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Erb-Muesli for two persons - lactose-free and gluten-free (vegan, raw). Much of omega-3-fatty acid

Erb Muesli - lactose-free, gluten-free (vegan, raw, clean)
12min easy
Erb-Muesli is a vegan (lactose-free), raw muesli. With seeds instead of grains, it is gluten-free and a good “bread replacement". Water 79.4%  81/10/09  LA 1:1 ALA

Vegan Almond “Cheese” (Queso vegano de Almendras) from the cookbook “Vegane Tapas” page 8

Vegan Almond “Cheese” — Queso vegano de Almendras
20min    140min easy
This vegan almond “cheese” is just as satisfying as dairy cheese and is also a good choice for cheese connoisseurs who are net yet eating a vegan diet. Water 71.9%  33/20/47  LA !:0 ALA

Potatoes in Brava Sauce (Patatas bravas) from the cookbook “Vegane Tapas” page 53

Potatoes in Brava Sauce — Patatas Bravas
20min    45min easy
These crisply baked potatoes in brava sauce are a favorite Spanish tapas dish. They can be prepared spicy, like in the original recipe, or as a milder version. Water 83.9%  65/09/25  LA 4:1 ALA

Orange Fennel Salad (Orangen-Fenchelsalat) from the cookbook “Kick it vegan!”

Orange Fennel Salad with Almonds
15min easy
This Orange Fennel Salad with Almonds is quick to prepare, provides a nice combination of ingredients, and works well as an appetizer or side dish. Water 78.1%  58/11/31  LA 5:1 ALA

Recipe picture "Mango-pineapple salsa" from the book: "Grill Vegan", page 30.

Mango and Pineapple Salsa with Cilantro and Parsley
15min    8h easy
This mango and pineapple salsa with cilantro and parsley is a fruity and spicy salsa that goes perfectly with grilled tofu and vegetable shish kebabs. Water 85.8%  92/06/02  LA : ALA

“Chili” from the cookbook “Raw Soul Food,” p. 71 by Julia Lechner and Anton Teichmann

Raw Chili with Mushrooms and Wild Garlic
20min easy
This chili with mushrooms and a sauce seasoned with wild garlic is a raw recipe that is in no way inferior to the original recipe when it comes to taste. Water 77.2%  76/13/10  LA 8:1 ALA

“Apple Bread” (Apfelbrot) from “Regionale Winterküche- soja- und weizenfrei, vegan” (Regional winter cuisine) p. 121

Apple Bread with Nuts and Cranberries
30min    14h easy
This delicious, moist apple bread with almonds, nuts, cranberries, apple juice, and apricots can be served either for breakfast, with tea, or as a snack. Water 43.4%  76/09/15  LA 6:1 ALA

Fruit Balls (Fruchtkugeln) from the cookbook "Vegan regional saisonal” (Vegan regional seasonal) by Lisa Pfleger, p. 61

Fruit Balls with Raisins, Nuts and Rolled Oats
10min    30min easy
These nutritious fruit balls with raisins and rolled oats are perfect for people with a sweet tooth. They don’t contain any sugar and are also quite healthy. Water 36.0%  51/12/37  LA !:0 ALA

Apple Lentil Dal (Apfel-Linsen-Dal) from the cookbook “Familien mit Pflanzenpower” (Families with plant power), p. 163

Apple Lentil Dal with Turmeric and Cumin
25min    35min easy
This spicy Indian lentil dal, which contains apples, turmeric, and cumin, is inexpensive and easy to make and also has a surprisingly savory, complex flavor. Water 85.7%  74/24/02  LA : ALA

Zucchini Pasta with Vegetarian Quinoa Meatballs (Zucchini-Pasta mit fleischlosen Fleischbällchen aus Quinoa) from the cookbook “Choosing Raw“, p. 213

Zucchini Pasta with Vegetarian Quinoa Meatballs
50min    100min medium
This zucchini pasta with cooked quinoa “meatballs” and raw zucchini noodles and marinara sauce is just like a traditional Italian home-style dish. Water 73.9%  74/17/09  LA 11:1 ALA

Nori Rolls with Ginger Almond Paste and Raw Vegetables (Nori-Rollen mit Ingwer-Mandel-Pastete und rohem Gemüse) from the cookbook “Choosing Raw”, p. 229

Nori Rolls with Ginger Almond Paste and Raw Vegetables
40min    9h medium
These raw nori rolls are easy to make. The ginger and almond paste is a very flavorful alternative to the traditional rice filling. Water 76.7%  41/19/40  LA !:0 ALA

Mung Bean Rice Bowl (Mungbohnen-Reistopf) from the cookbook “Free Your Food” by Larissa Häsler, p. 140

Mung Bean Rice Bowl with Carrots, Peppers, and Turmeric Dip
45min    5h easy
Turmeric dip and cumin give this satisfying mung bean, carrot, and sweet pepper rice bowl an oriental flair. Water 80.7%  80/17/03  LA : ALA

Reboot with Kale from the cookbook “Simple Green Smoothies” by Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner, p. 122

Reboot with Kale, Oranges, and Chia Seeds
10min easy
Kale gives this smoothie a fresh green color. Together with other ingredients like oranges and chia seeds, it lives up to its name. Try this healthy reboot! Water 88.4%  85/10/05  LA 1:3 ALA

Portobello Sausage on a white plate from the cookbook “everydayraw” by Matthew Kenney, p. 60

Portobello Sausage with Eggplant and Umeboshi Paste
40min    17h medium
You can use portobellos as a delicious meat alternative. This portobello sausage with eggplant, umeboshi, almonds, and pumpkin seeds is packed with flavor. Water 61.3%  23/26/52  LA 106:1 ALA

Falafel Bowl with Lemon Roasted Potatoes from “Protein Ninja” by Terry Hope Romero, p. 155

Falafel Bowl with Roasted Potatoes and Mediterranean Salad
50min    65min difficult
This falafel bowl with lemon roasted potatoes, a basil lemon cashew dressing, and a chopped Mediterranean salad will satisfy even the most ravenous hunger. Water 78.2%  69/15/17  LA 13:1 ALA

Sweet Potato Dal from “Everyday Happy Herbivore” by Lindsay S. Nixon, p. 114

Sweet Potato Dal with a Low-Sodium Vegetable Broth
30min easy
This recipe for sweet potato dal with spinach and turmeric plus a low-sodium vegetable broth makes a quick and delicious meal and is a good source of protein. Water 80.0%  76/21/02  LA 2:1 ALA

Baked Green Falafel with Pea Protein from "Protein-Ninja" by Terry Hope Romero, p. 140

Baked Green Falafel with Pea Protein by Terry Hope Romero
30min    9h easy
Serve these baked green falafel balls by Terry Hope Romero as a main dish or with dip as a snack. The pea protein adds a nutritional punch. Water 40.3%  64/18/18  LA 17:1 ALA

Aubergine Mousse with Tahini from the cookbook “Vegan Recipes from the Middle East” by Parvin Razavi, p. 89

Aubergine Mousse with Tahini, Parsley, and Pomegranate
25min    35min easy
Aubergine Mousse with Tahini, Parsley, and Pomegranate goes well with Lebanese bread and meze, which are appetizers often served with an apperitif. Water 87.4%  65/14/21  LA 17:1 ALA

Orange and Coriander Relish from the cookbook “Vegan Recipes from the Middle East” by Parvin Razavi, p. 145

Orange and Coriander Relish with Lime and Pomegranate Seeds
15min easy
Orange and Coriander Relish with Lime and Pomegranate Seeds is a healthy Moroccan side dish that will add a fresh, fruity flavor to your meal. Water 86.3%  89/09/02  LA : ALA

Photo of the recipe for Cash-Mi Soup from “Rohkost Power for You” by Irina Pawassar, p. 20

Cash-Mi Soup with Cashews, Algae, Ginger, and Turmeric
15min    135min easy
This Asian Cash-Mi Soup with Cashews, Miso, Algae, Ginger, and Turmeric is very filling and tastes like the sea. Note the iodine content of the algae. Water 61.2%  34/18/47  LA 83:1 ALA