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Food for thought: How your belly controls your brain

Our bellies and brains are connected. The state of our intestines can alter the way our brains work, giving a whole new meaning to 'Food for thought".
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14:30 English

Channel:TEDx talks Platform:YouTube
Published on:7 December 2015 Producer:Ruairi Robertson
Number of views: 409'847 on 18 May 2017
Rubric(s): Health, Principles/General, Medicine, Nutrition, Personality, Social / Religion
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"90 % of the cells in your body are bacterial cells and only 10 % are our own human cells."

The gut bacteria digest certain foods, produce essential vitamins and hormones, respond to medicines and infections, control blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels.

If mice become colonized by the microbes Toxoplasma gondii , they lose their fear of cats. They actually become attracted to cats”. The gut microbiome might even control the way people think and behave, by sending and receiving signals from the brain via the Vagus nerve and by producing the majority of neurotransmitters.

Very useful is the list of probiotics, those foods that stimulate the "growing" of healthy bacteria inside of our intestines (10:57).

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