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From Lucerne to Zurich in one day (short version)

On his eightieth birthday, Ernst Erb walked from Lucerne to Zurich. Check out the long version of this video as well!
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Published on:19 October 2018 Producer:Ernst Erb
Number of views: 44 on 13 December 2018
Rubric(s): Health, Principles/General, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Activity, Wellness
Topterms:Principle, General topics, Functional Food, Raw food (meals), Vegan nutrition Tags:Healthy, Wholesome, Vegan, Health

For more information, check out the long version of the video.

In 1978, Ernst Erb (at the time 41) was diagnosed with an incurable Mantle Cell Lymphoma and given a statistical life expectancy of 2½ years. On his eightieth birthday (2016), he walked in one day from the Lucerne train station to Zurich Central Station — 55 km in total. 

Eating a whole foods vegan diet and getting enough physical activity can help you do amazing things, despite age or other lifestyle choices. 

Nevertheless, it is of the utmost importance that your vegan diet is a healthy one. Read more about how to avoid "vegan junk food" and what are the mistakes vegans often make, in the article "A Vegan Diet Can Be Unhealthy. Nutrition Mistakes".

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Interesting and healthy
It is a country that gives itself to this lifestyle to keep our whole body healthy and always active.
Pity is that in our country, (Portugal there are no foundations for this purpose.
I also do my walks, but only on weekends where I owned a second home and with possibilities to do such exercises. I do them the way I think is right, I may even be doing exercises with adverse effects, because I don't have someone to guide us, the best way to do them, according to our age and physical posture.
I enjoyed seeing you all active on your walk, as I would not be able to do so, not because of my weight in my height but also, I think, being lack of training and proper nutrition.
Thanks for sending me these links.
Júlio Branco

Júlio Branco, Amadora, 22/08/2019, 17:21
Physical activity is necessary for office workers
Ernst Erb, picture from the year 2003 Dear Júlio
Thanks for your kind remarks. Only because of this incident in 1978 and because it was a not curable cancer - I have now an active good life - just because I took the most difficult way - to change lifestyle completely. Looking back this was a big chance.

But I still work about 10 hours a day on the PC for the two projects which I also finance (this one and and therefore I have to be careful to keep my body fit - the brain keeps fit by the projects. Some exercising I do with the APP 7MWO (seven minutes workout - the green watch) - other with some fast walking and sometimes (too seldom) with such a (demanding) tour.

Ernst Erb, 22/08/2019, 19:05
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