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“Sniffle Soup” (Schnupfen Adieu!-Suppe) from the cookbook “Plant-Powered Families” (Familien mit Pflanzenpower) by Dreena Burton, p. 123
© Courtesy of Nicole Axworthy, Narayana Verlag GmbH / Unimedica Verlag

Sniffle Soup — with Lentils, Celery, and Rosemary
15min    35min easy
This popular soup with red lentils, celery, and rosemary, a favorite among Dreena Burton’s fans, tastes healthy and delicious even if you don’t have a cold. Water 83.5%  73/24/02  LA (0.8g) 4:1 (0.2g) ALA

Pineapple Mojito Green Smoothie from the cookbook “Simple Green Smoothies”, p. 147
© Courtesy of Lindsey Johnson, Narayana Verlag GmbH / Unimedica Verlag

Pineapple Mojito Green Smoothie
10min easy
This pineapple mojito uses isotonic coconut water as a base. It also contains kale, fresh mint, and tangy lime juice. Water 89.6%  89/09/02  LA (0.1g) 1:1 (0.1g) ALA

Stuffed Tomatoes from the cookbook “Free your Food” by Larissa Häsler, p. 159
© Courtesy of Larissa Häsler, Narayana Verlag GmbH / Unimedica Verlag

Stuffed Tomatoes with Millet, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Olives
45min medium
This delicious Italian version of stuffed tomatoes contains millet, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and pine nuts and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Water 80.3%  75/14/10  LA (2.3g) 19:1 (0.1g) ALA

“Peas in Coconut Curry” (Erbsen in Kokoscurry) from the cookbook “Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen” by Richa Hingle, p. 144
© Courtesy of Richa Hingle, Narayana Verlag GmbH / Unimedica Verlag

Peas in Coconut Curry
50min easy
This coconut curry dish owes its intensive, typical Indian taste to the curry leaves, ground cumin, and black mustard seed. Water 83.4%  55/19/26  LA : ALA

Glowing Strawberry-Mango Guacamole from the cookbook “The Oh She Glows Cookbook,” p. 80
© Courtesy of Angela Liddon, Unimedica Verlag

Glowing Strawberry-Mango Guacamole with Cilantro and Lime
20min easy
This strawberry-mango guacamole with cilantro and lime juice is refreshing and easy to make. Serve with your favorite corn chips or Spiced Toasted Pita Chips. Water 82.1%  60/07/33  LA (1.4g) 9:1 (0.2g) ALA

Orange and Coriander Relish from the cookbook “Vegan Recipes from the Middle East” by Parvin Razavi, p. 145
© Courtesy of Arnold Pöschl, Grub Street

Orange and Coriander Relish with Lime and Pomegranate Seeds
15min easy
Orange and Coriander Relish with Lime and Pomegranate Seeds is a healthy Moroccan side dish that will add a fresh, fruity flavor to your meal. Water 86.3%  89/09/02  LA : ALA

Thai Mango Salad from the cookbook “Vegan Bible,” by by Marie Laforêt, p. 188
© Courtesy of Grub Street, Grub Street

Thai Mango Salad with Peanut and Lemongrass Sauce
25min easy
This Thai Mango Salad with Peanut and Lemongrass Sauce is a good way to use up leftover noodles and also a refreshing way to satisfy your hunger. Water 76.6%  69/10/21  LA (4.6g) 32:1 (0.1g) ALA

Coconut and Pumpkin Noodles from the cookbook “Vegan Schnell Schnell” by Josita Hartanto, p. 69
© Courtesy of Sebastian Happe Sinémus, Neun Zehn Verlag

Coconut and Pumpkin Noodles with Mushrooms and Broccoli
25min easy
Cilantro, pumpkin seeds, and lime really round off these coconut and pumpkin noodles with mushrooms and broccoli. Water 60.9%  69/09/21  LA (3.9g) 5:1 (0.7g) ALA

Loaded Sweet Potatoes from the cookbook “Oh She Glows Every Day,” by Angela Liddon, p. 165
© Courtesy of Ashley McLaughlin, Narayana Verlag GmbH / Unimedica Verlag

Loaded Sweet Potatoes with Avocado Cilantro Crema
20min    45min easy
These loaded sweet potatoes with an avocado cilantro crema and black beans are easy to prepare and fun to make with several combinations to choose from. Water 72.9%  66/17/17  LA (3.3g) 3:1 (1g) ALA

Energy Bars with Berries and Ginger from “Gesund Backen“ (Healthy baking) by S. Spiegelbert, p. 160.
© Courtesy of Stina Spiegelberg, Neun Zehn Verlag

Energy Bars with Berries, Ginger, and Nuts
20min    3h easy
These delicious energy bars are packed with berries and nuts and include puffed amaranth and ginger. They are quick and easy to prepare. Water 15.5%  77/08/15  LA (1.6g) 3:1 (0.5g) ALA

Schawarma Salad from the cookbook “Und was isst du dann?” by D. Ficicioglu & F. Bork, p. 121
© Courtesy of Rezept: Deniz Ficicioglu, Felix Bork, Fotographie: Eric Dannebaum, Eichborn Verlag - Bastei Lübbe AG

Schawarma Salad with Millet, Pistachios, and Fresh Mint
45min    60min easy
This delicious schawarma salad with millet, pistachios, and fresh mint is tossed with an oriental dressing and aromatic spice mix. Water 72.2%  52/16/32  LA (6.7g) 27:1 (0.3g) ALA

Original photo of Christmas Eve Salad from the cookbook “Vegan Mexico,” by Jason Wyrick, p. 147.
© Courtesy of Jason Wyrick, Unimedica Verlag

Christmas Eve Salad with Red Beets, Arugula, and Jicama
20min    30min easy
This eye-catching salad contains red beets, arugula, oranges, jicama, and plantains. In Mexico, it is traditionally served on Christmas Eve. Water 84.0%  80/10/09  LA : ALA

Raw Sprouted Salad from “Fresh Vegan Kitchen” by D. & C. Bailey, p. 78
© Courtesy of Pavilion Books Company Ltd, Pavilion Books Company Ltd

Raw Sprouted Salad with Red Cabbage and Red Beets
15min easy
This raw sprouted salad with red cabbage and red beets is fresh, crisp, and nutritious. It tastes great served with raw crackers and spreads. Water 81.4%  56/13/31  LA (11.1g) 4:1 (3g) ALA

Photo of the recipe for Cash-Mi Soup from “Rohkost Power for You” by Irina Pawassar, p. 20
© Courtesy of EMF/Brigitte Sporrer, Edition Michael Fischer

Cash-Mi Soup with Cashews, Algae, Ginger, and Turmeric
15min    135min easy
This Asian Cash-Mi Soup with Cashews, Miso, Algae, Ginger, and Turmeric is very filling and tastes like the sea. Note the iodine content of the algae. Water 61.2%  34/18/47  LA (10.4g) 83:1 (0.1g) ALA

Sunday Brunch Rolls from the cookbook “Dörren in Rohkostqualität” by Ute Ludwig, p. 81
© Courtesy of Anna-Lena Holm, Ulmer Verlag

Sunday Brunch Rolls (Raw) with Almond Pulp and Flaxseed
20min    12h easy
These tasty Sunday brunch rolls made with almond pulp and flaxseed are dehydrated instead of baked. Make sure to buy raw rolled oats that have not been steamed. Water 52.3%  46/16/38  LA (3g) 1:1 (3g) ALA

Green Spelt Patties from the cookbook “Hier & jetzt vegan: Makrtfrisch einkaufen, saisonal kochen”
© Courtesy of Florian Bolk (LE SCHICKEN) für "Hier und jetzt vegan", Südwest-Verlag München

Green Spelt Patties with Potato Gnocchi and Oyster Mushrooms
120min difficult
Green spelt patties served with potato gnocchi and oyster mushrooms is an artistic vegan dish that works well as a warm entrée. Water 56.9%  70/16/14  LA (5.4g) 4:1 (1.2g) ALA

White Beans with Apples, Pears, and Fried Potatoes (Weiße Bohnen mit Apfel Birne und Bratkartoffel) from the cookbook “Das vegane Kochbuch meiner Oma” p. 57
© Courtesy of Udo Einenkel, Berlin für "Das vegane Kochbuch meiner Oma", Südwest-Verlag München

White Beans with Apples, Pears, and Fried Potatoes
35min difficult
For this dish, the beans are first soaked in water overnight. In the cookbook, you will find a dandelion salad that complements the recipe well. Water 68.0%  70/17/13  LA (8.8g) 9:1 (0.9g) ALA

Nettle and Potato Soup from the cookbook “Hier & jetzt vegan” (Vegan here & now)
© Courtesy of Florian Bolk (LE SCHICKEN) für "Hier und jetzt vegan", Südwest-Verlag München

Nettle and Potato Soup with Vegan Stock and Carrots
35min    75min medium
This nettle and potato soup calls for vegan stock. You can either make homemade stock in advance or purchase a store-bought variety. Water 90.5%  51/08/41  LA (3.9g) 4:1 (0.9g) ALA

Chocolate cream with raw cocoa beans, avocado, dates, carob powder - finished in bowl.
© CC-by-sa 2.0, Michael Weber, Stiftung G+E

Healthy Raw Chocolate Cream with Carob and Avocado
12min easy
This raw chocolate cream is an extremely easy and quick dessert to make (prep: 9 minutes). It contains avocado, dates, cocoa beans, carob powder, and water. Water 69.8%  74/07/19  LA : ALA

Chocolate Chia Cupcakes with Fruit (Schoko-Chia-Cupcakes mit Früchten) from the cookbook “Vegan Detox”, p. 69
© Courtesy of Neun Zehn Verlag

Chocolate Chia Cupcakes with Fruit
30min    70min medium
These Chocolate Chia Cupcakes are a wonderful combination of healthy and delicious ingredients. The fruit gives these cupcakes a sweet flavor. Water 60.1%  66/10/25  LA (3.1g) 3:1 (1.2g) ALA