytochemical.


In light of the current agricultural and climatic challenges, I work at diet health to forward an awareness of the influence of our consumption on health and the environment.

I am convinced that we can sustainably protect our health and the environment by adopting a plant-based diet and making more conscious consumer choices.

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агар-агар, сушёный
Виноград, европейский сорт, сырой
каперсы, консервированные
Окара (соевая пульпа, сырая? био?)
оливки, зелёные, без косточек (био?)
оливки, чёрные, без косточек (био?)
Темпе (сырой?, био?)
фасоль борлотти, сырая (похожа на фасоль пинто)
эдамамэ, свежие и очищенные