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101 Reasons to Go Vegan

Through “101 Reasons to Be a Vegan” The Florida Animal Rights Foundation aims to create a change in perspective when it comes to meat consumption.
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“101 Reasons to Be a Vegan” by the ARFF aims create a change in perspective reg. meat consumption.

Published on:
28 July 2015
James Wildman
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7'487 on 18 October 2017
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"101 Reasons to Go Vegan" – an entertaining presentation made by James Wildman, a humanitarian educator within The Florida Animal Rights Foundation. It focuses mainly on how people are tricked into believing false affirmations like “milk does your body good” and “you have to eat meat to get your proteins” and tries to show why people are in fact omnivores and not carnivores. In a logical and structured sequence, James Wildman proves not only that killing other animals for food is cruel and unnecessary, but also that it is detrimental to our health.

00:02:08: How can we kill 300 animals every second and not question that?! If you are told a lie enough times, it becomes part of your reality. If enough people are taught that lie, it becomes part of the culture. And if it is passed along to the next generations, it becomes tradition.

00:07:14: How natural is in fact our diet and what "natural" means for human species. How culture influences our choices and why is would be wrong to kill and eat a puppy but not a baby pig.

00:20:30: Meet your meat: why “humane slaughtering” and “cage free” aren’t really an option. Eggs and honey put into perspective: would you still eat the menstrual cycle discharge of a hen and bee vomit?

00:33:08: Biologically speaking, the cow produces the milk for her calf – why would it be necessary for humans to drink it?

00:37:29: Who invented the story that “Milk does a body good”, despite the fact that 75 % of the world population is lactose intolerant and milk is directly linked to allergies, infections and osteoporosis.

00:42:00: A health test. Comparison between soy milk and cow’s milk in terms of calcium, fiber, and cholesterol. Where to get your calcium from and why dairy is addictive.

00:45:17: 68 % of all the diseases in U.S. are diet related. We might be living longer, but we are living with diseases.

00:47:07: Why people are not carnivores. The hidden dangers of fish consumption.

00:52:26: Why “you need to eat meat in order to get protein” is a myth.

00:56:00: The new food pyramid, “transition foods”, “junk food” veganism and healthy veganism.

01:02:33: A movie created by The Farm Sanctuary, that promotes a new awareness and understanding about farm animals.

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