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Spirulina Sesame Bars from the cookbook “Raw and Radiant” by Summer Sanders, p. 178

Spirulina Sesame Bars with Bananas and Shredded Coconut
10min    12h easy
Spirulina Sesame Bars with Bananas and Shredded Coconut are a high-protein snack that is rich in calcium and selenium and perfect for before or after a workout. Water 37.3%  38/13/48  LA !:0 ALA

Seaweed, Wild Rice, Tofu, Sesame and Spring Onion Salad from “Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl,” p. 41

Seaweed, Wild Rice, Tofu, Sesame, and Spring Onion Salad
20min    55min easy
This colorful salad with seaweed (dulse), wild rice, tofu, sesame, and spring onions (scallions) is refreshing and healthy. It is rich in iodine. Water 57.3%  58/25/17  LA 10:1 ALA

Photo of the original recipe for Cauliflower with Oranges in Tahini Sauce from “Kick it vegan!”

Healthy Cauliflower with Oranges and Cashews in Tahini Sauce
30min easy
The savory tahini sauce and fresh, healthy oranges complement each other perfectly in this recipe and ensure a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Water 81.1%  44/17/39  LA 5:1 ALA

Raw Sprouted Salad from “Fresh Vegan Kitchen” by D. & C. Bailey, p. 78

Raw Sprouted Salad with Red Cabbage and Red Beets
15min easy
This raw sprouted salad with red cabbage and red beets is fresh, crisp, and nutritious. It tastes great served with raw crackers and spreads. Water 81.1%  56/13/31  LA 4:1 ALA

Classic pomegranate syrup is relatively easy to  make at home, but it is also available at many supermarkets and from  beverage retailers.

Classic Pomegranate Syrup
20min    50min easy
This classic pomegranate syrup contains only sugar and the juice of pomegranates — there aren’t any artificial flavors or other such additional ingredients. Water 67.9%  92/05/03  LA : ALA

Photo of vegan broth

Vegan Broth
20min    110min easy
Vegan broth has a wide variety of uses. This recipe is easy to make and can be varied to suit your taste. Water 96.4%  76/13/11  LA 3:1 ALA

Raw sushi with celery filling ready to enjoy - any other fillings are possible.

Raw Sushi with Celery and Sunflower Seeds
60min    13h easy
Instead of rice, this raw sushi is filled with a mix of sunflower seeds, sprouted buckwheat, and flaxseeds. You can use celery or other vegetables you like. Water 86.8%  52/20/29  LA 10:1 ALA

Sauerkraut Salad from the cookbook “Vegan Austria” by K. Unterweger and A. Pöschl, p. 67

Sauerkraut Salad with Carrots and Apples
15min    30min easy
This sauerkraut salad with carrots and apples can be served as an appetizer or side. It contains lots of healthy ingredients and is a good source of vitamin C. Water 88.6%  63/17/20  LA !:0 ALA

Nettle tea in a glass cup, surrounded by fresh stinging nettle leaves.

Nettle Tea (Stinging Nettle Tea)
1min    13min easy
Nettle tea, or stinging nettle tea, is easy to prepare, and thanks to its diuretic effects it has many health benefits. Water 99.8%  73/26/01  LA : ALA

Velvety Smoothie, poured in a glass and garnished with a slice of lime, ready to serve

Velvety Smoothie with Banana and Passion Fruit
5min easy
Subtly sweet and velvety light smoothie with banana and passion fruit. Ideal as a refreshing drink alongside a meal or as a snack. Water 89.6%  93/05/02  LA : ALA

Sweet potato chips in a bowl, ready to eat.

Raw Sweet Potato Chips — Almost Like Real Potato Chips
70min    20h medium
Raw sweet potato chips look almost like real potato chips, but raw potato chips don’t take on the best color. Very little oil or salt is needed for these chips. Water 75.9%  80/06/14  LA : ALA

Stuffed Mushrooms (Gefüllte Pilze) from the cookbook “Rohvegan” (Raw vegan), p. 70

Stuffed Mushrooms raw vegan with almonds, dried tomatoes
15min medium
Stuffed mushrooms with almonds and dried tomatoes are a simple raw vegan pesto recipe with few ingredients. The pesto is explained. Water 54.1%  25/13/62  LA 21:1 ALA

Canned vegetable stock in a jar

Making vegan stock with celery, leeks, fennel and carrots
20min    110min easy
In contrast to broth, stock is not a ready-to-eat dish. This vegan stock is made with celery, leeks, fennel, carrots etc. and is making a good base for soups. Water 96.1%  74/10/16  LA 2:1 ALA

Apple Slaw with Gogi Berry Dressing prepared using the recipe in “Vegan for Her”, pp. 256–57

Apple Slaw with Kale and Goji Berry Dressing
20min    50min easy
The combination of goji berries, apples, and carrots make this apple slaw with kale and goji berry dressing a treat you won’t want to miss out on. Water 81.7%  72/11/17  LA : ALA

Refreshing Berry Smoothie with Sprouted Wheat, ready to serve in an attractive glass

Refreshing Berry Smoothie with Sprouted Wheat
5min    10min easy
The lingonberries and black currants give this refreshing berry smoothie its pink color and make it a good source of antioxidants. Water 83.4%  89/09/02  LA : ALA

Ready-made and prepared "Fiery pumpkin soup with ginger and coconut milk".

Fiery Butternut Squash Soup with Ginger and Coconut Milk
20min    35min easy
Fiery butternut squash soup with ginger and coconut milk tastes fruity and creamy. The ginger and chili pepper make for the perfect flavor combination. Water 83.7%  43/12/45  LA 4:1 ALA

Heavenly Kaiserschmarrn with Cranberries, prepared and ready to serve

Heavenly Kaiserschmarrn with Cranberries
35min easy
This tasty vegan Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancakes) with cranberries is a crowd pleaser that even without egg is just as delicious and fluffy as the original. Water 55.2%  80/11/08  LA : ALA

Tropical Green Smoothie

Tropical Green Smoothie with Spinach
5min easy
Perfect for those who like to drink their serving of spinach. This delicious green smoothie packed with healthy nutrients can be prepared in just five minutes. Water 89.4%  90/08/02  LA : ALA

Meal "Avocado with tomato and banana filling and pine nuts", served on a square wooden plate.

Avocado Boats with a Tomato and Banana Filling and Pine Nuts
15min easy
Avocado boats with a tomato and banana filling is a nice appetizer and/or side that is quick to prepare. Almond butter and soy sauce enhance the flavor. Water 77.9%  43/09/48  LA 17:1 ALA

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The Daily Apple: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
2min easy
If you eat an apple every day, you are doing a lot of good for your health and truly keeping the doctor away. A classic superfood. Water 85.6%  97/02/01  LA : ALA