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Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant and immune system booster, vitamin C is very important for human health.
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Why you need it and where to find it.

Foundation Diet and Health Switzerland
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8 April 2020
Foundation Diet and Health Switzerland
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6 on 8 April 2020
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Most of the people believe that lemons are the best source for vitamin C. Unfortunately, this is not true! Find out what you can eat to get plenty of vitamin C and to strengthen your immune system!

As one of the most important water-soluble vitamins in the body, vitamin C prevents folic acid, vitamin E and LDL particles from being oxidized in the body, promotes iron absorption, liver detoxification, collagen synthesis and prevents the formation of carcinogenic substances.

The recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C is 100 mg for adults, 110 mg for pregnant women, and 150 mg for nursing mothers and smokers.

People who consume a plant-based diet can easily cover the recommended quantities since even small amounts of some fruits and vegetables provide enough vitamin C.

These are the foods with the highest levels of vitamin C (in mg per 100g product): acerola cherry (1678), dried cilantro (567), seaberry (450), rose hip (426), hot green chili pepper (242), guava (228), yellow bell pepper (184). Lemons contain only about 50 to 60 mg/100g.

Find out more in this link about vitamin C in general.

Check out and try our top 3 recipes with the highest amount of vitamin C:

1. Red Bell Pepper Soup with Coconut, Chia, and Ginger

2. Raw Chili with Mushrooms and Wild Garlic

3. Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Cucumber Gazpacho with Cilantro

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